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colin meloy
Oh I thought he was *covering* them. I often don’t make it past the lede. It’s a problem. As you were.
@colinmeloy I adore The Decemberists but that's very unappealing. Makes you seem very arrogant and egotistical which I suppose you could be.
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Maybe you, too, have a Kate Bush hankering. Here's us doing *that song* in '05, with the great @petrahaden…
Thank you, faceless spambots. Thank you all. “@hunterrogers9: Most followed person In Oregon @colinmeloy
@colinmeloy it's making a dog's head shadow whilst exploring its options in terms of tentative growths blooming on it, perhaps?
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Wutta buncha comedians
+10 Twitter Points™ if you can tell me what is up with this potato
holy shit that battered bastards of baseball documentary is so good…
All praise and adulation should be directed to @cfellis, of course
Carson won a silver medal from the Society of Illustrators for WILDWOOD IMPERIUM and we're super chuffed about it!…
@colinmeloy Total Combined Weight, Modality, Next Door Prison Hotel
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The Shahs, Lil' Smokies, The Hasslers, Wartime Blues, @colinmeloy
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@colinmeloy Best Westerns, Bird's Mile Home, Magpies, Mass FM, Skinflowers, King Elephant (RIP), @Stellarond0 @shahtopia Needlecraft
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@colinmeloy @PasteMagazine They got the Tom Catmull part 100% right. Should have had Stellarondo too.
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@colinmeloy MASS FM (with former Volumen) and The Best Westerns (…) are deserving of mention
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@colinmeloy Haven't we all moved to Portland and Seattle?
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All this to say: what are some other good Montana bands right now?
Like, he waited tables at the restaurant you would get your parents to take you to when they were in town. That's like aristocracy in Msla.
no shade intended at Mr. Catmull, who is a standup gent & talented guy & was one of the only people i knew who had a proper job back when.
That @PasteMagazine list seems suspiciously heavy on Bozeman/Livingston. One Msla band and it's Tom Catmull? BACK ME UP, MT TWITTER
But @boyandalma! Lovely stuff out of the old hometown…
I don't believe this list “@PasteMagazine: 10 Montana Bands You Should Listen to Now
Finally, @meganamram wrote a REAL science book just for girls! j/k keep this as far away from children as possible…
The dude who broke my nose senior year just invited me to play Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook.
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There's still a chance for xmas office party run-ins!…
Now's probably a good time to revisit this.…
Many, many, many thanks to @colinmeloy for being such a wonderful and gracious person. THIS DAY WILL NEVER BE TOPPED.
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I spent the afternoon singing in a small choir that will be featured on a track on the new @TheDecemberists record...
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And now, a very brief recap of the single greatest experience of my life to date:
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Please, people, do not fuck with depression. It's merciless. All it wants is to get you in a room alone and kill you. Take care of yourself
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Don’t cast away something with violence. Open your hands so that it slips and falls under its own weight.
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Nice to be in such proximity with the Moz but at a safe remove.
Interestingly, we were also manager-mates for a spell. Got lots of good stories out of that.
It seems our brief tenure as Morrissey’s labelmates has ended
August Words Matter: 30th Birthday w/ @GilbertLiz @colinmeloy & more upcoming events to celebrate #LitArts30
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There are definitely worse songs to have stuck in your head…
Provided you could live out the nuclear winter solely on an appetizing variety of pickled cucumbers, we are set for the end-times.
Carson totally pocket-tweeted @Stan_Ridgway. #backinflesh