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Chris Moyles
There's a tv in my management reception showing tweets from clients. @OliWhiteTV's says 'Pizza for Breakfast'... It's fascinating telly!
It's for charity.. But it's wrong on every other level. Not sure who even comes out of it the worst..
I'm awake and out of bed, but my face is still asleep...!
I am a Partridge in the Norwich. Just waiting for @mrjakehumphrey to take me on a tour..!!
Morning. Another beautiful day across the UK I see..! Ready for my play date with @mrjakehumphrey later...!
Make a brew. Watch this. Watch another. Subscribe. The End.
2 videos in 2 days. One for the luvvies and one for the footies!
Let's all Vote for @scott_mills NOW! Even if you're not watching. Fuk it! We gotta keep him in. Mobiles call 6225213 #scd2014
Love watching @scott_mills on Strictly, and if he's out tomorrow I won't have anyone to laugh at.. So VOTE for Scott.
Watching Leeds United on the TV - ChrisMoylesOfficial: via @YouTube
So last night, as an experiment, I filmed myself watching the Leeds game. Just uploading it to YouTube. Will let you know when it’s there.
I go to bed late on a Friday night, but I like getting up early on a Saturday morning. I'm like the walking dead (but more handsome!)
Friday night. Weekend. I’m a happy boy. Also, here’s a link to this weeks @YouTube video if you haven’t seen it yet.
I enjoy the playful conversations with @Uber_LDN drivers; 'Don't forget to rate me' "I was a good passenger, rate me too" '5 stars?' "Deal."
Ryan Seacreast has been linked with Man United..?? @mrjakehumphrey
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Chris Moyles life. Week 8 - Backstage at Evita.
FRIIIIIDAYYYYYYYYY!!! And here’s Video No.8 from my YouTube series. It’s new! Watch it now! Fanks.
Bit late to the party but @hitRECordJoe, GREAT job on Don Jon.
I'm not usually a 'bah humbug' person, but this guy can piss off for at least another 6 weeks...
7 weeks of my life in short, handy little snippets. (Week 8 available tomorrow)…
I've just about recovered from The Walking Dead the other night. At least hiding behind the sofa takes my mind off all this bastard rain!!!
Morning. Can someone remind me please I have to call @mrjakehumphrey at exactly 10 o’clock this morning. Thanks!
Beyond excited for new @WalkingDead_AMC tonight. Lights off, surround sound up and scaring myself shitless!
This weather is crap! Hate the bloody rain. Here's a link to my video which has nothing to do with the rain..
Morning people! Watch this and have a great Monday!
Watch this when you get into bed. And if you like it, subscribe to see more!
140 characters is just not enough to explain how proud I am of my dear friend @hirstydose and the life she will now lead. It's all good!
Very proud of my dear friend @hirstydose tonight. Amazing, honest, fascinating and lovely interview with @StephenNolan tonight. Happy.
So tonight at 10pm my friend @StephenNolan is interviewing my friend @hirstydose on @bbc5live. Should be a very interesting listen.
Week 7 of my YouTube video series. Watch it, have a laugh and then enjoy your Saturday night. Ta!
RT “@andipeters: Hey @ChrisMoyles, when's the new video out?” Um, hello? It's here:
Some people asked if I could make it a bit longer... So I did!
Week 7 of my @YouTube videos is up NOW! Featuring my pals @showbizmitch, @thebenforster and a dead busker!!
WTF! @ArianaGrande is on Loose Women! Loose.. Women! Who booked that? Also.. Shit, I'm watching Loose Women.. Argh!
A new toy arrived today to help with my videos. I'm all in. Type ChrisMoylesOfficial into @YouTube and SUBSCRIBE and I will be happy. Ta!
RT“@BenjaminYates1: Nothing much has changed in a year” .. The bit about the bus..?
Don't wanna start a row or anything but personally speaking, I'm all about the treble.
Working on a new video to be released on Friday . in the meantime, have you watched Week 6 yet ...? CLICK:…
Busy day today, not even had time to bang on about this weeks new YouTube video! I explain over on my facebook page…
Setting the record straight on headlines and re activating my Facebook account...
I am no meteorologist .. But today's weather looks shit.
Chuffed at the response to this weeks YouTube video. Might hit 10K views today. (A lot for my little channel - Ta!)
Ian Beale farts, Tess is disgusted. @ollyofficial tries not to laugh.. Is that what happened?
Ian Beale farts, Tess is disgusted. @ollyofficial tries not to laugh.. Is that what happened?
Morning. Have a good Saturday, whether you're shopping, going to football, drinking .. first, Watch my Video!!
Hi @BarackObama. It's my Uncle @patsharp's birthday. He reckons the White House is a whole lot of fun. Please RT..
Hey @RadioToday. I'm sure you'll be tweeting this video link after your tweet earlier in the week..
Watch my new video. Diane says 'It's the best one to date' and she's a cat! Click here: