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colin meloy
Said I “@IsaacFitzgerald: ”Oh my god, this gorgeous, gorgeous book.“ -@colinmeloy, lead singer of The Decemberists
Well all right! “@aboutparenting: Our new favorite fantasy book series for tweens and teens: @colinmeloy
christopher columbus ... king of the dicks
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Maile (MY-lee) is Hawaiian, hence the spelling/pronunciation. It's a vine that grows in the mountains on Kauai and on the Big Island.
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“Anouchka was formerly the lead singer and guitarist of Urmin Spindle”
PDX! Aaron Rose is screening Pendarvia, a short film about the making of The King is Dead at the Hollywood tonight…
GO TO THIS “@wendymac: Portland! Celebration of PEN & INK tonight at @Powells!…
You’re older now and you’re a clever swine “@cfellis: Happy birthday, @colinmeloy.
A very happy birthday to the ever beautiful and brilliant @cfellis, who has been so kind as to make it just be my birthday today.
This is nice, Toronto. (Response I got in the kitchen: "Did your dad start a bookstore?") @colinmeloy @cfellis
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Exercise: Surprise a person you love by saying "I'm going to give you a dosage of affection”. And caress them intensely for one minute.
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Methinks the guy doth tweet too much
Boners. #boners Please RT. I do this to illustrate a point.
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Also I am playing a song about boners at a children’s cancer fundraiser tonight
I take serious umbrage “@kendrybird: I’m disturbed how much this ‘libertarian’ costume looks like…
Folks, Box Trolls is in theaters today. Stop motion amazingness GO SEE IT…
Who’s drinking the powdered fruit punch? “@History_Pics: Cast of STAR WARS, circa 1977.
This Boy Meets World episode is a shallow imitation of a #classic Blossom. This is a bigger injustice than Gaga jacking Madonna #Shameless
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I think I have to be a good day to be a good time to get a new one is the best thing ever is when you get to see the point of view.
Happy 80th to Field Commander Cohen. I hope he enjoys his cigarette.
Nilsson , rather. Jesus. Sorry guys. This is a real problem.
TYPICAL “@darylmico: Im following @colinmeloy but i have no idea who he is #honest
It ain’t the size, it’s how you use it.
For real though, this Nilssen record sounds better than most of those new tire-thick vinyl monstrosities. #dynaflexFOREVAH
It means to listen to Dick Guaghan with great intent.
It's very likely that I've just coined that expression, "rockin' Guaghan."
Totes going to be rockin' Guaghan today. #scotland…
My totes brill friend @macbarnett lays down some serious truth & fiction:…
Happy 'This Is My Hand' release day! Pick up a digital copy via @iTunesMusic:
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Evolution of music sales: 1. Pay a lot 2. Pay a little 3. Pay anything 4. OK fine, just pay once a month 5. Fuck you, now you own a U2 album
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A future species unearths & decodes the devices of a long extinct civilization; “wow, they were all U2 fans.”
More info on that MOCAD show, which seems like it will be all-around-amazing. We're one of many collaborative pairs.…
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DETROIT! Carson and our son Hank collaborated for the People's Biennial at MOCAD; opens Friday.… #misunderstoodaliens
This is just a great, great interview. @marcmaron in conversation with @RobynHitchcock. Devote the time.…
At 9:25, if you're interested.