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Chris Evans
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RT @alaindebotton: For paranoia about 'what other people think' : remember that only some hate, a very few ...
1970 Mercedes 280SL auto, maybe the best classic car I've ever driven. Cannot quite believe it. In fact totally dumbstruck. What a motor.
RT @colonelstewart: I just bought: 'The Basement Tapes Complete: The Bootleg Series... Reply w/ ...
Night Zzzzzz. Xxx
RT @scoosherSands: @achrisevans been to see both "Pride" & "100 Foot Journey" this week. Both genuinely ...
RT @Jaynesharp: Well this is a little bit bloody brilliant.…. She speaks the truth.
My dear mum's 89th birthday tmr. 41 more years from now for me. I'd take that in a heartbeat. Happy birthday Minnie. You're a complete star.
Just watched Orson Welles. F is For Fake. What a film. And of course 5 mins under the statutory week day max of 90 mins.
RT @ConanOBrien: Today, Scotland and England laughed off reports they were breaking up and insist they’ve never been happier.
I know it's officially Tuesday but it feels awfully Muggy to me.
There's a lone piper in Oxford Circus. Sounds amazing above all the nonsense.
Up. London. Camper van. Let's do this.
Just seen a very quietly brilliant movie. Bernie. Watch it if you can.
RT @giddsinc: @achrisevans send him to a Kanye West concert and Sellotape him to his seat, let Kanye do the rest!!!!
RT @robinurquhart: @achrisevans make him listen to commercial radio. He will never transgress again!
RT @StubbsyRFC: @achrisevans make him watch Shaun Ryder on TFI and tell him that's how he'll turn out....
RT @tomfromireland: @achrisevans Play him your record collection.That'll teach him!!
RT @KagsyToo: @achrisevans Whatever you decide ensure you & wife on same page & who ever grounds ...
RT @C_Kerley: @achrisevans don't laugh when delivering the punishment!!
RT @Poopzee007: @achrisevans 1st stay calm,2nd take away/stop something hugely wonderful to him (differs ...
RT @RobinOfLoxley1: @achrisevans yeah send him tto bed everynight an hour early for a week
RT @delavie: @achrisevans Economic sanctions! Hit him where it hurts! Without actually hitting him of course! #NotAMonster
That's classified. But I'll text you in a second anyway. Xxx.
No 1 son. Usually a delight, requires first severe grounding of his existence. Age - 5 and 2/3rds. Any supertips please ?
RT @BBCRadio2: Just before you drift off, why not watch ELO perform 'Mr Blue Sky' one last time? Sweet dreams!
Post ELO, in the curry house with Golden Graham (producer) and Jumpin' Jimmy Flash (assistant programme controller)perfect. Cobras all round
From backstage and with a prevailing wind. Paloma's Only Love Can Hurt Like This sounds like Madonna's True Blue slowed down.
You've got to be really good to become a pro sax player.Cos even when ur only warming up. Everyone can hear u. Backstage battle of the saxes
On my way to Hyde Park from Goodwood. Have just come off the phone to my boss about the queues. He says he's "on it." See you there shortly
RT @EventMagUK: "It’s the BMDouble-Wow!" @achrisevans on @bmw 's breath-taking hybrid ...
RT @JoRussell77: I'm blaming @achrisevans for my buttery toast craving since Friday! Finally enjoyed 2 ...
RT @DGOptician: Just had the best walk in a park ever, listening to #JeffLynne sound check. Thanks ...
At Goodwood next to champagne tent. Hyde Park suddenly seems a long way away. One glass and it would be curtains. Resolve, control. Bums.
Sitting at breakfast, just found out the bloke next to me is the chairman of BMW.. Do I mention my review of the i8 in this morning's Mail ?
Sunday at Goodwood Revival and the world's best day of motor sport awaits. An early mist shrouds the circuit. The quiet before the storm.
Very very, like I mean extremely, perhaps unbelievably, unacceptably, shamefully late to the party. The party that is . . .
Tonight's movie: The People Versus Larry Flint - off the charts. Tomorrow's breakfast show Earth Wind & Fire and Jeff Lynne - hopefully same
Just watched Houdini part 1 on 4OD. Brilliant.
RT @vickybeeching: If you missed my ‘Pause For Thought’ this morning on @achrisevans ...
RT @JohnSentamu: Will be preaching & presiding at Holy Communion at Wydale Hall, the Retreat & ...
Godda sleep. Night zzzz.
Bums. Site crashed cos I tweeted about it. That's my night's viewing over. Ho hum. Never again !
Next big one. Lot 163 - without reserve. 1966 Ferrari 275 GTB Alloy. Should be in about fifteen mins. Google RM Auctions - watch live.
A 1956 Tour De France up at RM Auctions in a few mins. Want to see a gorgeous car for sale live on line. Compulsive viewing on our house.
RT @strike73: @achrisevans just watched a F40 go for £680k - nuts. This should be on TV!!
328 GTS just sold at RM Auctions London for £160k. Game changer. Watch live on line.
RT @JeremyClarkson: Literally, the best the world
RT @VassosA: You really aren't funny daddy. . .
RT @maxevans13: Good Luck all celebs/dancers but easy 2 choose who I want 2 win.. @ThomEvans11 ...
RT @rmauctions: Good morning. RM's London sale preview is now open and ready for take-off!