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Chris Hadfield
Perspective - what it's like to play & sing in black & white at the Melbourne Town Hall. Thanks @kennypittock!
Where did the Martian air go? MAVEN just got there, and will tell us. A 2-minute video:…
Apparently there was quite a little #tango last night while we slept.
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Today is the all-Ireland Gaelic Football Final. Despite history, from far away, I'm cheering for Donegal!
This comet is spewing water, methane, methanol, ammonia & CO2 - the stuff of life. Intriguing.…
Interesting that 2 of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time are both building rockets.…
Astronauts - capable, competent, experienced, funny women. From our recent @ASE_Congress in China. (Jan Davis photo)
The prairie from Edmonton to Lloydminster is beautiful, rolling & lush with life. Drive it if you get the chance, especially in early Fall.
Crystal-clear Calgary downtown detail this morning, from the Saddledome to the Rockies. Nice to see!
Anna led the team that brought my last spaceflight to the world. I'm so proud of them!…
Honored to be chosen by @NASA to be part of America's human spaceflight program
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Beijing close-up, 21 million people on a clear day. Great Wall in the hills beyond.
Goldfinger – doing handprints at the Astronaut Centre of China.
I don’t think this was translated correctly.
Beijing public school artwork. Can anyone tell me what the caption says?
We should all try and be at least as prepared for climate change as we are for the zombie apocalypse.
High mileage mouse. My daughter is almost finished her thesis. Maybe I can get it repainted and detailed for her?
.@iSITcanadian Yes! Except ours was a more powder blue, with rust accents.
Just got these headphones in the mail. I'm like a kid with a new baseball glove.
Sunrise on the Citadelle. Bonjour, la ville de Québec!
Calgary in late summer. Good snowman-making snow.
Was this the right night to come to Calgary?
I GPS logged my mowing to analyze efficiency. I mow the ditch fastest and the garden the slowest. Avg speed 2mph.
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Badges from my week at @TheCurrentCBC. You can listen to & watch the show here:
Star Wars opening credits on a personalized Kraft Dinner box. Worlds collide.
Mightier than the sword. Anna Maria Tremonti gave me this, the secret to being a good radio host. @TheCurrentCBC
Big as a house. This asteroid was only detected 5 days ago; will zip past Earth on Sunday.…
Fun on the radio! Live web chat on Thurs (pls send questions)… & I'm hosting @TheCurrentCBC Fri - lots to talk about!
This is a cornfield with a familiar-looking maze cut into it. Fun in Thamesville, Ontario.
Artwork by Cindy Bolivar, whom I've never met. Cool!
Where to land a wee spaceship on a comet 500 million miles from home. Choosing sites now.…
Even if you've walked on the Moon, airshows pull your eyes skyward. With Charlie Duke at AIR14, Switzerland.
Many thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes. It is delightful and heart-warming. Hugs from me to each of you.
In Switzerland, orange is the new blacktop.
I'll be talking/signing books @ the Payerne Switzerland airshow tomorrow. Come out if you can!…
To all of us born on 29 Aug, esp crewmate @AstroMarshburn - what did you do for your birthday? I ran to the lake.
At a given moment, this is our air traffic around the world.
The endless ochre dunes of Australia are unmistakable, no matter what spaceship you're in.