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Mr Awofadeju
Life only feels like it's running away from you when you stay stuck in a cycle.
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One race... Human race... One blood... Red blood...
@Kyle_Books are doing a competition to #Win 1 of 3 SIGNED copies of #CaribbeanPotluck by @2sistasandameal ends tomorrow at 7pm #Follow&RT
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Via @saraamandamyers Exhibit B protest in London — A message to the wh…: @akalamusic @HilaryMuhammad #RT
#boycotthumanzoo #demo central #london
Strong words from the Nation Of Islam @ #boycotthumanzoo Rally/Demo with Hilary Mohammed & saraamandamyers #london #barbican
New witnesses states 'Michael Brown was shot with hands up' That's cold bloodied #bluemurder #NJNP…
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Via @FABSNETWORK: On set @Channel4 with @2sistasandameal make sure you tune in from 9:30am interesting!!
Keep your dreams to yourself until you are strong enough to defend them, for they are easily destroyed by the comments of others.
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🎨 I love art ...and as for great art I live for it
Via @donaldglover slow news day I guess
Stephen would've been 40 today. @S_LawrenceTrust transforms lives for others to achieve their dream. #StephenLawrence
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The @BarbicanCentre promised a board member would be down to take the petition,instead they said to hand it in to security #Boycottbarbican
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@JJ_Bola @BarbicanCentre Correction boycott zoo Demo assemble 12 Moorgate tube.Bring drums,whistles,horns, bring noise RT @boycotthumanzoo
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Petition to withdraw the racist exhibition: The Human Zoo… - 20'000people signed, @BarbicanCentre are you listening?
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Via @JJ_Bola: Stop the Human Zoo today at @BarbicanCentre 1pm. Will b supporting
Had to do some sketch when I was in #paris .....
In the #club #paris 😉😃
With my ppl @jayezi #sneakerness #Paris @sneakerness Good times 😀
Eiffel Tower at night.... What a wonderful site
Paris wonderful ....
Downtown #Paris chillin...,, Great trip 😃
Chilling in #Paris this is how we do!!! #france
No matter what you do, do it well. Have pride in your work. Whether you are a cleaner or a teacher, a nurse or a bricklayer...
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Sneakerness Paris Event Recap - Quel événement formidable! via @wordonthefeet was a great event ppl!!!! 😃👍
Via @FABSNETWORK: Just got back In from @Sneakerness Paris amazing event !! Big Up everyone who came down! 🙏 it was great
The Last Poets; What happened to revolutionary hip hop ?…
'You don't understand art' said @BarbicanCentre 'No you don't understand racism we replied' #boycottthehumanzoo RT
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You have to pursue your passion and cultivate your creativity
BBC Horizon 2014-2015 Episode 4: Inside the Dark Web…
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Via @akalamusic: My thoughts on The Human Zoo recreation… very true
Simon Woolley of @OpBlackVote on Exhibit B 'more than anything else his work is about power. Power then & power now'
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Actions always prove why words mean nothing.
Sister @EstherStanford @Xosei breaks down why the Human Zoo @BarbicanCentre is just plain disgusting propaganda…
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