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Coleen Ortega Garcia
Whyyyyyyy @belobeauty 😫😫 I'm so addicted to these now!!! Hahaha! Honestly the best chocolate lace cookies for me! They're made with oatmeal and dark chocolate so they're a healthier alternative to my regular fatty sweets. New fave! πŸ˜‹ I'm stealing @billyjoecrawford's cookies tomorrow. Shh! Hahaha
Love you @emandeleon! See you this Saturday with @ralphmakeup hihi ❀️ #emandeleonmakeup
Thank you to @complexlifestylestore for my @kedsph sneakers! And to @jellybeanstore for my top 😘
#looktest #newshow πŸ˜‚ @ejaythefalcon ang peg hahaha
Teka lang, may humabol πŸ˜› Hahaha
Milkshakes and burgers to celebrate Inigo's first day at #LifeBox kids' Church! I'm happy he enjoyed and can't wait to go back. ☺️ #VictoryGH
Done with #TheBuzz! #emandeleonmakeup
Ay Chihuahua! 🐾 Bringing Bambi and Butters home now. I'm sure they're going to miss their two new friends. 🐢
Garcias ❀️❀️❀️
Quiet family dinner a few nights ago. #latepost Love you @paz0228 @kapjb @luisortegagarcia @billyjoecrawford ❀️ Excited also to see my dad's side of the family later! That dinner isn't going to be a quiet one at all. Hahaha 😜
Visited my brother at the Ateneo grade school Family Day! #5Tausug πŸ’—
Late post! Haha but I didn't really have the chance to thank the following people for helping me prepare for the #8thStarMagicBall ☺️ Thank you so much to the following: Gown by the very talented @pepsiherrera; custom-made clutch by @anna.rubio @annarubio8; stunning earrings by @msdinacastro; hair b
Thank you so much for all your birthday greetings! ☺️ I opted to slow down and have a quiet, intimate celebration with my loved ones this year, and I have to admit that it felt really good to just sit back and not have to worry about any large, noisy gatherings. No pressure, just peacefulness and pu
Beautiful view right by the hotel πŸ‘€
Stop and smell the roses πŸ’— Enjoying our last day here in Canada before heading back home!
Happy birthday, love @pmycgjulie! Words will never be enough to express how thankful I am to have you. Enjoy your special day! Love you! ❀️
Thank you for the warm welcome, Edmonton! We had a great time! Congrats, Team Showtime ❀️ I love Canada. It was definitely the perfect time to visit. And perfect weather, too. ☺️ Can't wait to come back again soon! x
About to rehearse for our #ItsShowtime Edmonton show! Kumpleto kami diyan! Spot @anakarylle's hair πŸ˜„
The comfiest neck pillows in life!!! Can you tell? Hahaha 😝
#ItsShowtime loves Canada! ❀️ Had a fun show here in Toronto ☺️ See you tomorrow, Edmonton! x
Welcome back, @billyjoecrawford! Love you ❀️
Billy did not hurt anybody, lady cops clarify: Nilinaw ng dalawang babaeng pulis na naka-duty sa Taguig police...
Retweeted by Coleen Ortega Garcia
Babaeng pulis, sinabing di nakasakit si Billy
Retweeted by Coleen Ortega Garcia
Pls don't believe everything you read. It goes to show that not all sources are 100% reliable. Know the truth before jumping to conclusions.
As for the "unidentified woman" he was with? He was with 3 of my best friends. And yes, 2 of them are women. No need to put malice in that.
With my date @billyjoecrawford and our official third wheel @mateoguidicelli 😜 #8thstarmagicball
#8thstarmagicball with my handsome date 😁
Will start on this the next time I work out! Thank you, @supplementwarehousephilippines!
Looking forward to the #8thstarmagicball this Saturday! @pepsiherrera designs my Star Magic Ball gowns every year and I'm always so happy with how they turn out! Very excited to wear another one of his beautiful creations this year. ☺️ Thank you, Tito Pep! ❀️
While waiting... @billyjoecrawford totally doesn't know that I'm about to kick his butt. Ehem ehem 8-3 na ✌️ #pusoydos
Done with my LASIK screening today and I'm leaving with good results! 😊 Can't wait to finally undergo LASIK and restore my clear vision. It's hard not being able to see things clearly and to have to wear glasses and graded contacts all day everyday.. This would make such a significant difference to
Catch me, @billyjoecrawford, @favkitkat and Miss Bing Loyzaga on #BeloBeauty101 with Dra. @victoria_belo as we share some of our Belo Beauty secrets with you! πŸ’•
I love Mogwaaaaiiii! ❀️ He looks grumpy, but he's so soft and malambing. @annecurtissmith's baby 🐱 Wawa @billyjoecrawford yesterday cause he's allergic to cats haha
Couples night at @annecurtissmith's place! ❀️
Gigil na gigil kay Beeeeellaaaa πŸ˜‚ @vhongx44 @annecurtissmith
Dropped by the @belobeauty clinic at The Fort today and I got to try RevLite on my arms! Great and painless way to get rid of fine hair. I usually have it done on my face because it's also effective as a pore minimizer and treatment for skin pigmentation. Very rejuvenating! ☺️
Midnight snack with @janinamanipol and @dominicroque! #lifeofapig 🐽
Watching how a pro works. @janinamanipol Naks πŸ‘
HAHAHA I wasn't kidding about my grandmother! She's made of steel! And she's always game, too! 😜 Thank you, Tata @bacum22, for taking part in the #ALSicebucketchallenge and for donating money to the ALS Association! We've made our donations already and I can assure you guys that it's so simple and
#showtimeselfie πŸ’πŸ’•
Wawa my baby Butteeeeers! Car sick.. πŸ˜– Still such a cutie pie though πŸ™ˆβ€οΈ
Still waiting on your #ALSIceBucketChallenge video, @janinamanipol! Make her kulit, guuuuys! Hahaha :p
Hehe thanks for accepting the #ALSIceBucketChallenge Kuya @jugsjugsjugs πŸ˜‚ Ako pa ang nagbuhos!
"S" is for Snorlax πŸ™Š @eruption23