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Chris Bonneau
RT @WeAreTeamRebel 😍😍 💯😩❤️... your music is so goo@chrisjbonneaun@Official_KaTetaTet - Thanks! Appreciate it!
Thank you for providing us with great music! @chrisjbonneau 😊👌💕 You're so amazing!! 💕🎶😊
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People hate when you're shining, because their light never came on.
RT @HisSidePussy @chrisjbonneau A very special shout out to the bae Chris. This is 1 super talented man here! Plays drums like no other!
RT @AmandaJBookings @Official_KaTet @chrisjbonneau I'm so proud of all of you seriously! You're becoming the stars you were meant to be!
RT @AmandaJBookings Drummer for (@Official_KaTet), @chrisjbonneau has the Facebook page going CRAZY right now! You're gonna need a bodyguard
@chrisjbonneau IS thee HARDEST working musician I know. Always writing new music, rehearsing, and promoting. Nobody phucking with him.
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Long day of band rehearsal yesterday. Online promo today and independent rehearsals! 2015 is going to be crazy!!
RT @HisSidePussy Whoa.. baby u get the ladies so horny on Facebook that they put up naked photos! @chrisjbonneau U R sexy though. ;) - Thx!!
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I don't want a soft heart. That's nothing but a way for dumb niggas to take advantage of you. Cold is the new compassion. Remember that.
People are no longer truthful to even save their own lives. They merely say 1 thing, but do another and wonder why your heart goes cold. Smh
I've lost a lot of heart, care, and respect for people in 2014. All people want to do is f*ck you over with no remorse for your life.
I've never seen so many idiots who want all the followers in the world, but do absolutely nothing at all. Why are you even on the internet?
The world doesn't phase me. I IMPACT eternity.
F*ck with people who f*ck with you the long way. X those b*tches who were b*tches only to remain b*tches. A waste of time in the flesh.
Y'all can go out like some pussy niggas. You only live once and I'm blowing the roof off this b*tch from back then to forever. F*ck failure.
Niggas get their feelings hurt by women they don't even find attractive to begin with. How stupid can you be to give in to bullsh*t? Lol
@chrisjbonneau Well keep going baby. GREAT things lie ahead for you. You're a star and celebrity in the making. You're gonna save music.
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RT @RealMsDulceXXX Hey bae. I see your Facebook page is popping like crazy!! Getting famous are we? ;) Lol @chrisjbonneau - Getting there.
The true measure of your wealth is how much you're worth when all your money runs out. Remember that.
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#NowPlaying @Usher I Don't Mind ft. @therealjuicyj - This joint slaps!! Keep cooking up!!
Check out my band @Official_KaTet on @SoundCloud here:! (NEW MUSIC & ALBUM done and COMING SOON!!)
RT @ michelle_grear @chrisjbonneau U have such a powerful mind. U think above the foolishness of everyone else & stay focused on ur career.
You just have to know when you're above the rest. People literally only come around to waste your time to prevent you from going places.