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Courtney Love Cobain
Is it me or does it appear they're giving this @SouthwestAir 737 a handy? #phallicLivery 💜 or 🍆
Thank you for the love, & forever inspiring us to be fierce woman in this life @Courtney 💘💋
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The Veronicas - You Ruin Me: @TheVeronicas congrats girls. Great hit xc
@marilynmanson Oh. My . Gawd. LOL. Priceless my friend..xo (Actually you're both my friends so It's even more funny @Courtney :) xoxo
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Gracious lady @KateySagal so gracious. Thank you so much #SOA #SAMCRO
Such a touching moment @sutterink your speech made me cry last night
Hmm @marilynmanson nice to see you haven't changed! #hilarious
@Courtney Yes we can, whatever you need! Thats the owners favorite drink as well!
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@jamesfoley candy face ! Your looking good ! X c
Hang in there @Joan_Rivers So many awful gowns are going to be worn this year as bait for you pull through. Love and prayers Court
iPhone just autocorrected "Khalifa" to "Karloff," because my texts about Frankenstein clearly outnumber my texts about hip-hop.
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The Sophie Lancaster Foundation Needs You… please download #InvincibleGirl song to help us make the charts. Pls RT…
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.@Courtney Love asked for bras to hang on her mic stand...& got like 50. Sadly mine was too heavy to reach the stage
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Sydney lets all meet at the Brooklyn Social Bar tonight. See you there. I might even buy you a drink xxc… #joedadic
Sydney now this city kicks some serious ass.. Great photo under the toilets sign. Lovely #Australia
Thank you @THEMERCYKILLS for your kick ass company on our down under tour. Cute note xxc
#greenapple #mcallisterapple #flaxseed #organiccarrot #1/4 beet #8almonds#kale #rawcoconutwater#almondmilk #halfanavacado #fennel #ginger
Nutri bullet totally organized .
Pch lyrics . #redlighriot
Girl Nina #redlighriot @redlightriot best ink of me I've ever seen she has EVERY DETAIL FROM EVERY SONG ! Wow !
🙈🙉🙊👽I thought I heard you scream baby .
Australia ! @kurtsutter will c you in 3 days ! #samcro #sonsofanarchy
🐞🐞🐞🐞🐞Canberra ? Whatever .
Aussies only ( and fabulous !) couturier! @alexperry #alexperry
@Courtney Lucky last stop on what’s been an awesome tour. Sydney has been waiting for you Courtney. Rock on!
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@Courtney thank you, would love to see u in Lebanon anytime...
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Calum I've got a very special t-shirt for you dude @Calum5SOS I'll leave it in Sydney for you before I leave xc
I need to come visit your neck of the woods and see your beautiful smile someday soon @NancyAjram xc