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Crs Saintvicious
video games league of legends 132,849 followers
Was long day today I'm sleepies
see you guys tomorrow thanks for watchin
Who is ready for lcs today? See you guys there.
Iv'e linked this before but these guys need more credit, so many good trance tracks you can dl for free…
Pros are not role models, they're just ppl good enough to get paid to play. If some can be, great, but it shouldn't be expected.
Retweeted by Crs Saintvicious gonna play solo q and watch lcs come join me
Overpow on tilt so hard, if that carries onto next game this is done #LCS
wickd with the boots of swiftness strange pick up even though the other team lacks cc #lcs
I remember a long time ago Janna could ulti Karthus Away while Karthus was in his passive #lcs
The forced 2v1 is to protect the jungler btw. Not really to gain favorable match ups. People get that mixed up a lot.
People want to see a maestro conducting a symphony not 5 people playing sheet music :) rito plz
Starting to really hate the forced 2v1 meta in competitive play. It promotes following a routine rather than dynamically thinking in game
That faker flash into the entire team to one shot jinx lol #OGN
lulu/kayle makes sense, you put the shield on her or irelia and they go in but I think you need more of a follow up support to go with eve
Eve having a poor showing so far at playoffs, I think people aren't fitting her into the right team comps and she is very situational now.
actually wont be streaming at 2 today will be tomorrow sorry, watch playoffs instead
Something tells me there is going to be a jax ban every game today #lcs
oh nvm he swapped it last second im dumb
So weird seeing barrier on forgiven, too used to seeing mass heal #lcs
I played jungle soraka a couple games to troll but it turned out to be pretty damn good, maybe soraka is just that op...
Going to be doing stream test 2-6 pm pst this week and will start streaming full time again next week alright testin stuff out gonna play a few troll jungle games whiel I fix settings