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Clay Shirky
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The paywall is coming from INSIDE the building RT @b_fung: How am I bumping up against the WaPo paywall from inside my own office?
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"Do men doubt themselves sometimes? Of course. But they don’t let their doubts stop them as often as women do."
Women at HP applied for a promotion when they believed they met 100% of the qualifications listed. Men applied @ 60%.
Moody’s downgraded 28 colleges annually between 2008-13, more than double the average in the prior five-year period.…
"Tenured faculty, I think, can recognize adjunct jealousy as not entirely unjustified" Nope. Lalala,we can't hear you
I've played through Half-Life twice, so this makes me laugh… Rocket jumps, health cheats, and noclip, but still...
Green Electronics: international online competition focused on reducing electronic waste. “绿色电子”中美创客挑战赛
I don't get nostalgic for much, but I'm gonna miss Pearl Paint. Been buying art supplies on Canal since 1981. #nyc
"U.S. Denies It Knew of Heartbleed Bug on the Web," but why should anyone believe the NSA or gov?
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A CMS doesn't "manage content." It defines the bargain between creativity & routine in the production of that content
If you read only one FizzBuzz github repo joke all day, make it this one: (Background:
Mozilla's statement. Tough times, but reflects so much of what I love about the organization.…
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Comparing @BrendanEich as CEO of Mozilla and as inventor of Javascript misses the point. He neither speaks for JS, nor does he manage it.
Yikes. Spoofing is so evil. Use VPNs, #Turkey! RT @therealfitz: Whoa. Google’s Public DNS intercepted in Turkey:…
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Google Refuses Turkey's Requests to Yank YouTube Videos -…
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Why is Twitter being blocked in Turkey? @jilliancyork lays down some much-needed context:…
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EU: Turkey's twitter ban "casts doubt on Turkey's stated commitment to European values and standards."…
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Ohai, by the way, I wrote an op-ed today why Twitter rattles Turkey, but how that's not all there is.…
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Judging by the speed with which Turks are coming back online via VPN, proxies or DNS tweaks: Such twitter ban. So fast. Where block?
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The best evidence that social media is a serious threat to autocracy is that the autocrats themselves think it is.
Email/FB your Turkish friends: you can send Tweets in Turkey using SMS. Avea & Vodafone text START to 2444. Turkcell text START to 2555.
Another one making the rounds. RT @abyasun Not found. :) After Twitter ban. via @tutturolsov
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My earlier tweet was congratulating @SaraJChipps on becoming CTO of @FlatironSchool , not me.