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Chris Bonneau™
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RT @RealMsDulceXXX Dude.. @chrisjbonneau has a HUGE dick!!! - True but we ain't gonna get into that right now! Lmao
Too many things were OVERRATED in this video. You don't need to spend thousands to be a great musician.…… - Follow @AquarianHeads and get your hands on some! The best in the industry!!
These rappers aren't artists nowadays. They're nothing more than cash cows for these labels and dumb fans that actually buy their music.
So cool! Shazam #REALLYDONTCARE 2 win tix & get a @ddlovato song dedicated 2 u during the US #DEMIWorldTour! Details:
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Man!!!! I'm come SUCH a long way since this!
The homie Darion cuttin' up right here.
People operate in some of THEE most severest forms of hypocrisy known to mankind. You can't LIVE off of people nigga. Grow up! Be a MAN.
#DRUMMERS - Play music with others in different locations without transporting your kit. Save hours per session!…
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When you focus on building your own career, you won't have the time to worry about what anyone else is doing.
First @LudwigHQ kit back when I was only 17!! #ThrowbackFromWayBack (Killed my 1st tour with this thing!) Thank you!
Believe in yourself. Invest in yourself. Love yourself. BE yourself. Anything outside of those perimeters, permits and brings failure.
To al lmy new followers!! Follow @chrisjbonneau! He and his band Ka-Tet have a new album on the way soon! Stay tuned!!
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@chrisjbonneau WHOA!! You're almost at 100k!! You're gonna break your record for last month's spread!! You go boy!!! #TeamCJB
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YOU GUYS!! We're almost at 100k hits to @chrisjbonneau's website!! Make sure you keep checking it out!!
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Waiting on @chrisjbonneau and his band to drop that new album!!! Can't wait to hear this!! I have a feeling this is gonna be big. ;)
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Been listening to the rough cuts from @chrisjbonneau's upcoming debut album!! This is gonna be CRAZY!! Hes' a KILLER on them drums!!
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RT @DrayaFace People are getting scarier as the years go by with this public figure exploitation. - It's all a stunt nowadays for people.
It's funny how when you've BEEN doing something, people all of a sudden want to become a fan and NOW want to start believing in you.
In the building right now watching @aaronspears slay live on stage with @Usher and @NICKIMINAJ! Get that boy!!