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Chris Hadfield
I love this ink drawing! Are my glove cuffs airtight? @Sarahllizabeth: Day 26 of #inktober #proudcanadian
Hello PEI! I'll be in Charlottetown tomorrow, first visit since I got back from space. Several events planned.…
Busy Station: good to see the successful launch/dock of a Progress resupply ship today (image
Water, oxygen & food are critical consumables. Should have lots for now. Next resupply launch is Russian, tomorrow, & @SpaceX in December.
Very sorry to see the Antares rocket launch failure. Spaceflight is hard. Very glad that no one was hurt. Now time to sort out why & effects
"China’s Lunar Test Spacecraft Takes Incredible Picture of Earth and Moon Together "
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This is what a comet actually looks like close-up. Where would you land your spaceship?
I saw this mounted proudly on an office wall. There may be an underlying problem. #goodintentions
Thanks everyone that came to the Vegas Barnes & Noble tonight - standing room only! I signed extra books if you'd like one - 702-631-1775
.@elaineel_79 Elaine, you have the best laugh on Earth. Great to meet you - and nice astronaut shoes you wear!
For those asking, here's the difference between how astronauts vote… and how Torontonians vote…
Vote! It makes democracy work. This was the 1st time I've ever voted in person, after serving out of country so long.
Birds & bugs & people breathe very differently. Excellent visual:… (from redditor “hellofromthemoon”)
Hello Las Vegas! I'm giving a talk & signing books tomorrow evening at 7PM, Barnes & Noble 2191 N Rainbow Blvd 89108
When I lie in my sleep station, my head is only 20 cm from the base of the robotic arm in this picture. #aurora
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Good morning, Calgary! If you would like a signed book, I'll be at Chapters Signal Hill starting at noon: 5570 Signal Hill Centre SW.
It was Bring Your Own Rocket night. Thanks to all at Jasper Dark Sky - fun evening! (cool photo by @amazingskyguy)
The short, action-packed life of a rocketship.… From a Jasper, Alberta launchpad.…
The excellent many erasing the small-minded actions of the very few. Thank you, good people.…
Time-lapse video of braces pulling teeth straight. I had to watch it several times.…
@Cmdr_Hadfield I hope this quailfies! My son's wheelchair costume - Mini Bobak, and Mars Rover Curiosity!
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Driving from Calgary into the Rockies, Banff to Jasper today; my favorite road on Earth. Lucky astronaut.…
Hello Calgary! Beautiful Fall day, snow on the Rockies. I just signed some copies of my new book: pls call Chapters Spectrum 403-250-9171
Halloween costume contest! Show us your best astronaut, we'll send signed books as prizes. @parkertoons
A solar eclipse is less than 2 hours away! Don't hurt your eyes:… @BadAstronomer
Vancouver today, peaceful colours catching the Fall rain.
Not only is the universe stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we can imagine” Arthur Eddington (NASA)
Taking a walk among the autumn leaves? Tree identification a snap with mobile app
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Please look for ways to renew your efforts towards creating a strong and supportive community.
The violence of the past 3 days sickens and angers me. I commend the bravery of those who faced the danger. Please all console a neighbour.
The fantasy that inspired my reality. I first saw 2001 when I was 9; it still makes me think. Cool new trailer!
This is not a job I want; I'm afraid of heights.…
Take her for a spin! A globe you can turn to find where these space pictures were taken.
That was @emmgryner w/ So Easy. She and @TrentSevernBand will be at Knox Church in #stratford Nov 1
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If it weren't for our paper-thin atmosphere, Earth would look like this.Views from Mercury:…
.@KarenLinsley2 Thanks Karen. I am really enjoying performing with the @WindsorSymphony! A great way to tell the stories of spaceflight.
What it all boils down to. My giglist for today with the Windsor Symphony, ready on my monitor, a paper prompter.
Photography under gravity. Good morning, Detroit!
30 minutes until showtime! Playing a suite of my music w/the Windsor Symphony. I can't stop smiling. @AuthorVanessa
Riding in the back seat across Ontario, guitar in hands, practicing my parts for the symphony:… @WindsorSymphony
5 minutes with Morning Joe - fun trio to talk with! @Morning_Joe…
The sign says 'Basement Laboratory'. Access seems... limited. I wonder what's on the slab?
This evening in Boston! Happily talking/signing books, 7PM, Burlington Barnes & Noble (98 Middlesex Turnpike 01803)
Fun visit with @neiltyson - so many topics to discuss! Rocketships & telescopes, overlap on the final frontier."
Hello Connecticut! I'm in Madison today @rjjulia. If you'd like exact details of my new book tour, they're all here:
Into the void: spacewalk today! Reid & Butch going out to fix a broken shunt. Watch here:…