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彡 Ecco2k 彡
Nobodies gonna outbid me on this pyrex shirt 🙅
colemcneilly snapchat me so I don't die alone
Love that my team is off to an 0/2 start :(
I can't even fathom how long my KYC Vintage shit is gonna take to be delivered
My reaction when I realize I used the wrong formula hours after the test
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#Tbt Kano // Spaceship (Trolley Snatcha Remix)
I swear cole just monitors my Twitter 24/7 waiting for me to mistype something
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I've passed up on way too many opportunities
Shield Gang Bitcoins on the USB
Work 10 to 5:30 now school 6 to 10 #Lawwd
Makes my brain hurt when pretty girls say they're ugly
I love /r/ Streetwear 😭
Gonna miss the Flyers game tonight ffs
Bitch im Bruce Willis so u know im time travelliiing
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Honey and lemon tea is the shit
Good god Ray Allen signed with the Cavs
Hate Richard Sherman now because he dissed my boy Garçon 😠
Whats a goon to a goblin
Don't understand how people sleep with only one pillow
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Burberry print silk sheets when I sleep
Being single is weird 💀
GTB, We don't need air
Man Twitter taught me that girls are weird as hell
And the dude lives in Windsor which makes it even better
So glad I found this sweater online holy shit
Joey Bada$$ // Christ Conscious
Walkerville has seriously turned to shit since my graduating year
Victor Oladipo is injured 😪😪😪
Man it could be 2056 and id still wanna be driving a '98 M3
Only thing that's classic in this new era is GKMC
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Born Sinner and Take Care is very strong but not classic
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I never get out of that ghetto music mood
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Pink Dolphin sells out way too fast
Literally bought the sickest windbreaker for $4