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Charlie Villanueva
My late night read. Faith always conquers adversity. When tough times arrive, you should work as if…
Support #bullying prevention! I appreciate everyone's support on the fight against bullying. Get my…
Is it me or Mayweather vibe is totally different from the first fight?
Let's go Maidana vs Mayweather. Who's winning this fight?
3 more days left, 9 t-shirts to sell to reach the goal. HELP ME #stopbullying. Buy your #believein t-shirt TODAY:
Check out my acting debut as the "The Tallest Kid" lol @NickelodeonTV -- WATCH FULL VIDEO:… #nicksports #nickelodeon
TY @CVBelieve for your support of PACER's National Bullying Prevention Center! The End of Bullying Begins with YOU!
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Just want to take this opportunity and acknowledge my beautiful sister @vill_hennessy and wish her a…
The difference between the impossible and the possible, lies in the person determination.…
The streets of New York City made me a believer. Never stop believing.... #believeincharlie #nyc #stillgrinding
Ayudenme con su apoyo a esta gran causa de mi amigo Charlie Villanueva by @CVBelieve "Support…
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Support #bullying prevention! I appreciate everyone's support on the fight against bullying. Get my…
I need your help guys! Lets unite against bullying. Cool t-shirts on sale for a great cause:
Charlie Villanueva Joins Anti-Bullying Campaign, Releases Shirt to Raise Proceeds & Awareness
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My first day of 1st grade in 1990. #TBT All white everything #swag #transformers #cvbelieve
Omg "I want to draw a cat for you" #sharktank is anyone watching this?
Love to see the shark tank investors go at it. #sharktank
S/O to shark tank, addicted. Can't stop watching. What a great concept
Don't forget to checkout the final Webisode #8 of #NBACrossroads on @SportsBlog speaks volume. VIDEO:
.@CVBelieve is grinding hard to make it back to the League in his latest webisode:
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Maaan it's been a crazy ride as of late. The final Webisode #8 of #NBACrossroads on @SportsBlog speaks volume. VIDEO:
Yessss, the final Webisode #8 of Crossroads is finally here: [ VIDEO ] #NBA #FreeAgency
FINALLY..... the final Webisode #8 of #NBACrossroads drops tonight! Can't wait!!! Read more:…
Don't ever stop believing. Have a blessed morning. #fitnessfirst #teamfit #gymgrind
I have good news and bad news, but you're just going to have to wait till tomorrow evening for the final webisode of #NBACrossroads. Thanks!
My apologies to the fans that have been waiting on how my #freeagency journey will end. So many things currently happening in the fly.
I was wondering what was going on with the final Webisode #8 posting on @SportsBlog but just been told it's being released tomorrow SMH.
Happy Birthday to Charlie Villanueva :) and look out for the Final Webisode of Crossroads!
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Before you go to bed tonight, tune in for the Final Webisode #8 of #NBACrossroads at: @SportsBlog #nba #freeagency
In a new blog entry, @CVBelieve goes back to his roots & sets the stage for the Crossroads finale: #BelieveinCharlie
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Love morning workouts. Great start to the day. Work doesn't stop. Grind mode in full activation. Driven by hunger.
Life is a roller coaster. I'm just riding along enjoying the ride. Our final webisode #8 was suppose…
Thanks again @CVBelieve...I had lots of fun....happy birthday...can't wait to see play...#uconn #bleedblue #nba
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Además ayer cumplió 30 años: Charlie Villanueva, jugador de los Detroit Pistons. ¡Happy Birthday, @CVBelieve!
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Ayer celebro sus 30 años de edad en un evento muy familiar @CVBelieve muchas felicidades y Dios te siga bendiciendo.
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I wanted to take the moment to truly thank everyone for all the birthday wishes. I feel blessed, strong, positive, determined and motivated.
Just watched the movie "Draft Day" great movie, a must see
Great celebration with the family, had to cut my celebration short. Grind time ✈️