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Coleen Ortega Garcia
While waiting... @billyjoecrawford totally doesn't know that I'm about to kick his butt. Ehem ehem 8-3 na ✌️ #pusoydos
Done with my LASIK screening today and I'm leaving with good results! 😊 Can't wait to finally undergo LASIK and restore my clear vision. It's hard not being able to see things clearly and to have to wear glasses and graded contacts all day everyday.. This would make such a significant difference to
Catch me, @billyjoecrawford, @favkitkat and Miss Bing Loyzaga on #BeloBeauty101 with Dra. @victoria_belo as we share some of our Belo Beauty secrets with you! πŸ’•
I love Mogwaaaaiiii! ❀️ He looks grumpy, but he's so soft and malambing. @annecurtissmith's baby 🐱 Wawa @billyjoecrawford yesterday cause he's allergic to cats haha
Couples night at @annecurtissmith's place! ❀️
Gigil na gigil kay Beeeeellaaaa πŸ˜‚ @vhongx44 @annecurtissmith
Dropped by the @belobeauty clinic at The Fort today and I got to try RevLite on my arms! Great and painless way to get rid of fine hair. I usually have it done on my face because it's also effective as a pore minimizer and treatment for skin pigmentation. Very rejuvenating! ☺️
Midnight snack with @janinamanipol and @dominicroque! #lifeofapig 🐽
Watching how a pro works. @janinamanipol Naks πŸ‘
HAHAHA I wasn't kidding about my grandmother! She's made of steel! And she's always game, too! 😜 Thank you, Tata @bacum22, for taking part in the #ALSicebucketchallenge and for donating money to the ALS Association! We've made our donations already and I can assure you guys that it's so simple and
#showtimeselfie πŸ’πŸ’•
Wawa my baby Butteeeeers! Car sick.. πŸ˜– Still such a cutie pie though πŸ™ˆβ€οΈ
Still waiting on your #ALSIceBucketChallenge video, @janinamanipol! Make her kulit, guuuuys! Hahaha :p
Hehe thanks for accepting the #ALSIceBucketChallenge Kuya @jugsjugsjugs πŸ˜‚ Ako pa ang nagbuhos!
"S" is for Snorlax πŸ™Š @eruption23
Billy and Coleen <--- this cute couple:"> Soooo sweetttt!! ALS ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE @coleengarcia #billycrawford
Retweeted by Coleen Ortega Garcia
#ALSicebucketchallenge!!! And because I was late to respond to @makaykay6, @billyjoecrawford and I ended up doing it live on national television and promised to donate to the #ALSfoundation! Nominated by @direkbobetvidanes πŸ˜‚ I nominate @janinamanipol, @jugsjugsjugs and my grandmother!! Hahaha You h
Anggggg lameeeeeegggg 😱 After our #ALSicebucketchallenge on #itsshowtime! Hahahaha @direkbobetvidanes
BTS photo from our @jellybeanstore campaign shoot last Friday. Excited for their new stuff to come out in stores! #styledbyadrianne πŸ’‹
Because Sunday is Family Day!!! ❀️ Happy birthday, Tito Jack!
Earlier today! Relaxing with @riasilverio, Franco and my crazy Mamita (grandmother) πŸ’—
My dad makes THE BEST spare ribs ever! 😱😱😱 Not even kidding.
My Mamita's homemade Paella > πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Paparazzi mode! Haha ang cute lang kasi nila.. Intense conversation between @billyjoecrawford and my Lolo while all the daddies are huddled inside ☺️
My favorite purchase from yesterday's bazaar is your cropped top @coleengarcia πŸ’—οΏ½
Retweeted by Coleen Ortega Garcia
Inside my #EpicFestBazaar booth! Today is the last day of the bazaar and there are still some items left for sale! ⭐️ Thank you to those who have already been shopping! 100% of the proceeds from our (@billyjoecrawford) booths will be donated to charity. Hope you guys enjoy your purchases! A lot of o
About to take off, then will head straight to the #EpicFestBazaar :) See you guys there!
Yay thank u! RT @kerendeng: So looking back at all my purchases fr the Bazaar... Almost everything came fr u, @coleengarcia πŸ’– Aaaah love ya!
Up up here we go ✈️
I'm blue, da boo dee da boo dah 🎢 Haha Thank you, Alcala! πŸ’‹
About to take off! See you in a bit, Tuguegarao! πŸ˜‹
Happy haaaaaappy birthday to the biggest brother-slash-sometimes-sister that I've ever had!!! Thank you for always looking out for me and for making sure that I'm always okay! You're the best, even though sometimes you're KJ cause you don't have lunch with us unless we're having chicken. We all love
See you later tonight, Tuguegarao! Will be there for the Pasayak Festival! :)
Hi guys! Please join me in helping our #itsshowtime camera man's sweet daughter, Sabine Karis V. Espiritu, who has recently been diagnosed with Biliary Atresia -a deadly childhood liver disease that affects 1 in every 16,000 infants soon after birth. She is six months old now and she needs to be ope
Hashtag Why. #ootd πŸ’‹
4 shows + #itsshowtime taping = this. Hahaha Kaya mo pa, Bang? πŸ˜‚βœŒ
Always be the bigger person. In other words, kung ano man ang trip ng iba, hayaan niyo nalang sila. :) If you're happy, then continue to be happy. And if picking on you makes other people happy, then let them be happy, too. Ibigay mo nalang, para masaya na talaga ang lahat. Not everyone gains happin
Finally!!!!! After almost six months of no continuous exercise, we're back! Well, still day 1 so far.. But I guess it's a start. It's always so hard to get back to where you left off πŸ˜– Need to keep pushing! No more excuses πŸ’ͺ
At dahil last na 'to.. Haha Hi Ate! 😝 Drive though McDonald's to find out how you can get your own #FryHolder for just 45 pesos! #McDoFries
My favorite people ❀️❀️❀️