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I'm not sure I can cut to 135 in time.
I'm still watching the fights, because I love fighters that step up on short notice. Huzzah for opportunities! @ufc
Well, @normmacdonald , there goes my tweet about telling you "there goes your dream theory" about @BreakingBad_AMC
Is it a hoax or not? This is @BreakingBad_AMC It's not hing to joke about.
Well, @normmacdonald , there goes your dream theory about @BreakingBad_AMC
'Supermench', documentary on Shep Gordon. Watch it. Highly recommended.
'Dark Knight Rises' isn't on. This is seriously wrecking havoc on my daily routine.
@marcmcgoldrick: @CMPunk Starbucks is your wife?” Decent tweet.
So what's the secret code for PSL? Asking for a friend (who doubles as my hot wife) @Starbucks @WWEAJLee
A movie with Bruce Willis, Jason Patric AND @johncusack ??? AANNNNNND 50 Cent!?!??! SOLD! (Rented!)
Morrissey's next album is a Ramones greatest hits compilation. Seriously.
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If anyone still needs a grammar lesson after @nerdist's #Emmys bit, we've got your back:… @CMPunk #YoureVsYour
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.@nerdist with the grammar slam on the Emmys! Respect.
Just ran in and out of @WizardWorld during the last 45 minutes. Good to see 'grizzled wonder woman' cosplay is alive and well.
"Carl is a piece of shit. He's on my list." --@WWEAJLee @WalkingDead_AMC
"Are you supposed to hate Lori? Because I hate her" -- @WWEAJLee
So far she hates everybody I hate and likes Daryl so all is well. @WalkingDead_AMC
I enjoy the orange @KILLCLIFF gimmicks. Are @Onnit supplements any good? Yes, I'm shameless.
I waved my phone call so I could tweet instead. 2014 prison rules, y'all.
“Wait. You are actually lifting weights? Working out?” Always do. Just don't do do steeeeeeeeeroids. Also, blocked.
My bench sucks. It's always sucked. Separated AC joint I never fixed. But I keep trying. Or maybe I'm just a pussy? Stupid long arms...
Blackgate prison isn't so bad.
Was speaking with a friend and we both decided all airports would be immeasurable better with chickens running wild
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@thatnigga_juju: @CMPunk why everyone saying u was arrested ?” Because I totally got arrested.
Chicago. Need a good drummer I won't kill to help me refine skills. I figure I gotta know someone. It's the "that I won't kill" part...