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Chris Bonneau™
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@chrisjbonneau Chris..your body is phucking crazy sexy. How many days a week do you work out??? My GOD man!
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@chrisjbonneau I fuck with you heavy bro. All those rumors mean nothing, keep doing your thing.
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Call me crazy, but I like to roll the dice, so I'm willing to bet, that I'ma be famous for the rest of my life.
You have NO IDEA how strong you are until you press through everything you thought was holding you back. PRESS thru that wall! #bemore
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Green is all I see, the money that comes is never late, niggas lighter than feathers, took an oath that I'll never break.
Workouts were something serious today. Feels amazing to take care of your body.
NEVER get discouraged when it seems like you can't break into the industry of your choice. The people high up are AFRAID of you. Know that.
You are a real ass nigga if you go to a church where the pastor owns a helicopter... And still is asking you to give him money
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I do apologize for not speaking directly to people. I may not respond directly, but I do see everything. Thanks for the support!
Never take the easy route out when u are striving for longevity! When u have faith giving up is no longer a option! U can do it!
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Can't stand leaving equipment behind. Everything HAS to be in order with me. Professionalism is the key.