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Chris Cuomo
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.@Michele_1L_ @RestoreTheUSA1 if a cop is prejudiced against a class of people are they given a pass if they are same ethnicity? No
.@kryptickaos_ thx, brother. if u look to make people like you, the only certainty is that you will not like yourself.
.“@lenalocks: @ChrisCuomo @NewDay @CNN Right!! So he said she said is totally irrelevant !”in court maybe. In reporting, no
.@ctfran62 @informedblackmn @CNN nope which is why my intv with #ClivenBundy went as it did. Look it up
.@H2PITTBlue no. Learned post intv and found him and asked him.
.@lenalocks @NewDay @CNN eyewits on both sides and competing accounts. So we don't know until investigation concluded #Ferguson
.@JackieBlue4u also out front calling for calm. I am reporting on what he does now. #Ferguson why is he needed here? Where are leaders?
.@JoAnn0924 @RestoreTheUSA1 but the shooting speaks to a culture of abuse that blacks (and others) believe endures. #Ferguson
.@RestoreTheUSA1 we are here to show the situation for what it is and to push for answers from all sides
.@informedblackmn @CNN he says they changed the chant in crowd and he does not endorse calling for officer's death #Ferguson
.@OnlyMorganKay he should once evidence establishes the standard is met. He should not be arrested merely to appease. That isn't justice
.@abby621 he says he means to go to investigators with their acct. #MichaelBrown #Ferguson
.@HobbitSteve certainly not evidence for trial but relevant in terms of what universe of possibility is in #Ferguson
.“@h8trsbegone: @ChrisCuomo you've been to war zones. Does Ferguson feel like one?”nope. Vacuum of leadership main issue
.@Gina660 @whitebg19611 I corrected the murder suggestion right then on air. Thanks for the concern. It matters. @NewDay
.@Gina660 @whitebg19611 not even arrested. Investigation will take time
.@Here_ISound_Off @jaketapper true. Local editor confirms same
.@CarlF68 who will expose the instigators believed to be at work if media doesn't separate them from legit protestors? @NewDay
.@rhodarizzoself it is literally a half mile stretch of Florissant ave. up to Canfield where #MichaelBrown shot in #Ferguson
.@Gina660 I corrected the assertion on @NewDay
@Viper1600: @ChrisCuomo Time for the U.S military to interview in #Ferguson!!!!”force not the answer.
Stun grenades being used in #Ferguson
Odd that #Ferguson police have access to so much military equipment but not dash cams?
#Ferguson the cycle continues until leadership creates a new cycle. There is no confidence in the community that their issues matter