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In preparation: a ranking of the 11 hottest fictional presidents. Yup.
"I tried on the new "Scandal" clothes in hopes of becoming a Gladiator" ENJOY:
oh hi! RT @CU_SassyPants: Applied to be in focus group for @Cosmopolitan and had to give my Twitter handle, so hi Cosmo!!!!!
Britney Spears is ~*SuPeR*~ excited for the launch of her lingerie collection, can't you tell?
Chicago, Dallas, Phoenix, & Miami girls: ~you're invited~ to the next Cosmo reader night
19 easy ways to turn a bridesmaid's dress into an awesome Halloween costume:
Sex talk realness: what it's like not being able to orgasm
15 adorable photos that prove the best bridesmaids dresses are mismatched:
5 total-body exercises you can easily do on a bench:
Mary-Kate Olsen & Olivier Sarkozy's new home cost $13.5 million β€” these photos are insane:
*writes tweet* *lets it sit on screen for 15 mins* *deletes tweet* *rewrites it 8x* *posts it & moves to country where there is no internet*
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The truth about not being able to orgasm, EVER:
12 things he is DEFINITELY exaggerating about:
You will NOT believe how much the average American drinks:
Kansas auctions off a ton of sex toys in attempts to solve a major budget crisis:
Four anonymous people discuss what it's like to have sex, but never orgasm:
BEHOLD: this is Kendall Jenner's fashion week diet
13 pieces of Britney Spears' new lingerie collection, ranked by how likely it is that Kate Middleton would wear them:
Kate Middleton + Britney Spears' new lingerie collection + a little bit of ~*MaGiC =
YIKES. Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa's split is getting ugly:
Two awesome sisters are teaching college guys how to make women orgasm:
15 basic pieces of clothing EVERY twentysomething owns:
Kim Cattrall discusses a THIRD 'Sex and The City' movie:
20 pieces of advice that will help you land a job with the American Red Cross:
Think you're drinking too much? This chart will tell you EvErYthInG*~ you need to know:
The definitive way to determine if you're drinking too much:
Badass woman escapes burglary by climbing onto her roof β€” these photos will give you chills:
What's ~yOuR~* favorite sex position? Take the short (anonymous) survey:
Teen girl's horrifying sexual assault was broadcast on Snapchat:
This is what happens when pro-choice hackers troll an anti-abortion Twitter account:
10 sex tips inspired by "Scandal" that you NEED before tonight's big return!
Ever turned a bridesmaid dress into a cool Halloween costume? Tweet @CharlesEManning pics & you could appear on
Man gets caught masturbating on a plane β€” things did not end well for him:
Britney Spears chopped off her hair and now has an ADORABLE bob. Prepare to be obsessed:
Kim Kardashian was attacked by a stranger while exiting her car β€” the footage is frightening:
You must see how precious baby North West looks sitting front row at Paris Fashion Week: 😍
Woman wore a fat suit on multiple first dates β€” the reactions were horrifying:
The horrifying reality of how overweight women are treated on dates:
An insider's perspective on how to get hired by the American Red Cross:
.@HilaryDuff's adorable new music video is HERE & it's everything your Thursday needs: