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christine teigen
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More than 5 lines on your Instagram caption and you're officially a fucking weirdo I don't care how talented and awesome you are you are ODD
Extensions. Twitter jail time.
I like to send john nudes and say "sorry wrong person"
!! I miss you, Belgium! RT @StellaArtois @chrissyteigen learns to cook and pair Belgian mussels with Stella Artois:
Drunk History marathon on @ComedyCentral I'm dying. How do these people even know these stories at all, sober?? That would be my problem.
Here's my New York story…mostly food and dog parks WHAT! what's yours? Be a part of it at…
OH HELL YEAH RT “@selenagomez: Hey chrissyteigen wanna dance off?
Kerry Washington holy moly ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Camila Alves yes baby
Finished! (Picture in the background is John and I at the emergency room after we both sliced our…
.johnlegend taking advantage of puddy's 5-minutes-awake-a-day-ness #25daysofchic
Morning! Ok don't think this happens all the time okay it's my secret indulgence #25daysofchic
Happy Monday! I'm taking over the @piperlime instagram today because they think I am glam don't tell them the truth though ok #25daysofchic
You can't call @chrissyteigen, but you can follow along as she takes over our Instagram today! #25daysofchic
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I wanna be someone's cinnamon apple😂�
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Smoking is bad but smoking in your car is next level shittastic gross
Thank god I couldn't watch the vma's because I'm all sorts of shady boots this year in music
Yes I'm a stan but seriously. She goes this hard every fucking night. I love her. I love her so hard.
The craziest part of everyone saying how dope Beyoncé was is that she literally does this same awesome shit every night of her life