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Cody Rhodes
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...and this is how bitter the wolf is about not having his own egg hunt
Back to the States'...where I am planning an Easter-egg hunt for @RealEdenWWE See Ya' Bye Saudi
Thanks to all Dream Team let us remember the true meaning , Find a way , don't wait on it to find U/ DREAM STRONG
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NEW #JBLColeShow Hands up hands up, and if you're sitting you better STAND-UP For the boss, @StephMcMahon
(Ahem) @JCLayfield don't make me defend MY #JBLColeShow Bowling Title against @WWERollins , I currently owe him $10
.@WWEUniverse "new kliq's" @ZackRyder would say... Awesome(or siiiickkkk), I don't think it matters. They both work
Saudi Arabia check-list ✅ cappuccino ✅ Heavy shoulders/press ✅ poolside(80s tan) CrossRhodes somebody #WWERiyadh
Trail-mix and runnin' the ropes...@RealEdenWWE is the MC for these live events.…
I watched "The Wolf Of Wall Street" on the plane...older folks sitting around me seem pissed.
"I am very proud of my daddy's name although his kind of music and mine ain't exactly the same." -Hank JR
At a WCW show in the 90s', I slipped and fell down these very steps at #WWEChattanooga Was patched up by Steamboat
.@XavierWoodsPhD @WWEgames cough* cough* I was trying to help you... And that's Mangrove Pierce in that photo
.@XavierWoodsPhD A)I had a surrogate play for me B)Legit congratulations though, @WWEgames should let you take the the physical title home
Step aside Triforce, the whites(w/black gator) are back and take top spot in my gear bag. #WWEHidalgo
THE VOTES ARE IN... #JBLColeShow w/at 252lbs from Victoria, TX @steveaustinBSR
Happy Birthday to my Brother @Goldust (Chicken)
Just saw the edit on the latest #JBLColeShow Star-studded and overall just excellent TOMORROW BRAND NEW on @YouTube #glassbreaks (hint)
I'm offering @RealEdenWWE any one thing from @Target if I can go buy the new Metal Gear...she's not