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Yesterday was a good ass spontaneous mess
#NationalDogDay Miss u bawd
My brain legitimately hurts
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My brain hurts πŸ’€
Bipolar windsor weather maaan
The happy feeling you get when you think someone's texting you this early in the morning, but it's actually just Enzo #ChryslerProblems
Outside Stefanos house like:
What a much needed 10 hours of sleep πŸ™Œ
*DJ Khaled voice* ANOTHA ONE
I rarely even hope for things anymore, I kinda just roll with it
if the shoe fits, wear it or resell it on ebay for 6 times the original price
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Its Sound Sound Sound till the day I die
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the best insult ever is "who is this clown" because 1. you're calling them a clown 2. you're saying they're not even a well known clown
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My phone won't charge when it's sideways πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ
1D fans are a completely different breed of humans
F u to the mosquito that bit my elbow πŸ‘‹
It's either I spend a shit ton of money on clothes, or I thrift. There's no in between
Come hangout with tha drain gang 🚿🚿🚿
'Give me ape tit for $200'
I hear too many conspiracies now a days to even give a fuck if they're real or not.
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New GTB song is πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
Don't even know what i'm doing tonight but I want it to be rowdy
I can never just sit inside and let my day go to waste..
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Soooo tired of not being slammed. I wanna destroy some fucking cement with my car
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Sorry, I only run through the 6 with my woes.…
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My ass would be indoors playin' Counterstrike all day πŸ’€
I feel like my PC breaking was such a blessing, I haven't stayed inside once this summer
lifestylez ov da poor & dangerous // Big L
iPhone saved my life bruh
How did I ever text without using emojis...
LOL my supervisor drives by me as I'm walking, stops, says "Coles gay" and drives away
Fat walk home after a brutal shift πŸ’€
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I compare young thug to Kanyes Yeezus album; it's dope but nobody understands it and hates it because it's different
Probably the highlight of my summer was putting a taco between the patties of a mcdouble
Jk long tube headers
Shorty headers incoming 🚘🚘🚘
Flex on u, flex on u
Slept from 8:30 until 8:20 are you kidding me
When you mad at work, but then realize you could be broke and unemployed
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Midnights aren't even that bad u pussies
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Passing out while driving😴😴
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