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Crs Saintvicious
video games league of legends 146,886 followers Streams online Jungle and support Alistar when I can't Jungle… I must convert all non believers to the church of the cow. BLESS THE BEEF alright streams back on, getitn smurf back into challenger
Crs Vicious just went 6/4/16 as Jungle AD Alistar on Summoner's Rift #leagueoflegends… streams online trollin around solo q
Not again it hurts no more #lcs
I'm surprised dig banned 2 hyper carries and picked Lucian with the intent of going nunu. If their comp doesn't win lane they duNzo #lcs
0/16/14 for Ali masteries armor quints health/mp5 yellows, hybrid reds or ad, and CDr/ mr blues depending on match up for people curious
I'm actually really happy with the Alistar changes. Riot hit the right points of the champion and I think he is going to see a lot of play. streams online, on an alistar support binge for some reason
That 2nd game dc issue put me on tilt so hard. God bless team for the carry.
damnit jatt its not ap trist #lcs
Rooting for navi here, hate to see them go out in first round losers bracket #TI4
Gym is pretty packed today, how will I ever find a free machine to work out on.
Nice Nice NICE NICEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! every EU lcs listen in ever #LCS streams on, probably gonna play until EU LCS starts.
The timers don't time wards or flashes though. People should still be mindful of timing those helps a ton
I gotta say the buff timers in solo q help a lot. People are actually mindful of objectives now and move on them fast.
I love blind pick, lets you know what teams consider the safest/strongest picks possible #OGN
Pickin nurfed jax into mundo when you dont have a pre 6 jungler and other team has an elise wtf. Jax Prepare Ones Anus #OGN
The jungle timers... The Knowledge.... The Power..... wait nvm means i just don't have to type crap anymore
Oh ya and small buff for Ahri but be rdy for the return of her. Good changes for her laning.