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Clay Shirky
If you want to know what white male privilege is like, my hardest struggle this week was posting this tweet from a Microsoft Surface.
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And as @EthanZ correctly points out, in github, scroll past the links to get to the essay.
2/2 Here's a short photo essay from my day at #OccupyCentral in Hong Kong. Fork the repo; alter at will; re-publish.
1/2 I have loved @github a long time (, so I'm experimenting with it as a publishing platform.
How the Internet works - the simpler explanation.
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Subtly subversive Hong Kong DJ playing Rhihanna's (newly political) "Umbrella" for the executives in the Hyatt bar. #UmbrellaMovement
Photos capture these past few days in Hong Kong in a way other media can't Set of great images
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PD editorial restates there will be no change 2 NPCSC decision on 2017 election: 全国人大常委会8月31日关于行政长官普选问题的决定...具有不可动摇的法律地位和有效性
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Publishers "only viable Plan C, for breaking Amazon's death-grip on the consumers, is to break DRM." @cstross in 2012
قالك trapped between sisi and isis
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Macrina Cooper-White:’Read The Nasty Comments Women In Science Deal With Daily’:… The never-ending story!
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OH:The entire literary publishing world is based on paying prestigious authors more than their economic value. That's what Amazon threatens.
"Who Killed Adulthood? Feminism stands wrongly accused." (@sadydoyle is a national treasure.)
Wonderful @jiatolentino piece on Shark Tank: "we get the wide-eyed, performative bullshit we deserve."…
"Will Nate Silver be wrong about Scotland?" (Nope.) (@alexhern: another journalist who doesn't understand polling.)
This re-tweet is an endorsement: RT @jilliancyork Courage is contagious. It’s also not only for white dudes.…
Also: Monday morning rush hour in Shanghai is an awe-inspiring sight.
I just biked against traffic down a major thoroughfare during Monday morning rush hour in the rain. *Now* I feel Shanghainese...
Maker Faire reflects the life's work of Red Burns and NYU ITP's faculty and students. @tigoe #makerfaire
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#Bahrain activist @MARYAMALKHAWAJA released but subject to travel ban and will face charges of assaulting police…
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Notice, Americans, that even with turnout approaching 90% the news is not full of stories of Scots waiting in line for hours to vote.
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Is Apple's "U2 Expunger"… the first piece of software designed to delete the work of a specific band? #AdeleNextPlease
Overheard: "Well, if Scotland votes for independence from the U.K., what's to keep Canada from breaking off from the U.S.?"
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2/2"...except that unwanted content in your music collection prompts complicated considerations of digital ownership"…
1/2: "The U2 tie-in might be seen as a high-tech version of those old-timey promotions where you get a free toy with your cornflakes..."
Bono+Apple are cooking up some DRM so awesome, you'll pay for songs you don't like to get the few you do #CDnostalgia
Bono would like you to know that those free U2 songs you got were totes not gifts, because they hate that:…
Shorter Authors United: "We are special snowflakes. The world owes us a living."
In a few years there'll be enough computers in your home that getting hacked and being haunted will be functionally indistinguishable.
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The judge has also ordered an investigation into the prosecution's submission of Alaa's private home videos as evidence.
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Radical Librarianship: how ninja librarians are ensuring patrons' electronic privacy…
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OK, I'm old and I can remember when all you could do was shout at the piece of paper an argument was printed on.
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RT for Eastern Daylight Morning: Amazon, Publishers, and Readers…
And 5/4, I guess. The incredible density of neighborhood life makes sharing apps possible in ways that wouldn't work in most of the US.
4/4 Finally, lending libraries: Tools, books, DVDs, even plant cuttings, anything with infrequent use and low-cost to pass on.
3/4 Neighborhood pooling -- Food & water delivery, cooking & cleaning services, exercise equipment, anything easy to buy & deliver at scale
2/4 There are three obvious categories. First is transportation -- car sharing, carpooling, delivery vans, scooters, bikes.
1/4 I've only lived in Shanghai a month, but it's already clear the Copy-to-China pattern will make sharing apps explode in the next year.
“Internet is like a car, & all cars must have brakes,” director of #China’s State Info Office says…
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It's 9/12/14, two full years since the journalist Barrett Brown was arrested in a violent and heavily armed raid. He's still jailed. #FreeBB
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“What is the purpose of a life?” I asked of the universe. And the universe replied, “Closed as not constructive.”
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Seriously @twitter your system for reporting death threats is atrocious and ineffective. Please fix it.
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I'm not generally one to rave about apps, but @UberShanghai works amazingly well. Absolutely flawless execution.
"5 Reasons for the Zephyr Teachout Phenomenon, and 5 Reasons Andrew Cuomo Is Still Governor"…
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