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Chris Bonneau™
NEVER give up on your dreams. The world is yours.
Made my switch to @VaterDrumsticks! Check out their site NOW! Will be going back on tour with their product ONLY!
RT @WeAreTeamRebel @chrisjbonneau That photo you put up on your band's FB page is amazing! Talented and creative! You go boy! (Jena's) - LOL
Check out! Follow my band @KaTet_Music! HUGE show on the 28th @ 10pm! NEW album coming VERY soon! Stay tuned!
Chilling with @chrisjbonneau listening to some of the rough cuts (snippets) of his new and upcoming album with @KaTet_Music! This is DOPE!!
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NEWS: @chrisjbonneau leaves Pro-Mark and is now using Vater Drumsticks! For more, watch here: Watch here:…
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Follow my band @KaTet_Music! Performing LIVE on the 28th!! NEW EP COMING SOON! Bookings:
Check out my official website here:! Bookings:
Ur working so hard Chris! Your show on the 28th is going to be INSANE!!! @chrisjbonneau
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RT @AmandaJBookings @chrisjbonneau's site is now at 141,343 hits! AMAZING! So close to 150,000+! Let's keep it up guys!!!
RT @RealMsDulceXXX Hey I'm gonna call you when I get to the hotel baby. @chrisjbonneau - Cool.
Follow @chrisjbonneau. Him and his band @KaTet_Music got a BANGER album they're about to drop! Dude is SICK with the sticks!!
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RT @WeAreTeamRebel @chrisjbonneau Looking at the Facebook now baby. You are truly amazing. Keep doing your thing! You're going far as f*ck.
Never noticed just how fast @chrisjbonneau's foot really was on those pedals on the drums! My GAWD!!
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NYC area drummers! Kimberly Thompson is available for lessons: “@KTMUSIC: Drumlessons #KimberlyThompson 🎶✨😃”
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INCREDIBLY long day of rehearsals. Ready for the show on the 28th!…
Proud to announce that I'm switching to @VaterDrumsticks! And that for MULTIPLE reasons!! Watch here:…
Check out my official website here:! BIG announcement dropping TONIGHT!! Stay tuned!!
Check me out live on stage! BIG show coming up on the 28th @ 10pm!! Check it out here:…
Even out of all I've showed online, it still doesn't even compare to how hard we've been REALLY working on this album.
Gold..we on our way..Memphis let's turn up tonight!!
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RT @HisSidePussy @chrisjbonneau The way you do your thing may be my weakness 😍😍😍. God I love're so amazing!!
RT @WeAreTeamRebel @chrisjbonneau is life on them drums. My god be killing 'em out here. 🔥😩😘😍😋😏🙈
They can try and stop me..but I've literally been doing this since I was 1 year old. They're stuck but I'm taking off. 🚀🚀
RT @AmandaJBookings @chrisjbonneau's website is at 101,213 hits!! Get him back to 150,000+ this month too! Let's go! You guys are GREAT!
@URBANMYSTIC1 You should definitely consider bringing @chrisjbonneau out on tour with you! Check him out:…
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SMH! Stop associating @chrisjbonneau with this Illuminati bullsh!t. He's talented with God's help. He doesn't need to worship devils.
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PHUCK all his haters! @chrisjbonneau deserves to be playing with HUGE celebs like @chrisbrown @Tyga @rihanna @kanyewest & MORE!!
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RT @WeAreTeamRebel @chrisjbonneau Saw your facebook post earlier. Ain't nobody phucking with you bae! You're the only 1 of you there is! xo
Follow 1 of the greatest musicians on earth!!! -----> @chrisjbonneau! He and his band @KaTet_Music have a a new album on the way!!
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I'm really proud of @chrisjbonneau. A true musician who stays true to himself and doesn't allow Hollywood to get to him at all.
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Always on Twitter checkin up on the bae @chrisjbonneau. He's performing on the 28th in SC! About to be phucking crazy.
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@KaTet_Music is performing LIVE in just 8 days!!! I know @chrisjbonneau is gonna tear that stage up!
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Life is about: a] a spiritual choice b] joy c] making decisions
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People DM you asking you to promote their page. What I look like? Your personal asst? I gotta copy, then paste, this n that, too much.
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Was like 20 right here. Major throwback.
First kit. First tour. First everything. Now rocking with @ddrumUSA all the way! NEVER regretting it.
RT @WeAreTeamRebel @chrisjbonneau SO proud of you! Keep sticking to your craft! Much respect and love baby! xoxo #DrummerBoyRebel