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Chris Pirillo
I was thrilled to hear @ChrisPirillo mention my channel on his live broadcast on #youtube.
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Here's this week's video: our current top choice for a car seat!
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We are apparently having a Conehead. This is normal.
I miss watching @ChrisPirillo on youtube. #Currently watching vids phone on 4% oh well ill ride it until the light turns off lol
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Amazon buying Twitch: good or bad - and why? Thoughts? Watch TLDR....
There's a new "game" shipping soon and it's gonna be a doozy! Watch TLDR...
How did YOU get to the position you're at right now in life?
YouTube Live is pushing my buttons by not letting me push the button yet.
This is just a small glimpse of what it was like to me a small fly on the wall at Vloggerfair this year
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We didn't mean to cause a kerfuffle with Chris's baby photo last week:) I'm less than a week away from my due date!…
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How much better would your #ride be with a #smartbike? Check out what @ridehelios can do! #sp @Progressive
Bond. James Bond. All 23 films on Blu-ray for 63% off? Today only!
Okay, gnomies... I've replied to all of today's vlog comments I could get to. I need to shower to be ready for a live TLDR in a few hours!
Potato Chip Minecraft Whovian Weekend
Gee, I wonder why I stopped backing hardware/software crowdfunding scampaigns?…
What type of audio mistakes do vloggers and broadcasters regularly make? Here are my tips:
I wonder if Google is twitching from the latest Amazon acquisition rumor?
Facebook suggests that it's killing clickbait. You won't believe what happens next!
How much would you pay for 7 DRM-free Android games? NYOP sale! Check out today's Deal:
Did your parents save any of your baby clothes to pass on to your kids? Watch today's vlog:
Just got an email from @geekwire about @ALLtechBenefits. Not sure it's suitable for independent entrepreneurs such as myself, though...
We love the @SwashOfficial - it saves time, clothing wear & tear!… #sponsor [and now our clothes ALWAYS smell fresh!]
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May all my gnomies have a good week!
This is how I watch @ChrisPirillo, all mornings in my way to the office. 😁
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Pirillo Vlog 846 - A First Look at Baby Pirillo!: #video
I'm still nesting. There's so much more to do (and then more to do after that) to prep for baby's arrival!
Yeah, that's what I thought. Mynock. #vlog: #photo
Our Swash video is finally here! Best gadget we've brought into the house in a while...
@ChrisPirillo and @DianaPirillo will probably not get this. Diana's recipe for refried beans was the best recipe I have ever tried!
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Been following @ChrisPirillo for years and the last 2 plus years have been an incredible journey to watch. Love everything you do man! 👍
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We're munching on wacky flavors of potato chips with my parents today... NOW!
Here are the 9 potato chips flavors we're trying tonight in… (live)!
ICYMI: There's room for three in the new reclining rocking chair from Nuni & JoePa!
People get offended when you say something. Other people get offended when you don't say something. Good luck!
There's room for three in the new reclining rocking chair from Nuni & JoePa!
It's official! According to our midwife, I am "chock full of child!" Our baby could come any time now...…
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@ChrisPirillo did you notice that the food Weird Al holds up in the Foil video is a cheese sandwich?
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"Star Wars: Super Special Edition" [CC: @MCHammer]
You can always win the game when you're wearing this ultimate sports humor shirt!
How do you keep your computer cool even during the hottest day of summer?