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Even a strong dose of common sense may not be enough to keep y... More for Gemini
You can see farther into the distance today, but your percepti... More for Gemini
Your charm and cleverness are operating so efficiently today t... More for Gemini
It might seem prudent to exercise self-control today, but narr... More for Gemini
A friend or lover may tempt you to go for broke today, but you... More for Gemini
A shift in relationship dynamics might be cause for concern, b... More for Gemini
It's time to try a new communication tactic that involves rema... More for Gemini
Just when you thought clarity was yours for the asking, the so... More for Gemini
Reality comes into focus today, yet it could take a few more d... More for Gemini
You may regret bringing up a subject in a conversation today t... More for Gemini
Don't you know smoke follows Beauty baby.
You may experience a bit of an emotional letdown today as pass... More for Gemini
You're reluctant to reveal your fantasies today because you wo... More for Gemini
You aren't necessarily the most meticulous worker in the world... More for Gemini
You aren't interested in listening to the cool voice of reason... More for Gemini
Your inner turmoil could go unnoticed today because your curre... More for Gemini
You may have so many things on your plate today that you feel ... More for Gemini
Your antennas are raised and you're scanning reality for somet... More for Gemini
Your nervous system is on high alert these days, but you reall... More for Gemini
If you're all tangled up in your thoughts now, remember that c... More for Gemini
If you think your needs will go unmet today, it's probably bec... More for Gemini
You instinctively know that you must take decisive action toda... More for Gemini
You might be more argumentative than usual today and your clev... More for Gemini
Don't expect anyone else to understand what you're talking abo... More for Gemini
Your nerves are on edge, but finding a healthy outlet for your... More for Gemini
A sudden imbalance of power could rear its ugly head today. Yo... More for Gemini
People might attempt to talk you into going along with the cur... More for Gemini
Although you could have all your facts gathered neatly in plac... More for Gemini
Although others are counting on you to finish your regular cho... More for Gemini
You are reluctant to share your feelings now, but your quiet a... More for Gemini
Your social life receives an energetic boost when charming Ven... More for Gemini
You are tempted to dismiss a very practical proposal today bef... More for Gemini
How can we not talk about family, when family's all that we got
The amount of money I would probably save if I stopped buying a can of Copenhagen a least I'm not a couple cans a day anymore..
You wish you could take the day off to play, but you might not... More for Gemini
It might seem as if people are being emotionally demanding tod... More for Gemini
Your self-confidence is high today, inspiring you to make new ... More for Gemini
You may believe that you can avoid making a commitment today a... More for Gemini
You are at a fork in the road and may feel pressured by someon... More for Gemini
This hat is the shit😎
Your overactive imagination acts as both a blessing and a curs... More for Gemini
You're probably feeling slightly lackadaisical about making si... More for Gemini
You've had more than your fair share of doing exactly what oth... More for Gemini
Today Is the day me and Cede must part with our little angel. Prayers for Cede and I as she goes in for surgery today, and prayers for a recovery as well, emotionally and physically. "With faith, hope is always unseen, but always felt." @cedesssbabyy
You may resist the restrictions being placed on you now, but t... More for Gemini
People wonder how you can get away with expressing yourself as... More for Gemini
A larger-than-life gesture on your part can have a big positiv... More for Gemini
You might be stubbornly clinging to negative feelings about an... More for Gemini
Slowing down and doing a job methodically doesn't come natural... More for Gemini

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