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Chris Cuomo
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.@reba & other celebs join boxing legend Muhammad Ali to fight Parkinson's disease @ChrisCuomo
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@ChrisCuomo i love your reporting style with great respect.. and your morning team.. never miss your show. #cnn love u guys
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@DaveGaze:@senjoemanchin Once it's over they turn those weapons back in, right?.....” Experts: more likely they turn weapons back ON the US
.@ArnMenconi a $500mm loss unless u have political change needed and Islam fighting to suppress its extreme #isiscrisis
.@HoltenMark congress gets to beat drum for war but not vote? How can they say prez oversteps but then give total war power? #isiscrisis
@ChrisCuomo I understand the need to cover ISIS, but don't lose sight of #ukraine Putin counts on that! You do a great job though, thanks
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.@TheSportsSwede there is straight assault and then the fuzzy cultural line btwn hitting and abuse. Why aren't they the same thing?
.@Sen_JoeManchin @NewDay thx for the courage to vote on an obvious declaration of war and questioning the exuberance for Prez's #isis plan
Thanks @ChrisCuomo for having me on @NewDay to explain my concerns with arming the Syrian opposition to fight ISIS.
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.@atrzy past is past. getting whupped now and dont want to fight #isis
RT @JoeSchmoeVideos: @NewDay Leave the yapping pundits to us... Here on twitter...AND OTHER MORNING CABLES
.@atrzy FSA doesn't want to fight #isis. complicated. also not the most competent fighters. should US have gotten coalition b4 bombing
.@ArleneRidder @vagharris prosecutor gave #RayRice a pass. isnt that more worthy of outrage?
.@glendastout @NewDay covered several times. will be heavy tomorrow #Scotland. wont be pundits yapping, it will be the facts from there
.@bigfranky75 thats how we do on @NewDay , frankay!!! got to test what is being fed to you. look at you all happy cuz ur bills are 2-0
.@AMHateRadio i just said that. i am not part of this problem :) ant 2% #NFL'ers get jammed up. much higher in general society
.@devonholstad @ledogor7 google #RayRice plea. you are correct about the justice system mattering more than #nfl. that is my point.
.@vagharris hear you, but sports is entertainment. and players get jammed up much less than rest of society. justice system must step up
.@adansnan people would rather hear pundits yap about who sucks worse than push for action. insider yap can be a distraction. @NewDay pushes
.@devonholstad he was indicted. pled NOT GUILTY. agreed to counseling. carges dropped. called a pass. #RayRice law matter more than #NFL
.@LucidJonFranks @Montel_Williams is it a status hearing or on the merits? #Tahmooressi
.@Montel_Williams @LucidJonFranks definitely deserves day in court. was fragile when we spoke. your impression? state dept not ez to push
.@jack_taylor3 here to test. want you to see leaders making case for position. dont forget, a vote to fund govt abt to be delayed again
.@OlafSez take off your partisan blinders: not saying Prez right, but he wanted to bomb syria a yr ago and is pushing offense now. not cong
.@dinkydo1 #isis/regional problem obvious, the solution is not. pols are responding to behadings but force them to debate and vote
.@ledogor7 #AdrianPeterson reinstated. if #nfl has 6 game DV penalty, how does child abuse not fit in that definition?
.@classynogin @SenJohnMcCain love you, but yes i have. more than once
.jack_taylor3 he makes better points than those saying "kill #isis" but ducking a vote because of midterms
.@Sen_JoeManchin tells @NewDay congress MUST vote on #ISIS fight, otherwise it will only get worse there
A hazy #NewDay begins in #NYC with a look at the George Washington Bridge. It's 6:50 in the east
.@JTSJax probably, but where is the attack on the rice prosecutor and on laws that allow spanking? #nfl is not the solution is it?
.@CruickshankPaul warns #ISIS unique in ability to attract "thousands" of westerners, train them and send them home
.@joeguyon sponsor will return. temporary by admission. legit question why #nfl held to higher standard than justice system. have a good day
no case by cops against #RayRice (plea deal), #AdrianPeterson likely gets probation, but #nfl supposed to be more harsh?
.@bridgetf_ IT ISNT. discipline called cultural. i suggest it too should not be. also, why is #nfl tasked with policing what society allows?
Former CNN anchor: How breaking news changed my life balance… #news #media
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@JohnBerman: Who is awake? Do you like to watch? (I'm talking about @EarlyStart obviously. As far as you know.)” dirty bird
@StaciAnn: @ChrisCuomo Is it ISIS or ISIL ?”both. And who cares
Woke up extra early on the west coast to watch @NewDay for the first time and it was really worth it @ChrisCuomo @KateBolduan @MichaelaCNN
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.@RickRosaNYC especially when responding to an incident report, by even without, cops can ask for ID
.@SportSXMichelle thanks for caring about the @NewDay convo
two questions: #DanieleWatts boyfriend asked for id? if not, why not? also, in this case, if a cop asks for id, you legally must provide.
.@MiddleEastGuy tells #NewDay you won't see boots on the ground from Saudi Arabia or Jordan-- you WILL from the U.S.
EVERY expert says bombing #isis EASY part. Need to have culture and political change.
.@SportSXMichelle u have it wrong. Most states DO allow for hitting kids
.@UncleJimsWorld no, but if u say boots needed...authorize them by voting. Don't hide because if election #congressvote