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Birds of prey attack pedestrians at New Mexico State:
The president of St. Joseph’s U. will step down:
One man had a plan to keep money out of college sports. @arthomason explains what happened:…
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That awkward moment when the Provost walks up and you're reading an article about porn paying for college in @chronicle.
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At first glance, @usedgov data show that 1/2 of borrowers aren’t paying on time. A closer look shows some challenges:
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Academic Research is a Total Pain in the ... Neck
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Join us in reading about simple steps that can change the way students experience college:
One Man Had a Plan to Keep Money Out of College Sports. Here’s What Happened.…
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Digging through data for the real story on student loans:
Insurer of Louisiana college can refuse to cover contraception, judge rules:
Professor plagiarized ‘plagiarism’ definition in textbook, co-author says:
One professor was asked to "betray" her students for a $350 stipend:
"The majority of students won’t be writing academic prose in their professional lives, so why teach it to them?"
Why It’s So Hard To Tell What Low-Income Students Pay at Elite Colleges — @becksup explains:
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St. Louis-area colleges are reassuring students of campus safety in the wake of this week's events:
College doom and gloom through the decades:
Digging Through Data for the Real Story on Student Loans:
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Dakota State U.’s president resigns abruptly:
Forcing students to work past impasses can promote deeper levels of comprehension:
Higher-education research rarely gets replicated:
Confuse students to help them learn:
From the archives, a sociologist investigates the American police state:
What are some small steps you can take to make college a better experience for students?
When the whole classroom is white—except for the professor:
Wonderful 3 hour discussion yesterday with Skaneateles Institute on #HowCollegeWorks . Smart people. @karenvellines @ChrisGTakacs
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"Women authors received 0.7 cites for every 1 cite that a male author would receive.” From the archive:
A proposed deal would set up a fund for ex-students of the defunct Mountain State U.:
The White House has announced a second summit on college access:
The Bar Association has approved a series of reforms for law schools:
Most revealing question in this 1922 Elon application: “What county newspaper do you read?”…
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5 things you can do to prepare for the new semester, from @ProfHacker:
"With all the attention to materials and their meanings, we may be back to a world where antiquaries matter"…
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The government is subpoenaing more records from Corinthian:
"It's not the lecture. A campus culture that disincentivizes improved teaching is what really needs fixing."
"Are you healthy? Can you pay tuition?" A piece of admissions history:
The sociology job market appears to be holding steady. Except for one big caveat:
Public intellectuals? LOL.
Inflated admissions data led to wrong classes for hundreds of students:
How many post-docs is too many? @SydniDunn investigates:
Israeli scholar says the outcry over his Palestinian-rape remarks has not hurt his planned U.S. tour:
Are lectures really the thing that needs fixing?
Google got a dean him from Carnegie Mellon; Carnegie Mellon got him back.
"This is clearly retaliation." An adjunct who opposed the Corcoran merger has been fired:
Can universities use data to fix what ails the lecture?
Can universities use data to fix what ails the lecture?
"This summer I discovered my third publication that I did not write."
Read about California's "yes means yes" bill over the weekend? From June, colleges struggle to define consent:
An online-learning company is facing hundreds of allegations of deceptive practices:
Commentary: Friday's landmark ruling on the NCAA represents an opportunity to redefine college sports: