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Chris Cuomo
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#NewDay Video: .@SteveKingIA backs up his comments likening border kids to drug smugglers. Thoughts?
.@chrispiracy thanks. But this is just how I look! Gotta love the opportunity when you get it
@ChrisCuomo great job this morning. After a long time I am starting to enjoy US news channels, ur show specifically. Keep it up.
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.@SteveKingIA tells #New Day an immigration fix should be made before vacation. Question is: will he/they? #FixOrStay
.@torontoboy22 have faith in our reps. most are there for right reasons. politics is an ugly game. push them to work for you #fixorstay
How about that ? @ChrisCuomo is responsible for trending #fixorstay in the US-of-A. Check it out:
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.@valsocal pushing congress to do something is an agenda - but in a good way: the legal/proper agenda for elected reps. come on! #fixorstay
Despite seeing the kids in person, @SteveKingIA won't back off his "calves like cantaloupes" comment. #FixOrStay
@ChrisCuomo the 1st mention of #fixorstay appears on your TL. Now is Trending Topic in United States! #trndnl
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.@TDogUSA i echoed king's charge that prez should have visited kids. to be fair, prez says wants to fix. need action from cong #fixorstay
.@6nsinvt @NewDay @SteveKingIA @BarackObama I called out the congressman on both. i test the opinion; you decide whether to accept it
@ChrisCuomo ... if I leave today and leave a very important project unfinished ... think I'll still have a job tomorrow ??? #FixOrStay
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A downright chilly #NewDay begins in #NYC where it's in the low sixties. It's 6:40 in the east
.@nannid62 yes! takes two to agree to anything. push both sides to make change for you #immigration #va #fixorstay
Thomas Pickering says the key is to change #Russian public option. If #Putin stays at 80% pop, sanctions don't matter
.@tblessed @AndreaFaythe @NewDay dont let congress leave if you think they should fix #immigration. new hash: #fixorstay
RT @BLUESBROTHERKEN: @ChrisCuomo @CNN Chris,happy hump day from SoCal. i refuse to give this humpy day power over me. it is all downhill :)
.@AndreaFaythe Getting after exactly that question on @NewDay of whether congress will leave without doing something...esp abt #immigration
Happy #NewDay, happy hump day, from @CNN in #NYC. It's 3:30 in the east
El Portal fire in Yosemite National Park has scorched over 3,000 acres since Saturday:
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.@Tjooitink @Geoffrey2313819 seen no proof control tower diverted #MH17 -- focus on dignity of dead, not wild speculation
.“@SunnyHostin: It ain't over till it's over Cuomo. I can taste the Maine lobster. With butter.” Mixed with the drugs fueling ur delusions?