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Cole Rise
wanna go for a ride? #🚀
where we're going, we don't need roads. quiet without cars, echoing instead with music and conversation and the sound of forks hitting plates, Venice is one hell of a place. especially after bumping into my photographer buddy @itsreuben the day after he fell into a canal. this is the stuff you make
captain's log: sailed a sea of booze after sundown with a new crew. bonds cemented. four more days of r&r before the next voyage. july the 5th, 2015 #captainslog #litely
can't leave @MaderasVillage. I'll be here if anyone needs anything.
@middlevancleave surrounded by fire on the beach at the @maderasvillage, Nicaragua. spent the week here in the waves. kinda don't want to leave. #litely
The light the other morning was absolutely insane.
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today's office
took off over the Alps from Innsbruck, one of the more famous airports in general aviation known for the insane terrain, and rollercoaster turbulence. if you're ever in Austria, it's one hell of a ride :) one from the archives while stuck at the airport in Nicaragua #litely #letsmakeasnowangel
remnants of an ancient roman road, under the moon leading me to Petra. #litely #sittingonaplanemissingjordan
here's a view you won't see often - looking down from the dome of the famous Hagia Sofia. built in 537 in what was then Constantinople, it stood as the largest cathedral for a 1000 years, before its conversion to a mosque, and later museum. we spent 30 minutes negotiating with the museum director, w
@buraktuzer has the best job. strapped in to his glider, we dive-bombed off the side of a 6000ft mountain through an opening in the clouds, before flying in formation to the beach below. and he does this.... every. day. such a great dude, hanging in his office in the sky. @turkey_home #escapeeveryda
new @instagram search & explore is the hotness.
@katewinsy doing katie things, back at another hidden place to rest your head - just down the cliff from a 3000 year old trade route that runs the rocky shores of south turkey. @turkey_home #litely
the rock tombs of Tlos - where for centuries, an ancient civilization laid to rest their most revered royalty. today, they're mostly goat bathrooms. incredibly beautiful, nonetheless. @turkey_home #litely
popped over to the ancient Lycian city of Tlos, established more than 4000 years ago atop a crazy beautiful hill that later was believed to be home of the flying horse Pegasus. what!? you have to see the roman theatre and the rock tombs... which I'll probably post next. @turkey_home @matadornetwork
took a truck off road to a hidden hotel. woke up to this. the colors in southern turkey are incredible. @turkey_home #litely
spying ships in the distance. favorite shot / edit from the boat. @turkey_home
captain's log: noon on the Aegean Sea. spirits are high as the winds pick up. a local at port taught us how the old french word for "turkish stone" came to mean the color - turquoise. in the right light, it also describes the seas quite nicely. june the 7th, 1958. @turkey_home @matadornetwork
in the hills of southern turkey, exploring ancient lycian tombs dating back to the 4th century BCE. the lycians were an ancient people local to the region, not unlike their neighbors the Greeks, but spoke their own language and had a unique style of art. it was tombs of this style that later inspire
getting low in the grass at golden hour, breaking the "don't shoot into the sun" rule. partnering up with @americanexpress on some limited edition prints of this and a few other photos. so psyched! any others you'd like to see printed? #iheartpaper #goldstandard #litely
photos up on the wall at the #goldstandard party! partnering up with @AmericanExpress on some cool stuff. so psyched.
just organized my world clocks by timezone. so satisfying. ✈️
was on assignment in Istanbul, Turkey, where you can hop on a boat on one continent, cross the strait, and have dinner on another. this is the view from Asia, looking west toward Europe - shot as we ate and sipped turkish coffee to combat the jet lag. @turkey_home @matadornetwork
Mysterious lunar swirls in our space photos of the week
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