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Crs Saintvicious
video games league of legends 147,912 followers
Glad sona got reworked, love killin me some sona supports streams online testing out junglers on new patch
How great is technology, I don't even have to leave my house to attend a concert, I can just watch it from home.
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Nip Kou is playing and building pretty questionably #LCS
New Elise cacoon is so skinny, she is still OP as all hell though.
God bless solo q desperate barons
yeah "why scrim with samsung blue and SKT when you can scrim against CLG!?!" - said no top korean team ever
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try this again streams online with the right link! lol
Thanks to all the fans who have had my back since day one. It really makes the climb back to the lcs a lot easier. Thanks to my team too.
Damn Mundo is annoying and @BunnyFuFuu has Thresh Hacks. See @TeamCoastGaming in LA for the Coke League Finals
3 curse teams playing today during lcs broadcast lulz playin few games on smurf before lcs starts
Reddit detectives going ham on the Sharon lmq situation. Need to heat up some popcorn for this. People blowing stuff so out of proportion
and by merits I mean its terrible
Kottenx showing the merits of rushing bilge on rengar as opposed to cdr boots #lcs gonna duo some games with the mancloud
sunfire rush gragas.... I hate it #lcs gonna stream a few duo games with mancloud
wait anyone who says noc ult is easier to pull off than rangos should do everyone a favor and refund rango.
I think rangos ult needs the nocturne treatment. Rango can get 2-3 ganks off to nocs one so you dont have to make them count as much.
For anyone complaining about replay system dl baron replay it's fast and works very well.
Welp beat the naxx bosses in hearthstone, bored of hearthstone again :/ 2 hours of fun oh boy