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Crs Saintvicious
video games league of legends 149,917 followers
Kbbq with the team Hawaii has some pretty good spots.
I dunno whether to be mad at the bravely default ending or impressed
Pretty cool place for waves near the city, gonna venture out tomorrow
Doing QA when a robot randomly asks us which Disney princess we would want to be.
Arrows just got destroyed in champ select. If they don't snowball early series is done. #ogn
Arrows really need to ban nami next game, their adc is getting way to far behind from rough lane phase.
These ogn videos are making me feel funny
Outside of arrows being super stubborn to backing to hold bot lol
Watching ogn finals makes me feel like western teams have little to no hope whatsoever at worlds. Both teams playing so well. #ogn
Some pretty entertaining semis out of eu. Close bo5s are always nice to watch #lcs
Unless millennium learn how to 2v1 in the next 10 minutes this series is done #LCS
These ban pick phases are pretty questionable #LCS
I swear solo q is the games I troll hard I win and the games I try hard I lose. streams online, spacin out while playin solo q
Oh missread the zed changes but its still a good buff to him
Pretty small patch for 4.14 ap kog RIP and kass RIP :( also the reverts to the original zed nurfs from a year ago means incoming zed play.
Thanks to @CrsStvicious for coming on the show. He's one of my favourite NA players of all time and it was a fun discussion.
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