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Kobe 9/25 & got 22 pts , Harden 6/9 & got 22 points . y'all do the math 😴😴😴
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There was a Jonas Brothers CD in when I bought the car LOL
Just picked up the whieeep ✌️🚗�
LOOL I hate Christina
Just bought my first car 😛�
Tiger (ส) MIXTAPE will be released tomorrow 18th November 9AM SWE time 12AM LA 3AM NYC #???????????
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Oh shiiiiii Tiger is being released in 2.5 hours
I will sprint to Mississauga if I have to to purchase this car
I want to buy this BMW 325i soooooooooo bad
Talking about shoes with Randell makes me want to buy more fml
I swear the only reason I don't go to the gym is because I don't have a car right now
I'm beyond busy
Damn man I want a lemur so badly
thon maker is a monster, insane
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Beyond bored 😒
I need a new Dom Kennedy album so bad
MR CARMACK // happy birthday lakim this ones for you
Okay okay the new Ghost Inside album is actually very good
Yung Gud // My Guns
I'm so busy gawwwwwwwwwwwwwd
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Y-3's came in 🙌🙌🙌
In Bhutan draped in Balmain
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Man on the Moon 1 & 2 will always be my favorite albums of all time
I'm neutral in about every debate
I feel like twitter is just a huge feminist/meninist war zone
Club goin uuUUPP
Daylight savings time got me like 😴😴😴😴
It's only 6:30...
#SlightCamber #e36gang
Nominated by @adamcolborne for the #BlackAndWhiteChallenge I'm gonna nominate @mitchsuchiu #E36 #M3clone
hella cool how you can pick up a convo with an old friend and it'll feel like that century long hiatus never even existed???????????????????
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Literally no dog can ever be as good as Loki #LoveThisGuy
Oh yeah bawwwd #Flyers #PhillyBoy
My dog sleeps with his eyes open it's the freakiest shit ever
A whole wardrobe of clothes arrived to me in the last few days I love it
I have WAY too many shoes
I love when stuff that I order comes in the mail, it's like christmas