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Chris Cuomo
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The top cable news shows in October were...
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.@gretawire you have ACTUAL relevance. exceeds the land of the extreme: twitter. Love the blog. I would do one...if I had any good ideas :)
.“@UncleJimsWorld: #ISIS #Kryptonite is #KurdishWomenFighters ? So They Are #Invincible?”Don't diminish them. Ever take a risk like theirs?
Regardless of the results (and I am appreciative), this is an interesting take on journos using #twitter. Thoughts.?…
@shawnjain: Who is more of a monster? @ChrisCuomo or @NYGovCuomo?”this from someone who works for a healthcare provider?
The only way to totally stop #Ebola from coming to the US is to stop it in W. Africa @drsanjaygupta tells @ChrisCuomo
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@CNN @NewDay My morning dose of my 3 Vitamins C's - Coffee, CNN, @ChrisCuomo
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#YPG women Kurdish fighters not a new effort. deserve WAY more attention. Almost nothing else like them. @IvanCNN excellent coverage again
.@jubajajo1 @commoncranium does that mean there should be a #quarantine or show there should be none? #Ebola
.@commoncranium me? No. I play scared when it comes to my family. But I am no #Ebola expert. And I don't set policy. I test it.
Yes, I am tweeting the range of replies to #Ebola #quarantine
.@DoGoodforOthers not hypocrisy, inconsistency. Govt not balancing known and unknown well in conveying public policy. We test their moves.
Exactly "@ChrisCuomo: Why is respecting heroic efforts of those fighting #Ebola and a quarantine upon return mutually exclusive?”
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.@Blackword @Da_Milkman15 commitment abroad must be equal to concern at home times 10 #Ebola
.@Da_Milkman15 TRUE. they say it but do we know that. is there a middle ground? #ebola?
Beautiful morning skies as a #NewDay begins in's 7:23 in the east
.@Bobby6740 @CNN thanks for this. We do the job or exactly that reason in @NewDay
@ChrisCuomo @CNN Hello Chris , I am a big fan an Viewer of CNN , I watch your everyday a lot and it does keep me informed on the world news
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.“@DoGoodforOthers: your better than that comment” explain? This issue is a huge source of confusion. It is 21 days at home. Not in azkaban
Why is respecting heroic efforts of those fighting #Ebola and a quarantine upon return mutually exclusive? Will it really chill volunteers?
Happy #NewDay from the still-sleepy control room @CNN in #NYC... it's 3:53 in the east.
@stromer_wayne: @ChrisCuomo @NewDay @dish any news on getting back to dish ?????” I have lit a candle
Thank you @NewDay people! And we are not even on @dish network right now meaning we start 10-15% down everyday!…
Pope Francis: Evolution is real, and God isn't "a magician with a magic wand" (Photo: Reuters)
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Remember train derailment in NYC a while back? Here is official word on why:
@UncleJimsWorld: @vickisaxton And Your View on #AskingDirections ? #Haha”early and often. When u travel like we do, u r often lost
@JulesV0517: @ChrisCuomo you make me hate my ears.” Great line!
.@ChrisCuomo calls democrats distancing themselves from President Obama “demo-cants.” Fair assessment? @VanJones68 and @ananavarro? #NewDay
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MT“@vickisaxton: I follow you Chris admit when wrong (rarely happens)” Wrong often. Admit less often because...I am a man
.@TheFatManDiary @JohnBerman uses a lot of hairspray and goes to a beauty parlor #fact
RT @struggie1: @ChrisCuomo So where is the Ebola Czar in all this mess? Why is he MIA? I DONT KNOW THAT HIS JOB IS TV FACE TIME
RT @thebodytemple: @ChrisCuomo Hey man, you hit a home run in our living room w that line. Bravo was not sarcastic :) which line?
@ChrisCuomo Hey man, you hit a home run in our living room w that line. Bravo was not sarcastic :)
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.@chloedutch Hoover was spinning her party's narrative. that is how the game is played. and she has strong points
.@Rosemarrisa twitter is a petrie dish of tons of toxic truth haters batled by a committed few who believe they can #dobetter
RT @ADHDCoachLynn: Great job @ChrisCuomo - is politics in your future? i test the process. i vote. thats it. other cuomos love that mess
@JohnBerman: @TheFatManDiary @ChrisCuomo It was a set-up. Chad made me do it” own your perfidy, fat-hater
@AmeshAA: Looking forward to discussing #ebola w/ @ChrisCuomo on @CNN @NewDay at 6 am eastern” appreciate your take, doc. Thx
@thebodytemple: "Exploding with Ebola!" Bravo” ugly, but we don't report how horrible it is. We should because explains how spreads
.@Rosemarrisa @NewDay @HawaiiShira My asking called shilling. But ur not alone (poll: 69% quarantine those with symptoms like fever)
.@BookForex @HawaiiShira testing whether quarantines (being used by us mil) are right move is shilling? Poll says quarantine if symptoms.
.@archer1415 how do you calculate failed change? Isn't faded change status quo? And isn't that net neutral by definition?
.@csbauerjd poor Saul. Never follow a guy into a bathroom. Even I know that #spy101 #Homeland
@RealToddBaker: @ChrisCuomo she's just horny #overthinking” she set him up and is damaged #underthinking
@adansnan: @ChrisCuomo @DarrellLondon Hello the gov is your brother. No?”yes and my father
@MHB2012: @ChrisCuomo Yes, this #Homeland fan didn't expect S4 to be a "coming of age" drama with the "Life of Pi Guy"” HAHAHAHAAA
@DarrellLondon: @ChrisCuomo Gov Cuomo is your dad right?” Always. Except when he disagrees with mama