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christine teigen
I can't believe I'm missing Meatopia. I feel more comfortable at #nycwff than I do at fashion week.
At the spa. Forgot my wallet. Am I gonna have to massage people tonight
i know the hiccup girl was a murderer but i also think she never had the hiccups
I'm more surprised that the road to hell is paved
YES CAPTAIN and I can't swim so no need for the slide. RT @capthlr Would you like to be a guest on the yacht?
I'm not joking. I said I'm not. RT “@April_Robson Don't joke about being pregnant. Serious shit.”
I'm not pregnant. I'll tell you when I am. I don't play games.
NO BIG DEAL JUST TALKING TO CAPTAIN LEE RT @capthlr The guests do pay Christine.
the writing on is hysterical
.@chrissyteigen, you earn mad brownie points for chowin down @chefcapon's burger on the RED CARPET. #respect. #nycwff
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Do the guests on below deck pay for the boat or is agreeing to be on the show enough? In other words caaaaaan I be on this boat
MY DADS ARE FIGHTING ahaha! RT “@chefsymon i beat him everytime at sobe!!'s only a rivalry if he occasionally wins!!...lmao @chefcapon
Lucky to get to sit in a chair for a couple hours while @hungvanngo and anthonycampbellhair laugh at…
I love this! Had so much fun working with my friends at Yoplait Greek and seeing this guy take home…
Right in my hood!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ RT “@coopandspree: our fav new customer @chrissyteigen #legsfordays #coopandspree
.@interiorpixels the video is so pretty it makes me not want to sell it
She brought me white rabbit creamy candy 😩😩😩😩 thank @lisforlaurennnennn. I have the
.@SassyEthnicBoho you can leave me off the @, next time
I love this so much because @ErinAndrews has said it to me countless times hahahahah…
.@Elizabeth519215 maybe if it comes from your beloved Shepard Smith, you'll listen:…
a man will tweet the most vile things. I'll say things back. but NOTHING will kill him like "your poor daughter". sometimes i just guess.
Denny's/IHOP review: Eggs Dennys, Waffles Dennys, Sausage Dennys, Bacon Dennys, Syrup IHOP, Service equal, Price Denny's. end of review.
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No breakfast reviews. Home cooking only allowed 2 slices of bacon egg beaters and 1 slice of Flax seed toast. But love it.
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Equalizer: 9.0. Denzel makes Jack Reacher look like a Candy ass.The Judge 9.0: Fine writing and acting.Gone girl: Depressiing.....out.
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oh yay dad's tweeting again RT @RonTeigenSr click on a ie lead photo of news takes me to blank black placeholder. dead space.
UH YEAH WE CAN SHAME THIS RT “@AsteadWH We can shame this though, right?
You seem fun. RT @Tex2333 there's too many people on earth anyway. Were due for another plague
Bravo out here promoting their new scripted show like they aren't all scripted. Just called it scriptedier.
As if having Ebola isn't bad enough, let's pull out every tweet and Facebook photo you have ever posted and plaster your face on the news.
Never been a fan of the rampant use of the word "shaming" but holy shit can we stop Ebola-shaming, America?
Blair Witch Project? No, Puddy just resting before the @BuffaloJeans Tailgate Event hosted by @chrissyteigen !
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Everything I do. I do it for you.
Watching enraged moms yell at @chrissyteigen for suggesting that children should eat vegetables has brought me to a profound place of peace
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I love that my mom instagrammed this like she works a 9-5 or at all
And for the record i get naked for money and for free
God I can't wait until I do have kids and say his exact same thing. They will be so pissed off then oooooooplease still be around twitter
MAMA BEAR GO RAWR CANT SEE STRAIGHT RT “@melodysmama05 because starving your children is great parenting. Go get naked for money again.”
.@DearLeader10 they are kids. Take control.
I WAS a kid. Who grew up with parents. I don't need you to tell me I must wait to have kids to enter this conversation.
You'll be amazed at how quickly kids go from "picky" to "hungry"