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Crs Saintvicious
Seems like whoever gets trist wins everytime. :/
Damn clg goes from Korea to relegation, wonder who they will pick
Dig has the late game for sure, just don't know how they are going to get out if their base.
And clg still have no idea how to play nunu :/
Best cosplay, the motor on it sounds like it's struggling for life
Just landed in Seattle for pax, better late than never
Every ogn series is a straight stomp what the heck
i dunno about you guys but im excited for the arrows game tonight. Just hope its not a stomp like last 2 nights.
Beat both the dark souls dlc was fun but not worth 10 dollars for dlc though :/. Also wish the bosses would be harder.
10 teams are nice now of they'd shorten the season. No one cares about week 6-8 I feel like. The amount of games too damn high! streaming some dark souls 2 new dlc and league after
Trash talk is great but don't go for personal attacks. Also don't kick someone when they are down.
Not really any major champ changes on new patch :( urgot slightly more bearable to lane with and Ali top less annoying
Just played a grand master in chess I lasted a whole minute I'm a beast.
Doing some interviews at Pepperdine university. Never been up to Malibu before, nice scenery.
GG to T8 was a fun series
Damn the name lord saint is taken on league :(
Zilean makes Syndra life pretty hard. But clg has no way of dealing way nid split push mid/late. #lcs
Why would Doublelift try to pick off Syndra with Zilean standing right there
Met jake out gettin food with the voy. Awesome fan. wheres your ice bucket challenger now
Dam. T8 goin in hard closer series than I expected already
Horay qualifid for relegations gonna stream a few games before bed
Just landed back in LA. Hawaii was fun but it's good to be home.
Kbbq with the team Hawaii has some pretty good spots.
I dunno whether to be mad at the bravely default ending or impressed
Pretty cool place for waves near the city, gonna venture out tomorrow
Doing QA when a robot randomly asks us which Disney princess we would want to be.
Arrows just got destroyed in champ select. If they don't snowball early series is done. #ogn
Arrows really need to ban nami next game, their adc is getting way to far behind from rough lane phase.
These ogn videos are making me feel funny
Outside of arrows being super stubborn to backing to hold bot lol
Watching ogn finals makes me feel like western teams have little to no hope whatsoever at worlds. Both teams playing so well. #ogn
Some pretty entertaining semis out of eu. Close bo5s are always nice to watch #lcs