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Charlie Villanueva
.@CVBelieve is grinding hard to make it back to the League in his latest webisode:
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Maaan it's been a crazy ride as of late. The final Webisode #8 of #NBACrossroads on @SportsBlog speaks volume. VIDEO:
Yessss, the final Webisode #8 of Crossroads is finally here: [ VIDEO ] #NBA #FreeAgency
FINALLY..... the final Webisode #8 of #NBACrossroads drops tonight! Can't wait!!! Read more:…
Don't ever stop believing. Have a blessed morning. #fitnessfirst #teamfit #gymgrind
I have good news and bad news, but you're just going to have to wait till tomorrow evening for the final webisode of #NBACrossroads. Thanks!
My apologies to the fans that have been waiting on how my #freeagency journey will end. So many things currently happening in the fly.
I was wondering what was going on with the final Webisode #8 posting on @SportsBlog but just been told it's being released tomorrow SMH.
Happy Birthday to Charlie Villanueva :) and look out for the Final Webisode of Crossroads!
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Before you go to bed tonight, tune in for the Final Webisode #8 of #NBACrossroads at: @SportsBlog #nba #freeagency
In a new blog entry, @CVBelieve goes back to his roots & sets the stage for the Crossroads finale: #BelieveinCharlie
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Love morning workouts. Great start to the day. Work doesn't stop. Grind mode in full activation. Driven by hunger.
Life is a roller coaster. I'm just riding along enjoying the ride. Our final webisode #8 was suppose…
Thanks again @CVBelieve...I had lots of fun....happy birthday...can't wait to see play...#uconn #bleedblue #nba
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Además ayer cumplió 30 años: Charlie Villanueva, jugador de los Detroit Pistons. ¡Happy Birthday, @CVBelieve!
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Ayer celebro sus 30 años de edad en un evento muy familiar @CVBelieve muchas felicidades y Dios te siga bendiciendo.
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I wanted to take the moment to truly thank everyone for all the birthday wishes. I feel blessed, strong, positive, determined and motivated.
Just watched the movie "Draft Day" great movie, a must see
Great celebration with the family, had to cut my celebration short. Grind time ✈️
Happy Birthday to one of the original members of the Blair Hoops family Charlie Villanueva! @CVBelieve. #CauseOverSelf
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Happy birthday to my brother @CVBelieve which I may be forced to physically look up to you lol but I'm honored. Love!
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I'm finally 30 years old. Happy Birthday to me. Proud to share this moment with my family.
Counting down the few hours in my 20's. The 30's are knocking. Big year. God is good
Great time watching the game with @MichelleGame. Barclay Center was poppin. #rocnation #teamcano
The only thing greater than the power of mind is the courage of the heart.
Even in the midst of a hectic #NBAFreeAgency @CVBelieve Finds time to blog about the most important thing in life.
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@CVBelieve another great webisode. Keep it up. Once you're signed that team will have a lot if new fans!
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#NBACrossroads Webisode #7 is now online on @SportsBlog #nba #freeagency -- Progress takes patience. God has a plan.
Appreciate the nomination. @JohnnyMarines @DRE_DRUMMOND_ rudolph_jarrod jmajor17 and all the others.…
Feels so good to be back in Connecticut. #Gohuskies #Jimcalhoun #Charitygame
Congratulations and much props to @BeckyHammon. Adding more diversity to the @NBA community is such a positive aspect of the game. #NBA
Webisode #5 of #NBACrossroads featured some close people in my circle of famila. WATCH: #nba
@CVBelieve Webisode 5 was another hit! Keep doing what you're doing "God gives his strongest soldiers the toughest journey" Great quote
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