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I just miss Victoria 😔 I hate octoberfest of McKinney. Working my girl to much.
People might give you a hard time today if you try to avoid th... More for Gemini
Just posted my new debut single "Damn Girl" on reverbnation before it sets sale on ITunes in a couple days! #preview
Just finished my debut single Damn Girl with universal & rocket lab studios Its being processed tonight w/ iTunes so get it in a few days😬
Dallas bound to finish editing, mixing and mastering my single DamnGirl 😬�
You are in your astrological element with three planets curren... More for Gemini
An intense interaction today could leave you wondering what ha... More for Gemini
I have a method behind my world of madness.
My heart fell for you. My mind is just still on it's feet standing.
God defiantly blessed me with wise words and knowledge. I'm fortunate to be blessed with being good with my words.
I hide my feelings and what I want to protect myself and please others. It's a sad fact of my personality.
If you think I hurt people in a regular throw down, wait till you mess with my family and the ones I protect. My training becomes lethal.
It's you and me against the world.
Great, just smashed my fingers working on pulling a transmission😣
If someone truly cares about you, they'll never leave you, never abandon you, and always fight to fix it all when it falls apart.
What's left in life for me is life in Tennessee.
So my producer had to reschedule the mixing &mastering of my single for his sons birth so Saturday we finish my single instead👍#outnextweekk
That text fucking hurt.😔
Your intuitive nature is functioning at a very high frequency ... More for Gemini
If anyone says another lie about @VictoriaDSadler getting w/ anyone your gonna have to go through me. Fair warning watch your mouth folks.
I'm so tired of saying I understand or it's fine. It's not fair to myself
Finished recording my single Damn girl tonight now it's on to mixing mastering and editing tomorrow 😍�
My day: finish my single tonight, celebrate with the team and family, cuddle with my beautiful woman. #makingitAdaytoremember
I'm too nervous for tonight.😳🎶
Sharing your feelings could lead to a headache if you don't us... More for Gemini
I just read the sweetest text ever been sent to me like 5 times. At a loss of words.
All the pain, grief, and defeat of 4 years finally came out tonight.
Tomorrow I finish my waited single up at rocket lab studios & set it to sell this weekend. @VictoriaDSadler & I get to start a long journey🎶
Countryfied Barbie and Ken is what they call us☺️
You may be at odds with yourself today as you remember a recen... More for Gemini
Tennessee living with a good woman by me.
yay bc my boy and Barbie and ken came to watch me play today 🙈💋💕 even though I sucked it up@ITS_CORY_SON_@VictoriaDSadlerdler
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Living the Tennessee dream with a good woman by me.
Lady and the tramping that bitch 😏 @victoriadawn95
I mean who else gets sang to before bed 💁😋 I'm blessed with the best what can i say?
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-Hot summer night on the hood of my Mustang, You’re looking so fine girl, go on and scratch my paint -Girl, you better be careful with those kisses Don’t play around with that fire in your eyes.
Maintaining your focus on one specific project can be challeng... More for Gemini
Fall in love & waltz across Texas A good ole fashion romance. Out dancing w/ @victoriadawn95 at Sojo last night ☺️ ain't she just adorable 😍😍
My broncos are never out. Time to shut the hawks up and win in OT! #bronconation #20-20
You could be a bit confused about your goals if your dreams li... More for Gemini
I wanna trust you so bad but really not sure if I can.