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Chris Bonneau™
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When you literally sit back and watch the retardation of some people with celebrity life, you really begin to see just how dumb people are.
Pathetic how people call today's musicians old school but have never even see or heard of JB.…
People love to get into the world's hugest arguments over the smallest and most trivial things. TURN UP THE MUSIC!
People worry about losing followers. You should be focused not losing money. Twitter isn't a bank account, so, what's in yours?
It's good to be alive.
I have no interest in living a "normal" life
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Remember that. I stay loyal to the family that supplied me. Kids lie for endorsements. Real musicians kill stages.
I'm really falling in love with @chrisjbonneau's skills on drums. So well rounded, diverse, full of energy and color!
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RT @HisSidePussy @chrisjbonneau is a TRUE TALENT that's on 🔥🔥🔥! Getting better everyday at what he does musically. - Thanks! Appreciate it!
RT @RealMsDulceXXX @TheAMAs Get ready for @chrisjbonneau's band @KaTet_Music! They're GONNA perform on that stage!! - Yup. We comin'!
Looking at @KaTet_Music's facebook page and they're BLOWING up! All of these girls are going crazy for you guys!! LOL!
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BOOKINGS: OFFICIALKATETMUSIC@GMAIL.COM! (Shows, tours, openers, headlining, & MORE!) *Serious inquiries only!*
Already getting dates lined up for next year! Stay tuned! Got some more shirts on the way! To ORDER: TODAY!
NEW & EXCLUSIVE! (STEP UP!) Wait until you listen to THIS: [… …] - Like us on Facebook!
It's all a part of the game..and I'm WINNING!
Learning to laugh again is like taking a breath of fresh air for the first time in your life once more. Can't aim to please everybody.
Check out my official website!!! - ALMOST ABOUT TO BREAK MY RECORD HIT FOR LAST MONTH! Check it out tonight!! RT!
Yet another year where people are focused on the #AMA's instead of building their craft to become 1 of the performing acts on the stage. Smh
You think this life is all fun and games..but I wouldn't wish this on no one else.
My dream, and it's my heart, the life of being a star. Even when damaged, one must never allow the crowd to see. Gotta keep performing.
RT @WeAreTeamRebel @chrisjbonneau Bae!!! You were TEARING those drums UP at the @CHSPourHouse!! You looked goog AF on stage!! - Thanks!!
RT @HisSidePussy You are SO f*cking sexy and inspirational. You have been truly blessed with a gift from above baby. @chrisjbonneau
Scrolling down @chrisjbonneau's TL and all I see are positive comments and replies. The mark of someone who makes great music.
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RT @AmandaJBookings Get used to seeing @chrisjbonneau this way ladies and gentleman. - WORD!! 2015 coming STRONG!
RT @AmandaJBookings ALMOST THERE!! @chrisjbonneau is 1,500 hits away from SHATTERING last month's record of 200,173!!
RT @Michelle_Grear Duuuuuuuuuuuude!! You're gonna be famous as F*CK!! I saw some old footage of you! My GAWD! @chrisjbonneau
RT @HisSidePussy @chrisjbonneau I love what you did on #Futuretune! That bell on the ride was everything! - Thanks! Appreciate it!
Hearing people talk about food stamps, WIC, ABC Vouchers, etc. makes me sick to my stomach. You actually discuss poverty. Wow nigga. Wow.
RT @AmandaJBookings BIG NEWS! @chrisjbonneau's site [] set to PASS last month's 200,173 hits record!! - WOW!!
RT @WeAreTeamRebel @chrisjbonneau Y'all are KILLING it on Facebook! Girls trying to f*ck you, LOVING the music, and just going crazy!
RT @wereteamrebel Been missing @chrisjbonneau. Logged on just to check up on his sexy a$$. ;) - Awwww shux! Lol
@chrisjbonneau Been showing you love on @facebook. You know you the bae. . 😍😍😍
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#NowPlaying @KaTet_Music "Futuretune". Such a melllow instrumental!! A really good sound to zone out to.
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@KaTet_Music You guys ROCK! The #Futuretune instrumental is GENIUS!! Can't wait to see you guys live in Los Angeles!! :)
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@chrisjbonneau plays drums so relaxed, its as if he's not even trying. You have any clinics or anything line up baby?
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