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Craig Edwards
Watch Julie & Wendy in this video clip telling us the Need To Know info on their new TV show, Crafty Beggars!
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Massive thank you for all the fantastic TCEP work from Bekki she's done so much to get this up and running!
Turns out we're going to need a different random captcha supplier on the TCEP website!
I think I need to learn some pool trick-shots! This is insane!
Hahaha! That's going to hurt in the morning!
"@craigedwards93: So happy you all like the pictures so far! Here's another!" Happy Hump Day from Craig :) Xo Lol
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Haha! I think she can keep the cat!
Wow! Check out @craigedwards93 has past 45k followers. If you don't already, go give him a follow now. He's amazing!! RT RT :)
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CONGRATS to @craigedwards93 for hitting 45000 followers ! Follow him if you haven't yet, I promise you'll love him ;)
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Note to self: when super-gluing something do not secure it in place with your fingers like an idiot! totally didn't do that!
“If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door” - Milton Berle #QOTD
Woohoo! and there's the 45,000 milestone! So awesome to have all of you in this with me!
Makes my day seeing things like this in the morning, it's this kind of support that got me in there in the first place, thanks to all of you - only possible because of you all!
Fresh bedsheets - now just to make the bed, I'm sure this is the hardest task in the world! Sleeping on the couch it is!
So happy you all like the pictures so far! Here's another!
New day, fresh shot, had an awesome time on this shoot, some awesome work by Gareth Jones!
Last one for now and final TCEP Design!
Slightly contemplative picture
What we call a business lunch for pudding lane ... Pfft it's been a laugh!
Was asked for an autograph today, I think I was almost as excited as she was to see me, that someone recognized me! Not so good at this yet!
@piwtersez: @craigedwards93 where's your verified account?” Would rather like one!
@craigedwards93 i'm friends with you on facebook and i wish other celebrities would post their facebook account hope you have a great day
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Great night with some awesome people ML for them all!
Official interaction page and official like page,… hope to see you over there!
@IIsabella2013 @GypsiTVSeries @craigedwards93 YES! TeamEdwards this guy is going to be huge, I can feel it, the next big thing! do <3 Craig
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Great time yesterday filming the trailer for "The Snarling" awesome cast and a beautiful location!
"Falling down is part of life, getting back up is living" #QOTD
This whole economical, green driving thing isn't working out- earlier a rather old lady told me to hurry the F up. baffled but amused.
Imagine a "The Walking Dead" concert... Actually looks quite fun!
@andisoarusrex: @craigedwards93 It's my birthday today :)” Happy birthday! Have an awesome one!
Noooooooo! he really did do that?!
“Its hard to wait around for something you know might never happen; but its harder to give up when you know its everything you want.” #QOTD