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Crs Saintvicious playin lvl 22 smurf lvl 30 grind takin too long!
Truffle burger and alagash white from umami yum streaming more games on my lvl 15 smurf
lvling a smurf makes me feel bad, completely ruining players experience RITO PLZ alright streams back on lvl 1 to challenger playin adc only
Welp screw d3 game is exactly the same, Gonna lvl a new smurf from lvl 1 to challenger only playing adc.
Debating playin the new season of diablo 3 since I got a little bit of time off, are the changes worth it at all?
Thanks to all the fans support you guys are the best, got some sugarfish and gonna stream Ina bit.
On a side note though that bunny thresh play gave me a boner, gonna give this another try in the expansion tourney
scrims done early gonna play through dead rising 3 on pc streams online playin a few fun games
Throwback Thursday to when I had hair GG!
I've eaten chipotle 4 days Ina row. Something's is wrong with me.
LoL Lessons with @CrsStvicious returns September 15th with Ep 7: Mental Edge! You won't want to miss it @Alienware
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Scrimmin multiple bo5s a day and gettin my gym routine bAck feels so good. Gonna go super Saiyan on this shit after a week lol gonna stream a few solo q games before bed
Pax was fun, wish I coulda stayed for the last day but gotta get on that grind to take down the LCS teams :)
Props to lmq for evolving their bans picks through the series good luck to them at worlds.
Team with good ban pick phase and starting to play confident again. Hope they carry it all the way.
Seems like whoever gets trist wins everytime. :/
Damn clg goes from Korea to relegation, wonder who they will pick
Dig has the late game for sure, just don't know how they are going to get out if their base.
And clg still have no idea how to play nunu :/
Best cosplay, the motor on it sounds like it's struggling for life
Just landed in Seattle for pax, better late than never
Every ogn series is a straight stomp what the heck
i dunno about you guys but im excited for the arrows game tonight. Just hope its not a stomp like last 2 nights.
Beat both the dark souls dlc was fun but not worth 10 dollars for dlc though :/. Also wish the bosses would be harder.
10 teams are nice now of they'd shorten the season. No one cares about week 6-8 I feel like. The amount of games too damn high! streaming some dark souls 2 new dlc and league after
Trash talk is great but don't go for personal attacks. Also don't kick someone when they are down.
Not really any major champ changes on new patch :( urgot slightly more bearable to lane with and Ali top less annoying
Just played a grand master in chess I lasted a whole minute I'm a beast.
Doing some interviews at Pepperdine university. Never been up to Malibu before, nice scenery.
GG to T8 was a fun series
Damn the name lord saint is taken on league :(
Zilean makes Syndra life pretty hard. But clg has no way of dealing way nid split push mid/late. #lcs