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Cole Rise
epic day location scouting for @henri's music video. can't wait to share the drone footage. edited with @litely
new Litely update submitted to the App Store! Includes 4 new smart adjustments and the new Langly preset pack.
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for those of you worried about the protruding camera on the iPhone 6, check out this puppy:…
still can hardly see the difference, and that only applies in dark rooms. feel comfortable buying the 6 if you're worried about size.
with OIS, the iPhone 6 Plus can hold the shutter open nearly 4 times longer at a lower ISO. (1/15th sec @ 320 ISO vs. 1/4 sec at 125 ISO)
in a dark room, OIS means slightly longer shutter speed, more light, lower ISO & less noise, but it's only noticeable at 100% zoom.
tested both iPhone 6 cameras in a dark room. between them, the difference was negligible, but both were MUCH better than the iPhone 5S.
recording yourself just got easier. excited to see the results here!
ambient music mixed with NASA mission control audio archives. i love @somafm
Beautiful Labor Day weekend in the Bay Area with no fog in sight! Come fly with us! We have appointments...
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ain't nothing like listening to @ISO50 while editing photos into the wee hours of the morning.
Waipo'o Falls from the air - 800 feet of cascading ridiculousness in the heart of Waimea Canyon, Kauai. Fun fact: A tree "jumped out" in front of the drone when trying to land, resulting in a bit of a scary cliffside retrieval. Thankfully, both drone and your humble operator survived to bring you th
in Waimea Canyon, Kauai, there's an easy little 2 mile hike that takes you to an 800 foot cascading waterfall. this was taken about 100 yards above the falls, and 20 yards from the edge of the canyon. should maybe post that drone video next... (iPhone + @litely)
ate a potato on the plane & instantly shot back to swimming in a motel pool in Georgia at age 10. the brain is weird.
cannot describe how exciting the new @litely update is. #soon
if you're ever on a 24 hour layover in Dubai, book an early morning balloon ride over the desert to watch the sun rise. you land on a farm full of camels, help the fellows pull down the balloon, and you're back in the city by 9am to explore the spice markets and the tallest building in the world.
so interesting finding Instagram graffiti everywhere.
tiny boats and moody weather! #hawaiiisnuts (don't tap on that hashtag, lolz)
We’ve joined forces with @colerise to launch a ‘Best of Litely’ Challenge! Download @litely and show us your best!
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just teamed up with @getsnapwire for a "Best of Litely" photo challenge, awarding $250 buckaroos!…
sun in your eyes, the tiles in your reflection. 🌴
where we're going, we don't need roads. can you spot the other helicopter? #hawaiiisnuts
jumping ship. (iPhone + lifeproof + @litely + little bit of rise)
imagine strapping a fire hose to your feet and standing on a jet of water as F-22's roar into the air from the airport behind you. that's literally what happens when you go flyboarding in Honolulu, and I can't recommend it more. (iPhone + @litely)
OH: "expotensionally? expodentionally... five times worse."
droning over the south coast #mondaze (@djiglobal + @litely)
blub blub blub, blub blub! (iPhone + lifeproof case + @litely)
wooden iPhone case + your own photo = lovely.
This Song's Rhythm Is Inspired by Neil Armstrong's Heartbeat on the Moon…
the original Rickroll video has disappeared from YouTube. humanity prevails.
slowly putting bitcoin in my "get-me-to-space" piggy bank.
Brooklyn to Manhatten, shot with the new time-lapse feature in iOS 8. (iPhone 5S + Moon) #instalapse
we're the frogs on the leaves.
go boldly, with your feet in the clouds, standing on all the heads. high-altitude edit, while traveling to the east coast. (iPhone + @litely + lux + photoforge for the stars)
captain's log: day three in this dry, unforgiving climate. small plane spotted approximately 3 miles west of us. used last flare. hopes dashed. this road must lead somewhere. june the 21st, 2014.
heh. have any questions you want me to ask live on nasa tv?
exploring highway 1. those tiny dots on the left are people & cars. (@djiglobal + @litely)
Apple's shifting focus from Aperture & iPhoto to the new Photos app in OSX Yosemite. Curious if it supports presets.…
Space Photo of the Day: A young star cloaked in an intriguing swoosh of dark sky
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For disco fans. Also, I MISS HULA HOOPING. ► Ears Wide Open: Henri (@henrisays) — Buzzbands.LA
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footage from a late afternoon flight over wailua falls. (@djiglobal + Ashby + hauntingly beautiful cello from one of my favorite musicians, Zoe Keating)
good to be back in the sierras. where's your reset button?
manual controls for iPhone would mean REAL long-exposure photography. yes. please.…
it's like this. it's like that. shot a video for @henrisays latest track:…
Friday night edits: hanging outside the helicopter, looking into blue hole, kauai. edited in Lightroom with @litely
interesting. 99% of you said native. agreed.