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Chris Moyles
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I met SpongeBob SquarePants and I got photobombed...
Good luck with your GCSE results today. If you don't get what you hoped for, your life is ruined.* *nah, not really. Just retake them!
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.@yvieburnett @Louis_Tomlinson Often retweeted..? 80 retweets in 4 years..? I bet this gets RT'd more..!
What? The word 'Minge-Watch' has been added to the Oxford Online Dictionary? That's 'Cra-ull-it' (Crazy Bull Shit)
The sign behind him actually reads 'Marin County'...
Good luck with your A level results today. If you don't get any, don't worry neither did I* *didn't take them, but try to remain positive!
@richardbranson We're flying at 11:15 @VirginAtlantic LHR-LAX 2day. Any chance of an upgrade?Look how sexy we are! ;)
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Leeds United won 2-1 2 goals from Souleymane Doukara .. (Use his name in Scrabble and you're gonna win eh!) @LUFC
Come on Super* Leeds. @LUFC *Praying that we ARE actually Super.. And not shite.
I ducking hate predictive text
You won't agree, but.. I think a piece of my chicken from last nights dinner looked like the Millennium Falcon..
Hey @ThisisDavina, Just saw your picture of yourself with @AshAtalla .. Here's a picture of you with George Clooney..
Rest in peace Robin Williams. Nanu Nanu. Shazbot.
This is @mrjakehumphrey judging the Chris Moyles lookalike contest from 2006.. This guy came 3rd.
Hey @bad_robot If you need any 'average height' stormtroopers for Star Wars, me and my mate @nickwright56 are available. #worthatry
@HeppyHTFC: Hey @ChrisMoyles. Could do with a couple of quid, you've got a bit haven't you? #worthatry” Not any more I haven't..!
Hey @Schofe According to your tweets, your holidays seem to consist of eating, drinking and quad biking. Can I come next time? #worthatry
Hey @PaulMcCartney .. Do you need anyone to introduce you onstage tonight in LA..? I'm not doing owt. #worthatry
Happy Birthday to my friend, ex-producer and former lover, Aled @ahj.
It's McFlyyyy Dayyyy* *just for old times sake. Now Retweet... #McFlyDay
Today I have been listening to a lot of @SpandauBallet. Yea. I AM that cool.
Just been emailed by that company with the annoying girl who keeps 'shushing' me as she ponces around a hotel.. #shushoff #goaway