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Chris D'Elia
When you're having Thanksgiving dinner with your significant other's family. #happythanksgiving #thanksgiving
Hi, fuckheads! #ihopethatyoudontlikeyourdickhead
Just when I thought the world couldn't get any shittier, the world had to go ahead and make... THIS. This hat/sunglasses combo. Hadn't been a worse combo since Bush/Cheney, nah worse... Pizza/bubble gum, nah worse... a kick in the nuts/a fire poker in your eye. BRO, take that off your shitty head RI
#regularhumanmode #incorrigible #netflix #beastmode #nope
50 Best Stand-Up Comedy on Netflix: Chris D'Elia (@chrisdelia): Incorrigible debuts…
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When someone sends you a link to a Vine. #popularpage
I love my fans. #slideinmydm
S'lonely. S'dreaming of a better life. #Love (play audio obviously)
I'm a pretty even, chilled out dude. I don't really have any problems with too many people. I'm nice to my friends. They're good to me. But look here, if I ever have a problem? Like... a real problem. If I need someone to get DEALT WITH? You better fuckin believe I'm calling MAX. FUCKING. BOSWORTH.
#richforever #relationshipgoals
When you fucked Oscar the Grouch's girl so you tryina disguise yourself on Sesame Street.
Are you excited for #thewalkingdead 🎻
You guys ready for @TheWalkingDead tonight because I am. #TheWalkingDead
This one. This was the one. This comment someone left me on my last Instagram post made me laugh so hard I literally fell on the floor. Honestly this is the best shit talking that has ever existed. This person is the best roaster on the planet. I'm going to turn "I hope you don't like your dick head
Got a really cool beautifully written DM from someone who wanted me to introduce them to @bridgitmendler. So I made a deal with them. Her for @shawnmendes I guess. Introduce me to... her??? Just tag them all because this is important.
Oh ABSOLUTELY the worst hat/hair combo EVER. Proud to show the world on #UndateableLive last night. Thank you for making this, guy on Twitter. Please everyone, find a hat/hair combo worse than this and hashtag it #100percentfuckno The winner can eat cake.
I just read this. You know what's fucking hilarious? The fact that this is something and ALSO people die of cancer. Ya know? Like how the fuck could BOTH things happen in the same world? People die horrible deaths and ALSO a rapper made a song about a girl being a rooster and giving him a blowjob in
Hahaha don't know how missed @chrisdelia channeling his inner Jackson 5 but dude I'm dying 😂😂#UndateableLiveiZdj
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Shirt's too big. Lookin' beefy. Havin' fun tho so I like the pic. Ehe life. I'll be back here again tonight. Los Angeles.
People had issues with their DVRs last night all across america but our numbers went up anyway so that's rad. Thanks for watching. If the show didn't record for you then you can now go on Hulu or to watch both east and west coast versions of #UndateableLive. West coast was better in my opin

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