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Cool Running
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Up is down. Black is white. And dehydration makes you faster—if you do it right:
These signs are hard to miss, but are you paying attention to what they mean?
First you feel like dying, then you feel reborn—and that's just the beginning:
Harness your own power to become a better runner:
Which is better: old school diet theories or modern diet theories? Find out now:
Honey + molasses + salt = DIY energy gel. See what else you can make at home:
These basic strength moves should be a part of every endurance athlete's cross-training routine:
Junk miles are like wet sneakers: they only slow you down:
Improve speed, form and stability for trail runs:
Aching lower back? This is a must-read:
Recover with these whole-food electrolyte options:
The gender divide is much smaller than you might think:
The secret to reaching all your running goals is here:
10 Accessories Runners Should Consider Buying -->
Previous running times, distances and routes are all valuable to you. Here's how to get the information in just one place:...
You're no stranger to running injuries, but do you know how to fix them?
6 TriggerPoint Foam Rolling Tips=
The problem with running longer than _____ miles ... is that it's simply too much time on your feet, Fitzgerald says.
Many athletes make this avoidable mistake:
More sunshine and outdoor workouts—what's not to love?
Beat running boredom at your local track:
Try this strawberry banana smoothie after your next workout:
How Often Should You Race During Marathon Training? Find out here:
Tone your abs in just 4 quick moves:
Run a marathon on a track, compete in a 10-mile obstacle race at night and more:
8 Beach Workouts for Triathletes -->
Don't spend your whole weekend recovering. Use these tips to speed it up:
10 healthy fast-food meals (Yes, they do exist!):
Keep muscle cramps and heat illness at bay during the hottest time of the year:
Embrace that hill near your house. It'll help make you faster:
Keep your cross-training exciting with these upgrades to your favorite moves:
Try this light and indulgent pesto snack courtesy of @SELFmagazine:
Avoid these common squat mistakes during your next cross-training session:
Your sweet tooth can't say no to this. Go ahead, see for yourself:
You got bit by the running bug. Now show your kids how awesome it is:
If you can't take a month off from running, learn how to prevent this serious injury:
You can do a lot more than you think with a park bench and tree. Check out this afternoon workout from @SELFmagazine:
Summer races are hot. Here's how you can beat the heat:
Outdoor summer runs are the best. Protect yourself from the sun before you lace up your shoes:
Use this workout for out-of-town races:
Add these basic marathon workouts to your training routine:
A strong core makes you a better runner. This workout is just what you need for the end of the summer race season:
5 Ways To Speed Recovery After Racing =
Become A Stronger Runner With This Circuit Workout -->
5 Ways To Speed Recovery After Racing =
Become a better runner with this circuit workout -->
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Avoid overhydration, which is a more common and dangerous phenomenon than dehydration in endurance events:
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