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Don Cherry
4) What rubes those stars must think we are. It’s embarrassing.
3)and Robert Downey Jr. say “we like Canada” we get all giddy and giggly and exclaim “oh they like us, oh how happy we are”
2) “What do you think of Canada and Toronto?” I mean really, what are they supposed to say? When the likes of Adam Sandler and
1) I feel embarrassed as a Canadian when I see our star struck reporters ask the movie stars who are attending the film festival
7) can't afford this." The jeweler said "don't worry Carol has taken care of it". I am looking at the ring as I write this and my eyes are
6) a week later I went back to the jeweler and my ring had 3 small diamonds and 1 big one in the middle. I said to the jeweler "I'm sorry I
5) pretty cheap looking and turned green. He asked for my ring which I gave him & he had a brief conversation in french with the jeweler.
4) a smaller one for his wife Raymonde. He notieced my Calder Cup American League ring which we won 3 championships. I hate to admit it was
3) In 1976 at the Canada Cup in Montreal, Carol and I went to his jewelers. He was taking diamonds out of his stanley cup ring and making
2) sharp dresser. He looked like a male model. Carol as a defenceman scored 20 goals. He was an all star 6 times and a stanley cup winner.
1) A player who played for me in Boston and a good friend of mine, Carol Vadnais, died on Sunday. Carol was a big good looking guy and a
6) passion that made him fight was the same passion that he used to score.
5) I got criticized when Terry O'Reilly used to fight all the time and he was our leading scorer. What people didn't understand is that the
4) mentality of Bautista. I'll take him any day. I just cannot understand certain people throwing him under the bus because of his passion
3) bases loaded and whistle on the way "oh well another day at the office." I'll tell ya another thing, give me a hockey player that has the
2) game. I tell ya, I love his passion. That passion is what makes him great. What I can't stand are those guys who strike out with the
1) I am really surprised at some people throwing Jose Bautista under the bus. Don't they understand? He's passionate and he cares about the
Glenn Healy accepted my ALS Ice Bucket Challenge @RealKyper @hnicsimmer and Jim Hughson you are up next.…
6) Great job. Like I’ve always said, we’re the best and always will be
5) We beat the US 11-5 in the semi finals and then beat the Czech in the finals 6-2.
4) and we’ve won 7 years in a row.You ask what about the World Jrs? A lot of times our best Jrs aren’t playing because they are in the NHL.
3) One is the Olympics with the NHL players playing, which we have won 3 out of last 4 Gold Medals. The other is the Ivan Hlinka tournament,
2) in a row. People in the know, say there are only two tournaments in the world that have the best players from each country playing.
1) Just want to give a congrats to the Team Canada Under 18 team for winning the Gold Medal . We’ve won the Ivan Hlinka tournament 7 years
Well @brendanshanahan you are a fine broth of a lad. Thanks for nomination. Here's my #ALSIceBucketChallenge
6) the city of Toronto, loves the players, knows the press and most of all loves the Leafs. Tom Anselmi would hit the ground running.
5) than Tom Anselmi. Tom would step in and never miss a beat. Please, lets not have another saviour in here. Get somebody that lives in
4) game. He's popular with the press. Lives here in Toronto, which is very important and would love the job. You'll never get a better guy
3) the job as head guy. He can work with the board, knows the board, also knows the organization and Brendan. He knows the players and the
2) Clippers are a perfect fit. Shanahan, fine broth of a lad, won't be bothered one bit on Mr. Leiweke's leaving. I know a terrific man for
1) Elliotte Friedman right again about Mr. Leiweke leaving the Leafs. Usually I don't get into stuff like this but Mr. Leiweke and the
Glenn Healy, @FadooBobcat and @CTVO_BWilliams you have been challenged in the #ALSIceBucketChallenge Lets go!
The rumours are true folks. I've completed @RonMacLeanCBC ALS ice bucket challenge. Video will be available at 11:00am et.
Here’s the cover for my new book. You can get a copy in November.
7) August does not make sense. Smarten up!
6) locks to make the team. Play the exhibition games with guys you want to see. Your star players getting hurt in a meaningless game in
5) you a favour. They don't have to let you have these players. What if Sam Reinhart and Connor McDavid got hurt too? Again. These guys are
4) Why? It doesn't make sense. Have the guys that are on the bubble play in these games. Smarten up Team Canada. The CHL and NHL are doing
3) on his back for being selected first overall in the NHL draft. Robby Fabbri, the sensation from the Memorial Cup playoffs is on crutches
2) the hit was a Scott Stevens special. I ask you, why was Aaron even playing? You know he's a lock to make the Junior Club and has a target
1) I'm upset watching Aaron Ekblad, the #1 draft pick, get nailed by a Czech player in a meaningless game and mini series for Team Canada.
5) “quit worrying about the other guy. Do your job and we’ll be a lot better off”
4) I’d be thinking “so we’re not good enough for these two stars eh”. As the great Montreal Canadiens coach, Toe Blake would say,
3) new players I wonder what teammates do they think aren’t playing well and should be gotten rid of. If I am Reimold and Valenica,
2) think the team should have done more and now they are being applauded for being so honest. When I hear guys on the team say we should get
1) I am a Blue Jays fan all the way and I like the moves they have made to get guys like Reimold and Valencia. But evidently 2 of the Jays
3) It's ridiculous for anyone to think that I would live in a 10,500 square foot home
2) on Mississauga Road. Liars.