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Cornucopia Institute
Where is your #organic cereal on this naughty and nice list?… RT!
RT if you want to protect family farmers, the environment, and the quality and integrity of our food!
Did you know that the @Cornucopia _Insti represents key stakeholders within the #organic and #family #farming movement? RT!
Is your certified organic cereal produced by a company that also makes #GMO laden #foods?… RT!
The iconic Monarch butterfly marks changing seasons and now maybe a changing world. More here:
RT if you think sustainable and organic agriculture is the way to go! @Cornucopia_Inst
@Cornucopia_Inst provides agricultural information to #consumers, family farmers and the media. Newsletter:… RT!
Organic crops are threatened by inadvertent contamination from GMOs. More here: #food #organic
Is hexane-extracted soy on tonight’s dinner menu? Find out here:… RT!
These #cereal brands represent companies who only produce certified #organic products.… RT!
The @Cornucopia_Inst supports the principles and wisdom of sustainable and #organic agriculture. RT!
Don’t serve your family hexane-extracted #soy burgers tonight! More info:… RT! #vegetarian #vegan
Find out which #cereals are produced without #GMOs, toxic #pesticides & other inputs prohibited in organics.… RT!
Through research and investigations, we provide information to consumers, family farmers and the media. @Cornucopia_Inst RT
Trying to avoid hexane-extracted soy in your meat alternative #foods? #vegan #meatfree…
It’s time to play good cow, bad cow! Get the details about our dairy survey:… RT!
Not familiar with @Cornucopia_Inst? We research, investigate, and provide information to consumers, family farmers & the media.
“Don’t cry over spilled milk, because it may have been poisoned.” –W.C. Fields. #Dairy survey:…
RT @Freja_Petersen: New Report: Widely-Used Neonicotinoid Seed Treatments Are Unnecessary in M via @Cornucopia_Inst
Labeling #GMOs puts the power back in your hands. You deserve to know if you’re eating #GMOs. RT! #RightToKnow
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We have a fundamental right to know what’s in the #food we eat & feed our families so we can make informed choices. RT!
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Don’t want hexane-extracted #soy protein in your nutrition bar? A guide to avoid them:… RT!
Did you know that the @Cornucopia _Insti represents key stakeholders within the #organic and #family #farming movement? RT!
GMO labeling is getting some heavyweight support from Consumer Reports. More here: #LabelGMOs
Which nutrition bars are secretly hiding hexane-extracted-soy protein?… RT!
RT @marathonjonn: Who supports / opposes consumers' right to know what's in our food?… #GMO via @Cornucopia_Inst...
RT @FrontlineCopy: Nanomaterials in #Organic #Food? The USDA Is Looking the Other Way via @Cornucopia_Inst
RT @BirchwoodCafe: We find that organic milk froths up quite nicely in case you were wondering tastes better too! @Cornucopia_Inst...
RT @ALMinihan: @Cornucopia_Inst @OrganicConsumer @Starbucks pressure is on Starbucks! If the customer is always milk!!
RT @SaffronRoadFood: NOT surprising - Biotech & Agribusinesses Spending Heavily to Defeat State GMO Labeling Votes
RT @foodnotpolitics: GMO next? The Organic Watergate: USDA’s Cozy Relationship with Corporate Ag in Organics…...
@MattKaspari Change often starts with states and grows. Mandatory labeling at the federal level is unlikely anytime soon. States must act!
Don’t put all your #organic #eggs in one basket! See which ones are safe and deserve your purchases:… RT!
Is your nutrition bar hiding hexane-extracted soy protein?… RT!
How transparent are the companies that produce your #OrganicEggs? Find out here:… RT!
If .@Starbucks switched to organic milk, it would pressure competing brands to follow suit. #organicmilknext
.@Starbucks buys huge volumes of milk and could start a major shift toward organic milk. #organicmilknext
Dairy cows fed GE-corn and soy suffer digestive and reproductive disorders. What’s in your latte .@Starbucks? #organicmilknext
Hey .@Starbucks, organic dairy benefits human, animal, pollinator, and environmental health. #organicmilknext