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Chris Motionless
Duck face, big sunglasses, filtered photo and of course, the first #pumpkinspicelatte #PSL of the season. Yep, its the best day ever for these 2 white girls 😝 <3 @stubasabna #starbucks
I will live in this house someday. Dream home with my dream girl and dream car in the driveway. Boom! #LifeGoals #ItsFridayImInLove
#Reincarnate is just under a month away. Pre order on iTunes now! Photo: @chadmichaelward @marytaylor #motionlessinwhite #miw
Check out our friends @TKLband @michaelvampire 's new music video, “Lies Spread Like Fire”
I can't stop listening to the new @darkesthourrock record. Album of the year for me so far. # DarkestHour
Just had the pleasure of being interviewed for AP by @superherohq. Great dude with tons of insight. Definitely one of my fav interviews!
Falling slowly... sing your melody.... I'll sing along...
Airports/Flying. The bane of my existence.
Finally laid a very dark and long period of my life to rest with this song. For nearly 7 years of my life I allowed myself to be a part of something that I thought I loved, but was really just suffocating me and hindering me from fully flourishing as a person. I've never been as happy in my life as
The new @darkesthourrock record is so rad!! Reminds me of old school Darkest Hour, and John Henry clean singing is awesome. Well done!
After listening to Puppets 3 I can confirm that @ChrisMotionless is indeed fucking over it. Best song trilogy ever.
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Just played our last Warped show in Denver and i'm on my way to the airport to fly to OC tonight for the very last #BleedingThrough show ever. For 10 years they have meant more to me than I can ever explain in words. We've had the honor of touring with them and I've had the honor and personal life a
Last day of @VansWarpedTour today. Thank you @KevinLyman for welcoming MIW into the amazing world you've created. We are eternally grateful!
@jeffreestar and I at the #APMAS last week. Eyebrows in full force.
@jeremysaffer took some quick shots of @jeffreestar and I a few days ago. I think we need a full on, real deal shoot together. #JeremySaffer #JeffreeStar
Most entertaining band to watch on #WarpedTour is definitely @bfsrocks Bowling For Soup. I love when bands are just up there to have fun.
Spent the entire day waiting to reveal the "custom" Slytherin cake I got @stubasabna for her birthday today. So happy to have her in my life and appreciate her busting her ass out in the warped tour heat all day selling our merch. For that she receives my first ever #WomanCrushEveryday tag. Happy
Happy birthday @StubaSabna! Go give her tips and sweaty hugs at the Merch table, Camden.
Our new single #Reincarnate hit #1 on the iTunes metal charts in the US, UK, Canada and Australia! Get it now!!
Our new single #Reincarnate is now #1 on the iTunes Metal charts in the US, Canada, UK and Australia. Fuck yea! You guys rule! Thank you so much for the support. Can't wait for you to hear the entire record. #motionlessinwhite #miw
This is now officially my favorite piece of Merch we've ever done. Go to for all the #Reincarnate pre order bundles up now! #CoffeeMug #PlayOnWords #ShopliftersOfTheWorldUniteAndTakeover #TheSmiths #Miw #motionlessinwhite
Go to to watch the 007/Casino Royale inspired lyric video for our new single #Reincarnate! Pre order bundles up too!
#CirclePit #CirclePit #CirclePit.
We came. We saw. We put a bird on it. #Portland #Portlandia #PutABirdOnIt
@jeremysaffer. #motionlessinwhite #miw #warpedtour #jeremysaffer
Linkin Park is playing a surprise set at Warped today. Fingers crossed it's the Hybrid Theory show they just played at Download. PUMPED!
I finally 100% blacked out on stage today from going so hard. Thank you Pomona for the AMAZING show and the huge adrenaline boost. Wow.
Thank you to @rkstarchels and @rockstarenergy for hooking us up with skate decks. A very limited quantity available for sale only on #WarpedTour this summer. Get one before they're gone! #motionlessinwhite #MIW
New record "Reincarnate" out September 16th. Thanks @TwitlessHarper and @chadmichaelward for makin the cover look rad
New album "Reincarnate" out September 16th. Thank you @harperleighhollywood And @chadmichaelward for making the cover look rad!
#warpedtour starts on the 13th. We'll be playing a new song off of our upcoming album #reincarnate. Prepare necks for maximum bangover.
Dear upcoming #WarpedTour attendees. We'll be playing a new song. It's heavy, and it's bouncy. Prepare necks for maximum #bangover.
Jesus Christ the LA/Chicago game is unreal already. I would love to witness @JonathanVigil watching this one. #Game7 #BecauseItsTheCup
Saw Maleficent. Angelina is the babliest of all babes. Dear Brad Pitt, you better not fuck it up!
Favorite skit this show has done so far. #Portlandia
Tracking vocals for Pet Sounds. #OnlyPortlandiaFansWillGetIt #Portlandia #PetSounds @luv2bcool @dankorneff
These rule so hard!!! Great work @danluvisiart!!
This is probably the coolest thing I've ever seen. #Drive #KermitTheGosling
Can't believe MTL knocked out Boston. Ouch. At least I don't feel as bad about Tampa being swept by them anymore. #GoBolts
Last summer. Thanks @jeremysaffer! #Devilock #JeremySaffer #AP
Hey mom! Thanks for the stupid big nose. Love you too! 😜 #mymomrules #mothersday
Stopped by @joshbalz and @ryanashleymalarkey's amazing shop today. Check out @thestrangeandunusual if you're into #oddities, #taxidermy and more.
Decided not to eat during dinner break at the studio today, and instead play this song that's been stuck in my head for some reason. One of my favorites from the 90's. #TheFreshman #TheVervePipe #Acoustic