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waNt 2 kn0w WHO taUght me about 🌎 chivalry... ANd overalL how 2 be A mAn??
U naMed your GALAXY... after sOme 🌎 COCOA baR??
i CAN plAy the FIDDLe #RAW
a STARDUST surprise for #WWEToledo! frEE T-shIrts for those who SOLVE the EQUation.
In honor of super smash brothers I did a @StardustWWE piece inspired by the new game #WWEFanArt
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.@RonKillings WaNts 2 know "WHAT'S UP??" tHe SUN!! you 🐴(jackass Get IT?) TIME 4 a CORONAL MASS EJECTION #wweyoungstownn
LOVE/HATE mY ReLationshiP wiTh @MichaelCole must Be courTing me witH All tHat "FALLING STAR" talK me liKes Send mE A "GIF" of THAT DIVE
YoU CANT CatCh ME Long EnougH 2 FIGure out My IDENTity (But KeeP Trying, I LIKE 2 be ChasEd) HehE #KHEEEE
...and when it comes to family, we can’t always be there to defend them. But the PAint will
You don’t just wear the PaiNt for yourself. It’s for your wife…your parents…even for—one day—your children. There are animals out there...
iNcOming TransMission...
THIs ANSWER your ???? TherE ARE CONSEQUENCES 4 not HaviNg mY Shirt (Artist dramatization)
FirST dAy EVER aS a #WWE TaG Team ChamPion... I'm REady, MoM? #RAW
HUGE congrats to @StardustWWE on his first ever championship in WWE! 🌟💫⭐#WWENOCO#KHEEEEEE
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When "science fiction" becomes Science FACT mY FiRsT TITLE #WWENOC
if you didn't know who to look up #wwenoc. I will rip the wings off your flying twins.. and take the key to our destiny.
@Goldust @StardustWWE please follow @ConnorsCure and help us stop childhood cancer. Every little bit helps. Thanks:))
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I triEd to Syphon his SOUL from his EAR FIrst to figure out wHat the KeY is... GET A fondue PARTY With 5 frienDs
Dear @StardustWWE, Sorry I thought you were Cody Rhodes. Tried to make up for it the rest of the interview! #kheeee
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The first interview where I have ever asked a man - "How long he will you be occupying Earth?" - with @StardustWWE…
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Listening to @JonMoisan's interview with @WWE's @StardustWWE...@Marvel fans in for a #FightinFanboys treat tomorrow! Thanks, @JoeVilla_WWE!
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Just spoke with @StardustWWE. He tells me Cody Rhodes is now overweight with a full beard. #WWE
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Thanks to my BF, I finally got my @StardustWWE tee-shirt for my birthday! Really love It �
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Dearest Mr. @MichaelCole, Please discontinue any association betwixt myself (Stardust) and the man known as Cody Rhodes. Regards, SD-117🚀
STARS are BIGger in TeXAs but I'll take chances with the TWINS in LOUISiana Purchase FATE. I will wear your crown. Au revoir les enfants.
OH #WWESpringfield NotiCed mE whispering on the back oF ur NECKS yeT HAAAAA get it? ? ?
Dearest @Wikipedia , Feel free to acquiesce my request, in granting me my own page. For I am an individual and not 2 people. Regards, S