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@johnlabee: Aww cici look @ciara happy burfday queen!!!! ❤️” Sooo sweet!! ❤️❤️❤️
@Taylor_Payne_92: We Trended "Happy Birthday Ciara" At Midnight @ciara! ❤️ We Love You! Happy Birthday! 🎉🎊”❤️❤️❤️❤️
Up In The Air Having In Flight Fun With #MyBabySoldier. THIS Smile Is Contagious. Lef Lef Righ Lef!!📢
Big Soldier. Little Soldier. #ReadyForTheNextAdventures #WeeeReadaaay ❤️
Good Nite. ❤️
Thank You God For Teaching Me How To Survive, and Thank You God For The Blessings To Provide. Amen🙏
@Csquad01: "@__OctobersOwn: Go You! “@Domyenn: So yeaaa, this happened :) much love @ciara ♥️♥️♥️😭”"” ❤️❤️❤️
Happy Bday 2 My Gul' Kimmie @KimKardashian West! Get it Boo!! Live It Uuuupp!! Luv U.
Selfie #2. Aaaah!! Totally Dude!😝
Selfie Day At Work. 💋
Far From Perfect, and That's Perfectly Fine With Me.... 😘
Thanks For Believing.
Me. My Lil Guitar N Pianos. 😝 #RockStarLife.
Ever Since May 19 2014. Sleep Has Never Been The Same 😝. Have A GREAT Day Everyone!!
Happy 5 Months #AngelBaby ❤️
Happy 5 Months Today! #5
I Believe The Key To Success In Life Is Being Able To Do Self Evaluations, and Know When To Do Them.
Proud Mommy Moments: I Was Sooo Excited Making My Baby Fresh Sweet Potato Purée!:) Day Off Work. Still A Little Sick. Resting Up. But Still Having Fun!!:) ❤️
Hey Mommas! Try This Chair With Your Little One!:) They Will Be Hooked!!:) They Can Play Or Eat In It. Baby Future Sat In It For Darn Near 2 Hours Talking and Playing. You Also Get A Free Hand! #thisisnotapaidtweet. #justexcitedtosharewithothermomslikeme ☺️😘 #MommyGang
Your 1st Gut Is Always Right.
#LEGEND. @missyelliot. #OneOfOne. #MySister. #Will4EverBeInspiredByHer #Love
#FFF. Making Moments With My Boyeee @anthony_vaccarello On The West Syyeeede!:) ❤️❤️❤️.
#GetItGirl. @anthony_vaccarello X #Versus. #FBF In Paris
FBF. In Paris. @anthony_vaccarello X #Versus Collection. #WhenYourHotelRoomBecomesAPhotoShoot #TheThingsUsGirlsDo 📷
#ClearlyASelfie 😊💋
If youre a giraffe U cannot take advice from a turtle, for you see high & far, & the turtle only sees whats on the ground in front of them.
@anthonyvacc: Thank you @ciara ❤️ LA #welcome 😘” You're Welcome! Love You. ❤️
Sick😷... But It Sure Ain't Stopping Me From Getting My Nails Done:)... 😌
Ahhhhhhhhhhh. #IHateThisPart! 😣😛😳😩
Support My Boyz #RockCity and Their New Single. #ImThat #Hard.
I Love My #AngelBaby SO Much! #GodsGift ❤️
Givenchy's #Givenchy. #DeseRightHereGoSupaHard
When People Show You Who They Are. Believe Them.
I Dreamed Of Moments Like This. Still Feels Like I'm Dreaming Now That They're Here. I Cherish Every Second. Every Minute. Everyday I Spend With You. #MyAngelBaby ❤️
Always Give With The Intent Of Giving Because You Genuniely Want 2 Give & Never Expect Anything In Return. That Way Your Never Dissapointed
Always Do What's Right In You Heart. It's The Healthiest Way To Live.
Congratulations Are In Order! #BabyKarterTy Is Here! Love You TT. Proud Of You. ❤️
You May Be Able To Hustle People and Hustle For Money, But One Thing For Sure..You Can't Hustle Love and You Can't Hustle Life. 🙏
Late Night Studio Vibes With @polowdadon. #Zonin
Beep Beep. Late Nights In These ATL Streets.
@samsmithworld Is A Super Cool and Talented Guy. #FunTimes #MurderedDaStageWitDemVocals #Love.
There's No Place Like HOME. #ATL #GeorgiaPeach
Ever Have A Bad Dream About A Bad Dream You've Had Before? It Feels So Real, It's Spooky! I Be Thanking God It Was Only A Dream Like 10x!😅
Georgia Peach 4 LIFE. ❤️ #NoPlaceLikeHome
After Delivering My Son I Feel Like There's Nothing I Can't Do. I Feel Like I Can Conquer The World. #ANewMe #NewMusic. So Proud To Rock #mycalvins 60lbs later!!
I feel so proud to say that 4 months after delivering a 9 lbs. 10 oz. baby, I can finally rock My Calvin's! #mycalvins
For My Fans... Love You Guys. Part 2. 💋