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Crs Saintvicious
I also didnt realize I'm staying 3 blocks from where we lived when I was here with clg in itaewon.
Lost my wallet on the plane but I made it to korea at least. Now to get fat.
Don't understand the hype for espn3, they play little league games on that channel. gonna stream some of the new borderlands no cam
Just finished watching @Skrillex 's "Let's Make a Spaceship" on @YouTube He's one of my favorite Aliens!
Retweeted by Crs Saintvicious… I get to look at this screen 14 hours a day :)
Damn dexters out too, eu junglers just bouncin out of na
New borderlands comes out in 15 hours :0 hope it doesn't suck ass
I think I need more veins in my white ass arms
I wish mcdicks had more side order options instead if fries I never eat them
Fiddle is a pretty good pick vs khazix he can never stop your drain plus you have 2 ways of stopping his jump. + you get hourglass #Worlds
I honestly didn't think amazing did terrible, surprised they just up and gave him the boot that fast.
Damn 400 questions in like 10 mins lol cant answer all these. I am going to stream for a bit though made an ask fm if you guys got any questions
Verdict new sion is fun but not that hot, jungle ezreal still the same :D Azir looks strong, and khazix is still khazix alright sorry about that internet died gonna play some soloq, try out the new sion and maybe some ezreal jungle hand hurts a little bit from gym but gonna try to stream until ranked goes down
Tickets for the LA #Worlds Viewing Party are now available! Facebook event details here:
Retweeted by Crs Saintvicious alright back from the gym gonna play more games on my smurf gonna finish up shadows of mordor and play some games on crs piglett smurf
I'm a pretty asocial person, it makes me feel kind of bad when I meet fans and people they expect me to be over the top.
Hearthstone Twitch chat when seltzer comes on to interview "she wants the deck". lol its too much
You know shits about to go down when the lady at chipotle is scooping light on the steak. @ChipotleTweets
The pink ward is having a stand out performance this #Worlds
Insec is just sayin all planned #worlds
Seeing that lvl 4 janna getting run over by the lvl 9 lulu #Worlds streamin some duo q with hauntzers
Theres been a lot of good games so far at worlds. Lot better than last year IMO
unless sneaky gets bopped lol
rengars build is problably gonna lose his team the game if this goes later #worlds
damnit hai you had one ninja mission
How come my cullings nevr hit that hard :/ #worlds… use the code on here btw couldnt fit it all into tweet :D
Alienware Alpha just came out pretty cool little steambox for the living room and you can use this code DQV?986VRR6?DQ for 10 percent off.