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Chris Pirillo
Pro-tip: Best way to ‘not get into it’ on the Internet? Just don’t get into it. No subtweets. No vagaries. Just shut up and move on.
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Thanks for helping us wish our daughter a happy first birth week with today's vlog:)…
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What’s The Worst Software Update You’ve Ever Installed?
Too long for a tweet. Here is what I want to say:
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Replying to comments on… today. Only discovered 3 very rude people to ban out of 100 - so, niceness is winning!
I love @ChrisPirillo & @DianaPirillo's @naturebox review in their vlog - yummy - especially the pineapple!
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As I’ve said before about aluminum phones that bend: My Xperia Z or T or whatever bent in a front jacket pocket
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Would you like to own an #IntelAndroid device? We're giving them away all week! Watch TLDR for deets! #Sp
Pirillo Vlog 877 - Hanging Out with the Nerdfather: #video
Did you choose the #iPhone6 or the #iPhone6Plus? Which one SHOULD you use? My thoughts:
How are you protecting that new #iPhone6 screen? Check out today's hammer-proof Deal:
Princess Jedi has things she would like to say to her community! Watch today's vlog:
Our vlog thumbnails keep getting better and better. Here's tomorrow's.: #photo
The Joys of Geek Parenting:
My thoughts on the PC never going away completely...…
BREAKING: Computers, made by humans, contain "software," also by humans. This "Software" has bugs and can be unreliable. More soon.
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"We are also preparing iOS 8.0.2... and will release it as soon as it's ready in the next few days."
What's the worst software update you've ever installed? Watch TLDR and give me your thoughts:
ICYMI: Happiness is a Jedi in her Vader's arms
To Jedi, I'm a rock(ing) star.
Happiness is a Jedi in her Vader's arms
To everyone bitching about the iPhone 6 Plus bending, watch these other phones survive the same test -
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Asking again: have seen only two actual reports of inadvertently bent iPhones 6+ from real people. Has anybody seen more? If so, link me?
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Of course @songadaymann wrote a song about the iOS 8.0.1 update :)…
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You know this screen you're staring at right now? It's faceless. But there are still other human beings sitting on the other side of it.
Don't forget: We're giving away an #IntelAndroid device every day this week! Watch TLDR each night for more info! #sp
Was ready to download iOS 8.0.1 this morning and read widespread reports of "No Service" & Touch ID issues. DO NOT INSTALL UPDATE YET!
Have you seen the photo spread #JohnMalkovich did? It's phenomenal! Check him out here: (#aff)
How do you get rid of fingerprints and germs on your touch-screen devices? Check out this Deal
Starting her out right from the beginning with Jabba's Palace! Watch today's vlog:
Pirillo Vlog 876 - Saying 'I Love You' for the First Time: #video
Deliver support to clients from anywhere with @gotoassist using an iPad or Android tablet! #sp #CitrixHelps
iOS 8 Programming and Crystal Clear Bluetooth Headphones: