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Conan O'Brien
I'm in London, doing my best to keep a low profile: @truTVUK #TruTVisComing
Still can’t believe that “Elon Musk” isn’t an Eastern European cologne tycoon.
This is the funniest thing I've read in a long time:
I’m known throughout LA’s Karaoke bar scene as “the Closer.”
Recently decided that eating cherries is no longer worth the effort.
Perfection is something I regularly atain.
You asked for it, here it is: my cameo in #SharktopusVsPteracuda. And when I say "you," I mean "no one." ->
I’ve been in my office with the door closed for an hour and a half, thinking about how weird a name “Jolly Rancher” is.
An apple a day keeps the doctor away, especially if you shoot the apple out of a T-shirt cannon at the doctor’s face.
People keep asking me for more footage from my Tinder sexcapade with Dave Franco. Here it is, perverts:
Hostess is bringing back the chocolate covered Twinkie. Anyone looking to eat healthy should just stick to the regular Twinkie.
The U.S. Census bureau found that only 7% of Americans identify themselves as bisexual. This is shocking new to anyone who watches porn.
Not sure I’m on board with the idea of “6 Californias.” But I am very interested in the idea of 35 Rhode Islands.
Tonight Dave Franco helps me learn about Tinder. Also tonight, I learn how cruel the internet can be.
So Stephen Colbert debuted the first masturbating bear? Tonight, I make @StephenAtHome pay for his grotesque lie.  
In recent speeches, President Obama has been calling on Americans to stop being so cynical. He’s probably getting paid to say that.
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes has some pretty crass product placement, especially the scene where the apes start wearing Skechers.
Gonna kick this BBQ off right with my favorite summer groove: Bjork’s “Human Behaviour.”
Ladies, let’s just say that the carpet matches whatever the metaphor for back hair would be.
I’m having martial problems. That’s not a typo, I have trouble conducting myself properly during wartime.
Money-saving tip: for one week, eat all your meals at a Shell gas station.
I always thought that “Irish step dancing” should be called “Irish, stop dancing.”
Sure, the Silver Surfer is a cool comic book character, but I prefer the Pewter Boogie Boarder.
To save time I’m combining two tweets. Sure, if you like tomatoes, that is!
Why do we put all this pressure on clouds to look like other things? Let’s let clouds be clouds!