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Don Cherry
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Took a trip to Times Square last night. Tune into Coach's Corner to find out why.
This is one of my favourite days of the year. Tune in to Coach's Corner tonight to see some future stars of the NHL
4) maybe I am just behind the times.
3) is that still the Canadian way? Do we still do that? We have lost so much of our Canadian way. Politeness, manners, respect for the law.
3) Canadian. Canadian's I think, at least they used to take their shoes off. I know I take my shoes off when I go into someone's home.
2) may want to buy the home. They walk through with their shoes on, on beautiful white carpet. I just don't understand it. They can't be
1) Here's another thing I don't understand on tv. There's a show that shows people going through homes of other people that they think they
3) people that leave their stuff in storage and how much does that cost? Makes me wonder if the stuff is a little warm...
2) worth of stuff that somebody had put in a storage room. I just don't understand it. Who puts a rolex watch in storage? Who are these
1) I watched an episode of Storage Wars today. In the show, one of the guys bid on and won a storage room. In the room, there was $18000
5) million in his contact. We should all be so lucky.
4) he showed Luongo up at the Heritage Classic by not playing him. He was embarrassed in front of 55000 fans. But Tortorella has about 8
3) Hartley in the hallway. So what? He's said a few things he should have. But the nail in the coffin as I said in Coach's Corner was when
2) Florida. He's terrific at press conferences. But in Vancouver the reporters know the score and they know hockey. He tried to get at Bob
1) Coaching in the NHL is a pressure packed job. John Tortorella walked into a loaded situation. He would have been a star in places like
2) it was no contest.
1) Anaheim with 6-2 win over the Stars. Corey Perry had a goal and 2 assists and a spear to the groin. Ducks ran over Dallas. Out hit 40-22
3) has him goin, Imagine he couldn't play in last year's playoffs.
2) What's happened to Giroux? Ron's buddy Brad Richards had 12 shots directed at the net last night. Blocked a couple too. Coach Vigneault
1) The NYR-PHI series is what they call a sweetheart series. Imagine what the Broad Street Bullies would do with the Rangers of today.
Bad line change for the Blues in overtime. Jonathan Toews caught the defence flat footed. This one's gonna be a long series.
For those wondering when I'll be back on, you'll see me in my usual 1st Intermission spot tomorrow night during the Penguins Jackets game
6) should referee a game with the Toronto Maple Leafs." You know what happened? Nothing. You know why? Nobody cared.
5) a coach saying after a game in Toronto, when a referee from Toronto refereed the game, he said and I quote "No way a referee from Toronto
4) refers to Quebec as "La Belle Province" and always shows Montreal at it's best in the opening of our shows. Life is strange. I remember