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Chris Bonneau™
When I was like 19 still working a day job. Sent this to my girl at the time. Please..don't judge me. Lmao!
RT @CB_FanPage1 Caught you at the mall!! @chrisjbonneau (Looking good baby!) - Y'all be everywhere. Lol
Learning to overcome everything with positivity. I'm tired of the old me. It's time for a change..even if they don't want me to.
I can't deal with people who bathe in unprofessionalism. Why even bother to start doing something, if you're gonna play the entire time?
There's no those I have with her.
Music is all about color which is why so many people don't have deals. They see in nothing but black and white.
This boy NEVER wants me to put him down.
Make sure you guys check out! Some of the dopest clothing!!
#ThrowbackThursday Even when not on stage or on tour, the work never stops.
It's officially safe to say that no one is f*cking with my baby @chrisjbonneau on drums. That man is BEYOND sick. Straight Bird Flu sick!
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Just got another show booked! Putting in WORK out here! Rehearsals tomorrow and Saturday. Getting it IN!
RT @_queenlaurenn I drive with both feet. Guess you're not supposed to. Oops 😒 - LMAO!! Ain't gonna lie..I used to too.
You wannabe bedroom Fruity Loopin amateur producers fucked it up for us real producers. Y'all made it embarrassing to say what I do...
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RT @RealMsDulceXXX Dude.. @chrisjbonneau has a HUGE dick!!! - True but we ain't gonna get into that right now! Lmao
Too many things were OVERRATED in this video. You don't need to spend thousands to be a great musician.…… - Follow @AquarianHeads and get your hands on some! The best in the industry!!
These rappers aren't artists nowadays. They're nothing more than cash cows for these labels and dumb fans that actually buy their music.
So cool! Shazam #REALLYDONTCARE 2 win tix & get a @ddlovato song dedicated 2 u during the US #DEMIWorldTour! Details:
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