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Craig Ferguson
3 of the finest older ladies on TV.
"I've got a great idea for an app" is the new "I'm writing a screenplay"
Belated apologies for my hair 10 years ago… 10 Years After The Finale, What Is The Legacy Of ‘#TheDrewCareyShow’?”
@ColinHanks: There is not an episode of Bubble Guppies I have not seen.” I feel your pain man. Also Paw Patrol & Bo off the Go.
Congratulations to the spectacularly talented James Corden who will take over the LLS after me. Great choice. I heartily endorse & approve.
Something to help you feel that perhaps you're cooler than you thought.
The spectacular @lovegwendoline on my show tonight. Made me feel like Ryan Seacrest. - short and enthusiastic #winteriscoming
@hotnclevelandtv: Watch TOMORROW 10/9C on @tvland!” Outtake proves @BettyMWhite cannot be bested. Ever.
It's true @neilhimself did smuggle haggis for me but it was vegetarian so legal. I don't know how he did it but it had a Gaiman-y tang.
Happy Labor Day a'body. I'm celebrating by going back to work. #immigrant #itswhatwedo
My kids make me watch Pokemon with them. I secretly side with Team Rocket. They are my people. #angryloserswithgoodhair
Fantastic day at @CelebNameGame recordings. Thank you @SherylCrow for being just spectacular. All I wanted to was have some fun. #andidid
Energy bars are the Ed Hardy t-shirts of food. #trueornottrue #true
Jeezum Christmas! How's this for #TBT ? On @wossy 's talk show in the UK in 1991. #Afewmonthsbeforerehab #MrChubs
The great Bob Deyan - @ALSBob - died today of ALS. He produced my audiobooks and was a brilliant and dignified gentleman. RIP Bob.
I (grudgingly) accepted the #icebucketchallenge. I nominate Dave @attell and @bobsaget
One night, long ago, I went on a strange journey. I met @AnthonySHead and he stole my girlfriend. #1991…
Ferguson family motto is "Dulcius ex Asperis" which means "Sweeter after Difficulties" I hope for the town of #Ferguson that this is true.
@PaddyGurks: I'd like to go back to a time when, "The latest from Ferguson," meant some clever thing done by @CraigyFerg” Jeez. Me too.
Comics Come Home #20 - longest running comedy benefit in the USA. Passcode: WICKED
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That night in San Francisco when I danced with Robin at the Symphony Hall.… via @YouTube
I am so sorry about Robin. He was sweet and generous and kind as well as a comedic genius. This is just terrible news. #RIPRobinWilliams
I’m back at The Chicago Theatre on 11/16! Tix on sale tmrw 10AM, but you can buy NOW with psword “chicago”, use link:
NEW SHOW! Craig Ferguson (@CraigyFerg) at The Chicago Theatre on 11/16. On sale this Fri 8/8 at 10AM:… @NiteLitePromo
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This appearance by my friend @CraigyFerg at #W00tstock during #ComicCon was TOTALLY unplanned and TOTALLY AWESOME!!…
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The talented Mr Thomson and the 6 second format. “@joshrthompson: My little seen @KevinSpacey GPS.
I'm not much for the Follow Fridays but I'm making an exception in the case of this fascinating and important gentleman. #FF @Jon_Gnarr
Oh sure, everyone's all smiles right now but... Winter is coming. thanks #SDCC2014 It was a ripping good time.
Am at #ComicCon2014 Most popular cosplay outfit this year seems to be Non Specific Vaguely Slutty. I approve. #youtooladies
Come chat with me and the meat of my skeleton. The shockingly gifted @joshrthompson #SDCC2014
God DM'd me but my reply won't go through cause he doesn't follow me.
@TherealMelinaK: @TheTweetOfGod @CraigyFerg is it a sin??? Who knew? 😘” if you're doing it properly. Yes.
If this gets 10,000 retweets I'll make masturbation not a sin anymore.
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My system for getting a hotel room during #SDCC2014 is becoming known
Congratulations to my dear pal @LawrenceBlock Looks like they got it right Larry. A WALK AMONG THE TOMBSTONES :
Birthday dinner with @Ross_McCann1 He enjoys a hot Glasgow sausage. #whodoesnt
Why Glasgow, you're magnificent today!
Congratulations Germany - outstanding!-sincere condolences to the great footballing nation of Brazil. #WorldCup
Of course the game's not over til the final whistle but it's looking like it might be Germany's game. #jeez #WorldCup
@jackiejcollins: Who is a member of the mile high club?” What if someone had self-massaged in Denver, does that count? Asking for a friend
Japanese bathroom technology is light years ahead of the rest of the world. When business is concluded here I feel wistful and sad.