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Craig Ferguson
@nik_hamilton_: @CraigyFerg @JimGaffigan I too love food. Can I be on your show?” Certainly. Be here Dec 20.
So @JimGaffigan is on the LLS tonight plugging his book about loving food & Wolfgang Puck is here cooking food. This might work out.
I'm thinking of getting down tonight. I've already done a little dance but I feel there's something I've forgotten to do.
Tweety problem seems to be resolved. As you were everyone. #assmode
Ack. Looks like my tweety account has been hacked. Closing down til further notice.
J S Bach's Prelude and Fugue No 1 in C major, bitches. *drops microphone *
My 3 yr old son just told me " I love you even when you do toots from your bottom" He shows a level of tolerance I find inspiring.
Clearly I don't keep these people busy enough. Bah! Darn kids & their "having fun at work" behavior.…
My new thing @CelebNameGame premieres today. Visit to find out when the show airs in your town. #CelebrityNameGame
“TOMORROW is the premiere of #CelebrityNameGame! Check our website ( to check your local listings!” I'm in this!
Lynne and I at #AWATT screening w/ unidentified stranger who barged right in and took a selfie. #OfAllTheDamndedNerve
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Just seen A Walk Among The Tombstones. A dark masterpiece. Must break spell by going downtown to see @attell #alsoadarkmasterpiece #NYC
Mr @joshrthompson and Mr @philcottone getting ready for their makeover in the Kathy Lee and Hoda green room.
If it's half as much fun to watch as it is to make, you'll pee your pants. #ipeedmine…
Hey @notch I also quit. Congratulations. Road trip?
@danhancock_: Just watched the recordings for #CelebrityNameGame this show is gonna be huge!” That'd be nice.
3 of the finest older ladies on TV.
"I've got a great idea for an app" is the new "I'm writing a screenplay"
Belated apologies for my hair 10 years ago… 10 Years After The Finale, What Is The Legacy Of ‘#TheDrewCareyShow’?”
@ColinHanks: There is not an episode of Bubble Guppies I have not seen.” I feel your pain man. Also Paw Patrol & Bo off the Go.
Congratulations to the spectacularly talented James Corden who will take over the LLS after me. Great choice. I heartily endorse & approve.
Something to help you feel that perhaps you're cooler than you thought.
The spectacular @lovegwendoline on my show tonight. Made me feel like Ryan Seacrest. - short and enthusiastic #winteriscoming
@hotnclevelandtv: Watch TOMORROW 10/9C on @tvland!” Outtake proves @BettyMWhite cannot be bested. Ever.
It's true @neilhimself did smuggle haggis for me but it was vegetarian so legal. I don't know how he did it but it had a Gaiman-y tang.
Happy Labor Day a'body. I'm celebrating by going back to work. #immigrant #itswhatwedo
My kids make me watch Pokemon with them. I secretly side with Team Rocket. They are my people. #angryloserswithgoodhair
Fantastic day at @CelebNameGame recordings. Thank you @SherylCrow for being just spectacular. All I wanted to was have some fun. #andidid
Energy bars are the Ed Hardy t-shirts of food. #trueornottrue #true
Jeezum Christmas! How's this for #TBT ? On @wossy 's talk show in the UK in 1991. #Afewmonthsbeforerehab #MrChubs
The great Bob Deyan - @ALSBob - died today of ALS. He produced my audiobooks and was a brilliant and dignified gentleman. RIP Bob.
I (grudgingly) accepted the #icebucketchallenge. I nominate Dave @attell and @bobsaget
One night, long ago, I went on a strange journey. I met @AnthonySHead and he stole my girlfriend. #1991…
Ferguson family motto is "Dulcius ex Asperis" which means "Sweeter after Difficulties" I hope for the town of #Ferguson that this is true.
@PaddyGurks: I'd like to go back to a time when, "The latest from Ferguson," meant some clever thing done by @CraigyFerg” Jeez. Me too.
Comics Come Home #20 - longest running comedy benefit in the USA. Passcode: WICKED
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That night in San Francisco when I danced with Robin at the Symphony Hall.… via @YouTube
I am so sorry about Robin. He was sweet and generous and kind as well as a comedic genius. This is just terrible news. #RIPRobinWilliams
I’m back at The Chicago Theatre on 11/16! Tix on sale tmrw 10AM, but you can buy NOW with psword “chicago”, use link:
NEW SHOW! Craig Ferguson (@CraigyFerg) at The Chicago Theatre on 11/16. On sale this Fri 8/8 at 10AM:… @NiteLitePromo
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This appearance by my friend @CraigyFerg at #W00tstock during #ComicCon was TOTALLY unplanned and TOTALLY AWESOME!!…
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The talented Mr Thomson and the 6 second format. “@joshrthompson: My little seen @KevinSpacey GPS.