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Chris Cuomo
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.@Vitztum means more than you know. Thx.
.@DMartello67 i own a gun but I am not a forensic expert. The question here is reasonableness of action #Ferguson
β€œ@Legaleagle26: @ChrisCuomo @Jewell757 @CNN are you a lawyer as well?”yes
.@chevymo @CNN I mean until we know more. Twitter is no place for the sensitive. I am engaging to help you , not to shut you down. Capisce?
.@nbw1952 @Vitztum thanks but not sure it is rude. Twitters can be vicious and responding often encourages hayt
.β€œ@mnlady52: @chevymo You want @cheymo to hold her opinion? You don't know the answers either.” And THAT is why I ask quez!
.@Vitztum I think I reply more than most. and I don't opine in a situation like this
.@abunuhas how did #MichaelBrown come to be hunched? Shot while surrendering or charging? The answer comes in moment he missed. Get it?
.@Jewell757 @CNN I have never advanced such a theory. Period. I asked about it and did not counter the reply of wit's lawyer. #Ferguson
.@Da_Milkman15 @chevymo @karybirdie the question is whether he did anything after that giving cop justification to shoot #Ferguson
.@chevymo possible? Yes. Proof of that? And if so, was shooting reasonable? All 6 times? U don't know answers. So hold opinion.
.@Morenitasuave Do U live in a world where people don't get killed? because I do. So there needs to be a standard. #reality
.@Da_Milkman15 @chevymo yes. Fleeing or charging when shot? Critical question #Ferguson #MichaelBrown
.@tmdb84 "true" and "reasonable" can be different. #Ferguson
.@Michele_1L_ @danelobb wasn't immediate. Officer decided to exit, pursue and fire #Ferguson
.@ReallyLaLa1 @dukeofbc @NewDay happens all the time with cops and with civilians
.@silvarobert718 @EybertD being a different race automatically makes a person a racist?
.@Da_Milkman15 right question and then question becomes whether officer made reasonable choice? Will 12 men and women get to decide?
.@EGC922 doable from SUV or cruiser but question is why WOULD cop go for his throat/fire 6 times? If reasonable, justified. #Ferguson
.@1776BetsyRoss but would u b justified if u shot and killed them? If they were running at you? Or away from you? These are the quez
@ChrisCuomo AND that perhaps police need to be better trained in recognizing and deescalating mental illness.
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.@IShortPremium and even if he did rush officer, was officer's reaction reasonable? #MichaelBrown