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#currentmode Watching the #MSD Music Video
How About That 😏 #fantattoo #goturback #duffteam
I miss this 😕 @jeta_hame ur legendary lough! Video credits @alanak813 lol Id like to thank God for this friend of mine whose laughter can be heard from miles away
And than she came 😏 #bondno9newyork
To All Families, Friends & Fans 🍷💋
Qe qetu tu Spllërgj #chillinlikeavilin #fam
Happy Friday #cheers 🌹🍷🍸
@irmaxhema I see u 👀 happy Birthday Beautiful!😘
Dnt get It Twisted.. Ps. U think a guy Is gay cause he Dnt mess with other girls? I think a guy who stays committed Is more of a MF cause thats takes allot of hard work & dedication! Theres allot of " bad bitches " & " bad.... Guys lol " But not Many Loyal ppl so Once u get to know One? Hold On and
#Tbt Albania. #duffteam
To me Its Special & a Success when You Finally know who ur Real Fam Is. They know how Important ur private life Is & for others to not lay their nose or try to know shit through them. We keep It together & aint nobody can take that. But damn we have soo much fun on our free time 💋 🙌 I Love u guys
If Only I could bring some sun & heat back to my life... Me and the sun belong to each-other 🌹
My Sweet brother @7saraci #ediqetdhem
Love It when I see my best friends doing Great! Hard work pays off 🌹 #mycklickbadderthanyrs
Thats to some fake ass masks out there.. U give them ur hand? U trynna help and they think u dunno whats going on behind that fake ass mask? Lol shit just gets funnier & funnier out there 😏 #LetsJustSayImABetterPlayerThanYouFool smh #AndTheBeatGoesOn
U think I dunno? I know more than u think.... I just dnt show u nor let u know... #justsaying #somepeople
Repost.... 🐼
Salut @qendrza #repost
I got the warm Brotha 7 with Me In tha Studio... We left the 7❄️ degrees one outside 😠 #queens