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Oscar De La Renta is dead
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I will always love my city but, I know it's way more to offer out there. it's a whole world just waiting to be discovered
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once people find out who you're involved with allllll the rumors come out the cut
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Drake really thinks he's on the team though 😂
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Why is nick cannon still trying to drag on drumline....
Fucking mess.
Iced caramel macchiato with 3/4 milk, soy miso and 2 shots of red eye 👐🙇
RT If you see your school Douglass Wise Largo Flowers Fairmont Central Suitland Duke Ellington Roosevelt(MD)(DC) McKinley Tech Wilson
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On FT with Malayna 💖
Efrian blows me and he's getting blocked #ihopeyouseethis 😴
It's almost like Will Smith wasn't in his children's lives
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I need to FaceTime Malayna when I get home
Take it the extra mile .
And coldstone💚
I'll love you forever💞
Or sushi 🍙🍱🙈
Someone bring me pho 😩🐙🍤🍜
Wilson spirit week be the funniest😂💯
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And I don't feel well 😷
Praise god.
No more twistouts for a while 💜💜
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Finally home 🙌
I can't wait to gtf to college
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You're stupid.
That shit is stupid.
I hope my room is cleaned when I get home 🙏
When you're studying and you realize bae's story didn't make sense
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Zon't zo it.
@thugnasti_ ✋💨 👦 *girl in your art class* 😂
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@PatrickkkP: Goes to Montgomery mall, comes back with Ebola” shut upppp about Ebola 😭😭
Did North Point and McDonough already have their homecoming? 😕
I need to go back down La Plata to see Sky and everyone 😭
Or he can just bring it to my house since I'm 2 hours away 😴
I need to walk to Daniel's house when I get home to get my book 😩
Looking forward to school this week
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Ima keep fuckin with you no matter what, no matter what💯✊
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My hero 💪
Never UnderEstimate A Boy Cuz Of their Size , Height , Etc...😂😳😩👊💢. My Manz Slumped Heeem😂
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