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Chris Hadfield
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Our 'In Canada' video is going over 1.5 million views. Thanks Brother Dave! I'm glad we made it.…
Good advice in life (and crossing the street)
As a kid, I always wondered why Canadian water spun down the drain that way. Now I'm in Australia.
A humble Canadian satellite lets us all see Antarctica like never before…
This robot was a big influence on my childhood. But why did it have no name?
A view of 2 cities, in the twilight from hotel rooms. Recognize them both?
Hi, last night I saw the amazing astronaut @Cmdr_Hadfield play Space Oddity on guitar. Here's a drawing I did of it.
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A robot to do microsurgery on newborns. Space exploration inspires our inventors.…
At the Melbourne Writers Festival tomorrow night, in the Town Hall:… I brought pictures & videos for discussion.
I'm not sure why, but I wasn't expecting to see snow on the hilltops of Australia.
I really like this building. And not just because it looks like a giant H. I think.
Making tracks - 2 years on Mars & Curiosity's still exploring & discovering. Drilling again soon @NASAJPL @Energizer
Disintegrating spaceship. Cool photo of robot cargo ship burning up in the atmosphere, by @Msuraev
Good morning, Ottawa! Old capital stone in the bright August rising sunshine.
This woman is the 1st ever to win the highest world honour in mathematics - the Fields Medal. Congratulations Maryam!
Just went over 1.5 million on Fear vs Danger @TEDTalks. Round numbers are nice to celebrate :)…
The one on the right took 18,000 soldiers in Iowa in 1918. I wonder what the eye guy wore?…
9 letters on a sunny hillside. Amazing what this cut-out plywood & white paint represent to the world.
This murky bit of film is amazing - methane clouds moving over methane seas on Saturn's moon, Titan. Alien weather.…
You can drive a robot to look around inside the @Tate Gallery at night. I did - nocturnal fun