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I wanna make love on a tailgate in the rain by a lake. Where's the country girl of my dreams at already 😍😳😍
It's not too late to improve your daily routine, even if it's ... More for Gemini
Dark and brooding feelings might still be lingering, yet you c... More for Gemini
You are obsessed about pursuing a creative whim today, yet you... More for Gemini
I wish Copenhagen would make a steak flavored snuff 😅
Why can't all country girls look like @Juliakayrhodes 😍�#tallblondeandbeautifulul
Your collaborative skills may be tested today because your pat... More for Gemini
You may instinctively resist an authority figure today because... More for Gemini
Girl I see you dancin' around in those boots Southern raised down to your roots And We sure ain't got us nothing to lose Girl, What I'd do to get my hands on you. 😘
You ain't ever gonna find a brother like mine. #thecodywarren #forlife
Your environment might appear chaotic today and a variety of i... More for Gemini
Good ole Celina Texas😍 as county as a you make
Throw back to when I had my Texas MMA heavyweight belt 😘😬
Early Friday mornings. Gotta love Texas mornings☺️ Celina Texas, here I come for the day. Take it easy world😘✌️
This weather today, windows down, and cruising with these fools☀️😋�@kelsey_dane292@kenz_nelsonon &
You are swept up in an emotional flow that weaves together sep... More for Gemini
4am is about to come so early. Night world💤
Someone who is allegedly your friend may be inscrutable now, m... More for Gemini
This waking up at 4:45 every morning makes me really cherish my sleep and it's natural routine..
Oh ya know on the road with ole Cody. Got cities to see, people to meet, songs to sing. #longday #tiredcody #MFWarren #whyisyourshirtsobrightthough 😂
You're like a lucky leprechaun with a charmed day on your hand... More for Gemini
Today is about to be a really long day! Gotta be up in two hours as well..Couple cities to go to.. Here's to loving your career. 😘
Just saw a ESPN story of @LoganRoutt9 the amazing 6"11 high school QB. Makes me feel tiny..and I'm 6"7...#dudesraw
Why does @iHunterP never text his bro anymore. #wtfislife
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You are waging an inner war between two extremes today. You lo... More for Gemini
Hopin my small management team gets me in touch & in front of the great @scottborchetta Always wanted to sign w/ Scott! #theyknowsomepeeps
Officially #9 in all of Dallas as of today! Let's get it to number 1 this week! Wahoo😬
Everyone go follow my Instagram "@dakotarittermusic" and let's get to 10k! At 8500 right now! 😘�
Optimus grew up☺️😘 my new bae, good ole 2012 Chevy z71 #proudowner #30,000dollartruck #lovemybaby
Although you assume your motives are completely transparent, o... More for Gemini
Someone cuddle with Kota 😘�#longnightht
Clever communication comes naturally to you, but something see... More for Gemini
Quote of the day: "If it makes sense to your heart than it matters."
Hey Guys, Feel free to go ahead and check out Dakota Ritter's @D_Kota_Ritter New Single Damn Girl via the...
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Your individual needs clash with your social responsibilities ... More for Gemini
You might be inspired to take care of everyone's needs at work... More for Gemini
Thanks for the follow guys! @963kscs & @HawkeyeOnAir feel free to put my new single live on air anytime you want(: