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Chris Bonneau
What them thangs be like once they find out I'm good with my hands. 😎😆
The kit. @ddrumusa @aquariandrumheads @vaterdrumsticks @dreamcymbals @GibraltarDIY @KickPort Sizes: (Left to right) 7x13 snare 6x10 snare 6.5x14 snare 12x12 rack Tom 14x14 floor Tom 16x14 floor Tom 20x22 kick drum
Dura-Dots from @aquariandrumheads!! Enduring longevity for your drum heads! On both my 7x13 and 6x10 snares!! Makes all the difference!
Countless shows, countless rehearsals, and these sticks are still standing strong. Amazing! @vaterdrumsticks is my family for life!! Check out RIGHT NOW!! (Using the Phat Ride model)
I'm a legend in the making...but not like the others.
It's so pathetic how people talk such a big game, when both you and they already know that nothing they say is gonna happen, is going to. 😂😂
Everybody get at @GibraltarDIY for the hottest gear in the country! From pedals, to thrones, to hi-hat, and cymbal stands, they HAVE IT ALL! Check out the site here:! #9711GS
A little at home practice. Simply enjoying the groove.
Thank you to @ddrumusa for this amazing set up, @dreamcymbals for their amazing products, and of course to @aquariandrumheads and @vaterdrumsticks for all their support and for making the best products in the world. Just me working on left hand right foot coordination. [Sticking: •LLRRLLRRLLRRLLRRLL
Testing out the new product!! #dreamfamily #NoConsJustPros #blisslife Let's WERK!! @dreamcymbals
Morning workouts complete! 💯💪
They always said they saw stars in my eyes..
See no evil..speak no evil.. 🌍
You have to do what you have to do to make what you want to work, work for you. No one is giving you anything. You have to fight for it all.
Building on my 👣 work. Using the Super Kick 10 from my family at @aquariandrumheads.
Time I put my foot down!! 😎
Working on me away from the kit. Lesson straight from the one and only Zoro.
One thing I personally learned from Zoro: A real musician studies away from his kit. Always learning. Always working.
Been at it all day. Greatness never sleeps, neither do I. I never fail. I am that in which I've already sought out to become: SUCCESS. 🌍💰💪💯🎼🎵🎶👑💸💵
A little drum line cadence for yall. Oh yes..1 like me does it all. 👐👌💯🎧🎼🎵🎶
Practicing them hands!!! 👐👌💯🎧🎼🎵🎶
New paradiddle video coming soon!!
MUSICIANS!! Make sure that you use all of the pieces on your kit. It branches out your ability to fit more into your style of play.
Hey! Make sure you check out @HaileeSteinfeld's record #LoveMyself!! Amazingly positive record and such a beautiful voice! #GoNow!!
They're heeeeeere!!! @dreamcymbals thank you guys so much!!! About to get it IN right now!!! #druminati #dreamfamily
You don't have to go crazy with the purchases! Learn how to simplify your buying by switching the spur latch on and off to make your stationary snare into a timbale! Shout out to @aquariandrumheads for these Response -2's as well!
Yessir!! You know what ⏰ it is!! About to straight up 💪on them. Keeping it 💯 and making 💰💰💰 by playing 🎶🎵🎼 all over the 🌍.
Brand new @dreamcymbals on the way TODAY!! VERY excited to have them coming to me!!!
Stay sitting and riding high on @GibraltarDIY heavy drum throne. Pick tours up TODAY! Visit RIGHT NOW! Make sure you cop the 9711GS Pedal too!! #EverythingGibraltar #druminati
Drum Kit Tools from @aquariandrumheads and Phat Rides by @vaterdrumsticks! Let's work!!
Available NOW!! Get at me!! (Tours, shows, gigs, clinics, etc.)
Its crazy how people think this is an overnight thing. Nothing comes overnight no matter how easy things are portrayed by people. Work HARD.
Available NOW!! Get at me!! (Tours, shows, gigs, clinics, etc.)
Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself.
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The grind never stops. Keep pushing yourself for greater in life. Doors may close, but that doesn't mean that others weren't already open.
Tour life. 🚍✈�6E
If it ain't @ddrumusa, why even open the box?
As a musician, one must keep him or herself extremely busy at all times or they will fall into the cracks and fade away. Stay awakened.
Check out the 9711GS pedal promo video from @GibraltatDIY!!…
Looking for a brand new and excellent feel for your foot on your kit? Buy the @GibraltarDIY 9711GS pedal! Click here:…
Always provide consistent proof of what you do. Too many people love to lie on social media outlets. Be YOU and the rest will follow.

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