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James Foley and the dark side of faith
What God is screaming in #Ferguson, Missouri
RT @chris_journo: Is political conservatism more accepting of atheism? @ChrisDStedman challenges the claim…
Are conservative atheists really "better"? || via @ChrisDStedman || cc: @secupp
Two men, both driven by faith. Their paths tragically meet in one gruesome video.
RT @RNS: @BurkeCNN's moving essay on James Foley's faith-driven life. Heartbreak line: "Sharp knives, soft prayers."
James Foley’s prayers, and the dark side of faith
Just yesterday, Pope Francis empathized with Korean ferry victims. "One one cannot be neutral about human pain."
Pope "profoundly saddened" by death of relatives in car crash, Vatican says
RT @gerryorome: Full Text Of Pope Francis' Press Conference On Plane Returning From Korea…
Everyone agrees that ISIS must be stopped. The question is, how? Here's what @Pontifex says:
Pope Francis punts on the American airstrikes in Iraq
Good story from @PG_PeterSmith on Franklin Graham's rally this weekend in Pittsburgh
RT @mperezcnn: 5 ways Pope Francis is tougher than you think,
In one of his 1st public speeches in English, Pope Francis appeals for peace in the Korean peninsula
Now w/ link: RT @CNNbelief: 5 ways Pope Francis tougher than you think. Just ask the mafia
As the #Pope visits South Korea, here's 5 ways he's tougher than you think. Just ask the mafia
5 reasons @Pontifex is much tougher than you might think. Watch:
5 reasons South Korea might be the church of the future || via @candidamoss
As the #Pope prepares to visit South Korea, 5 reasons he might see the church of the future
RT @GetReligion: Ebola and missionaries: @CNNbelief feature offers an intense look: via @scribefla
RT @spulliam: Why missionaries put their lives on the line: a great explainer from @CNNbelief… via @BurkeCNN
“One thing I have learned is that following God often leads us to unexpected places.” -- Dr. Kent Brantly
Going where God leads: Why the American missionaries risked their lives in Liberia
Why #Christian missionaries put their lives on the line: || via @BurkeCNN & @afantz
The American missionaries w/ Ebola: heroic or foolish? || w/ @drmoore @albertmohler @realDonaldTrump @AnnCoulter
From afar, all Iraqi #Muslims may seem like militants. But up close, the reality is very different. -- @JCourt
Who are the Yazidis, and why does ISIS want to kill them?
Why has the "blood libel" myth persisted for so long? || via @candidamoss & @JoelBaden
RT @CNN: One moment changed her life three decades ago. @helenprejean is death row's nun:
.@JCourt is an aid worker in Iraq. When a fatwa was issued against his work, help came from an unexpected source
MT @bobbyross: Listen to the sermon Dr. Kent Brantly gave before leaving for Liberia: #CofCnews
Blood libel: a short history of a dangerous myth
Learning to love the "enemy" in Iraq
RT @sganim: Lifestyles of the rich and religious. A great CNN investigation by @BurkeCNN…
Not so humble abodes. Take a tour of some American archbishops' pricey mansions:
"Lifestyles of the rich and religious"? Take a tour of American archbishops' lavish homes
9,000+ comments on our article about archbishops' lavish homes. What do you guys think about them?
It's a $30 million mansion on Madison Ave - and you won't believe who lives there.
The Pope downsized his Vatican residence. Why haven’t some American archbishops followed suit?
One archbishop lives in a mansion with 19 chimneys in Chicago -- and his boss may not exactly approve. See why
Talk about curb appeal! See the lavish homes of American bishops. What would the Pope say?
"Lifestyles of the rich and religious"? Take a look at the lavish homes of American archbishops
Mariam Ibrahim, the Sudanese Christian woman who once faced the death penalty, arrived in U.S. on Thursday
RT @Crossfire: Conservatives more respectful of #atheists than liberals? Yep, says @secupp.
Why hasn't President Obama named any #Muslims to top White House posts or Middle East ambassadorships?
American doctor who works with Christian charity @SamaritansPurse infected with #Ebola
Obama nominates Rabbi David Saperstein of @TheRAC to be Ambassador-at-Large for Religious Freedom. 1st non-Christian nominated, says @RNS
Why the #Jesuits (including @Pontifex) are everywhere these days