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.@kevinrleyland NO (BuZzeR SouNd) HE HAS blue EYes I dO NoT
#tbt (NOT REALLY, he's a CARTOON) heHe GEt It??!!
.@RealEdenWWE @WWE FaCe IT. . . (THE LAST 10 hUman sEcOnds oF YOUr VLOG)
Will geMIni be in full view? They will be swallowed wHOLE. #DarkMatter #MainEvent
.@RealEdenWWE I DO?!?! Ooh La La YOUr EyEs are aLmosT as PRETTY aS MINE
.@notsam tHe INTeRvieweR waS WAY toO toUChy witH thE INTERVIEWEEE ? ? ? ?… @notsam "deep pEnet"...WHAAAAA
Did somebody adjust the thermostat? It got real strange in here... 8/25 #KHEEEE
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Y-O-U can geTT a gOOd LooK at IT. Soon. 8/25, @WWEShop #KHEEEE
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It's aLL FUn & gAMEs until my PalEtte is changed to BLACK GOLD -and- RED meAning...blood #wyattblood
.@enrico_ahlig like a @WWE version of the "Lambeau Leap" JUST NEED A NAME FOR THAT STRETCH OF THE BARRICADE WHERE I LAND SuggestioNs...
aN EArliEr CONTACT #tbt (the men Of eArth are STRONG) OnLY a FEw KnoW WHO wON 💪
my FAVoRITE star 🌠🌠🌠 is ORION... ...she burns brOn#KHEEEEEEE
"We were reluctant to schedule you know who for RadioRow..." -suit wHY On 🌎 wouLd THAT be???!!!
@sundownmotel: it turns out you can take a picture WITH @StardustWWE” this picture is everything
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.@StardustWWE immediately mentioned my Deathly Hallows tattoo. I knew I liked that guy!
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enJOYed raDIO row today I wILL AnSWEr eVERY qUEstion on your raDIO DiaLS. #KHEEEE #SUmmerSLam
a VERY good SiGN for drEAMers #KHEEE@NASA: New Stardust discovery! First potential interstellar space particles:"
Every EXit is AN enTry SOMEWHERE eLse -TS Q aND A Is FinisheD I'm HuMBled
@rhodesxforever: @StardustWWE if could go back in time and give yourself advice what would it be? #Stardustforpotus” oh I CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
.@DazAltTheory @JackBox cAptain PIKE is tHe HeaD CHEF
.@nickisays a single QUASAR produces the SamE AMount of EnerGy as ONE TRILLION ☀️☀️☀️ hOW??
@JuanMRodz: @StardustWWE do you watch Total Divas? #Stardustforpotus” THE MOON GETS 3 point 8 CENTIMETERS AWAY FROM EARTH EVERY YEAR Hehe
.@SLeamey316 GWILDOR!!! (He WaS MY rOomate in cOllege) ha Ha
.@RandyKortonv52 skinned him alive and wore him to a DinNer PARTY ha HA hahaha RUMor is he can be fouNd @PrinceCGR
@Paula_Masterson: @StardustWWE do you miss @TedDiBiase? #stardustforpotus” just after the BIG BANG, everything in the universe was liquid
TOMORROWS #RAW Pièce de résistance ME S S S S S . . .
.@ejkenkle WITLESS boY wonder HOWEVER I am oFfERing 1,000,000 dOlLaRs tO tHe MAN OR WOMAN with eVidencE!!!! whO can fIgUrE it OUT ⭐️👤
Can yOu fEEl iT? The #DarkMatter approaches...
.@iamtoonz yOu haD BETTer ticket$ thAn mE cLearly #Kheeee
.@MarzMediaUS @TurnbuckleMag @Goldust aNd I aRe nOt BROTHERS mate ThaTs SoMEbody ELSe WERE flesh & A Skeleton HELD UP by SSSSSSS...