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Chris Pirillo
yeah!! I just got my #IntelAndroid tablet that I won from @ChrisPirillo !!!! Thanks Chris!!! it works Great!!
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Can't wait to see Yosemite today. :)
Why is it difficult to make a living from crafting your own content? My thoughts:
Watching the Apple Keynote and @ChrisPirillo and eating Mexican food,... A perfect combo
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How to Pay for Things without Spending More Money:
Which five gadgets should you be looking at to help keep your cables organized?
Are you ready to say hello to the world's smartest light?! Today's Deal:
Are you a Dalek fan?! We've got you covered. Check out all of these awesome items!!…
These five gadgets can help you get rid of your cable clutter!…
Sorry, again, for having to cut my live stream short - but Wicket & Pixie are more important to me than tech talk. :) #TeethCleaning
"My Dogs are more important than anything Apple is announcing today." - @ChrisPirillo
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Are you ready for a "reboot" to the Vlog channel? I promise you won't hate it! Today's vlog:
Yay! I'm no longer #Microstopped! They lifted the strike, so I'm... #Microstarted!
Pirillo Vlog 898 - The Nerdy Man Can!: #video
What Will Apple Release Next?:
I liked a @YouTube video from @ChrisPirillo Pirillo Vlog 893 - Thanks for Sticking with Us Like Bricks!
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Why is Apple’s HomeKit Important?:
Respect is a two-way street.
I wish I could custom print my @LockerGnome face on LEGO minifigure heads and send 'em out to those who wanted 'em. Too expensive. :(
If Apple distributed Ebola, there'd be a line for it.
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Because we try to throw a bit of humor into every one our daily vlogs.
If Apple doesn't release a 10K display tomorrow, I'm sure "journalists" will claim that the company is "dying" and "no longer innovative."
I can't wait for Apple's event to be over tomorrow so that I can start getting bombarded with more Apple product rumors every day again.
If you could only live with one of these things, which would it be: (a) WiFi or (b) indoor plumbing?
You don't know me. You know about me.
@ChrisPirillo well you're more like a grown up child and other people are just childish grown ups. Big difference. #GnomiesRespectGnomies
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RUMOR: Apple to give every iTunes user a free NKOTB album tomorrow.
You can't just say that it's just a matter of time before I put my dogs to sleep and not expect to get banned. You just can't. Ever.
You might have an iPhone, but I have an authentic Apple Pen thanks to Chris in today's vlog:)…
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Someone said that the only reason people still support us is out of pity. That's a lie according to @SentaiBrad. :)
As I see my subscriber count go up and down, and up and down again, I'm reminded of this quote by @ChrisPirillo:…
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Really excited for the entrepreneurship tips that @ChrisPirillo hinted at in the end of today's #TDLR
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Live commentary for the Apple announcements tomorrow, as usual:…
You won't believe what you'll hear me admit in tonight's TLDR, so be sure to watch it!
Let me put it to you THIS way: I'm more excited to try Android Lollipop than I was iOS 7 or 8.
I talk about how @ChrisPirillo inspired me in my Small Youtuber Tag video. Come watch if you haven't already.
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Ha! In the middle of today's live TLDR in @Clintus asked me for beer recommendations. :)…