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Chris Cuomo
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.@jearnest44 tells @NewDay, @BarackObama still has complete confidence in the #SecretService and its director
.@LindaMcLaughli1 outrage is needed but the easy part of #SecretService change. (turning out to be the "secretive" service)
RT "@LoisEiler: Stop the fearmongering. CDC is right." they are the one finding everyone he contacted and also saying xmission is hard!
.@IgnitingBrands president by definition is of singular importance. all life matters but there are priorities. he has security for a reason
@CNN hammers this AM: Big kudos to @ChrisCuomo /SecretService & @SanjayGuptaCNN /Ebola for asking the hard questions and demanding answers
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RT @krmccall: I would rather watch @foxandfriends instead of the one sided, opinionated @NewDayCNN wit !!! It is not april fool's day today
.@newtgingrich also says GOP is pounding @BarackObama on #SecretService mess for no reason-- not his fault
Shocker from @newtgingrich who WOULDN'T recall congress for #ISIS vote because they're "narrowly focused" on midterms
Another cloudy #NewDay begins in #NYC with a look at the George Washington Bridge. It's 7am in the east
@ChrisCuomo just wanted to update you. My VA claim went from start to finish in 6 months. The system is improving in many cases.
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.@rmendoza61 first, he is a major voice in republican party and has ear of leadership. second, no one gets a pass on @NewDay
.@SkipTownsend AFTER...after he was in the ambulance it was used for 2 more days then cleaned and isolated #Ebola
.@oshawamom PLEASE - write up what happened for us and tweet it as a little link so i can spread the story. congrats to him and to you!
@ChrisCuomo my autistic son has been accepted by his xcountry team. Cheer him on at every race! Proud mom, indeed!
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Tuesday's #GoodStuff: High school football team steps up; votes boy with autism onto squad
Happy #NewDay from Broadway in #NYC. It's 3:40 in the east
@ChrisCuomo 👑💗Mom turned into Elsa for daughter, what a magical day💗👑 Please share🌹…Zl2q5
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.@KarlaDeVito @IUBloomington @IUcinema Smart kids. Imagine having Robby as a professor?! How lucky are they?! Hope to do it again. Big hug
@ChrisCuomo " Nearly half of all adolescent girls think a husband is justified in hitting his partner". #ENDviolence
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.@AvieAvie47 @PentagonPresSec many people pray but don't have goodness in their heart. We need 2 see more of what's up on the ground to know
.“@kentusry: @KateBolduan Really missing #KateBolduan. Hope all is well. Baby come yet? No I don't stay glued to TV.” YES? Cecilia Eve!
Not "a lot" of coordination so far with moderate #Syria rebels - @PentagonPresSec to @ChrisCuomo. Here's why:…
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.“@victoriamaya: "Nobody sees the world as it is; they see the world as they are." - CCuomo” Indiana students were solid. Thx 4 having me
@victoriamaya: Watching @ChrisCuomo take off his makeup over Skype... Unreal.” Too scary?
@magicalacres: @Montel_Williams @TeamCNN @MichaelaCNN @ChrisCuomo His possible release being announced today.” This is premature
.“@SageWhitfield:Loving #GoodStuff today! It is nice to start the day with a big positive. An area seldom ventured into in news” Every day!
.@TheAvgBlackMan u make good points. Think nbc would say that's what they do. Most of us would say that. I certainly fill that exact role
@boonepickens: Just taped an #energy segment with @ChrisCuomo to air tomorrow on @CNN’s @NewDay.
.@OlafSez deter? i get wanting to maybe see trades differently based on period involved for taxes, but quick trades are a problem to you?
.@SenSanders tells @NewDay Saudi Arabia is "laughing all the way to the bank" while America takes on #ISIS
.@PentagonPresSec admits they're having trouble coordinating w/friendlies, but disputes they're not helping the Kurds
.@PentagonPresSec says they ALWAYS knew boots on the ground would be needed-- but "indigenous" boots only. Thoughts?
.@RestoreTheUSA1 i see all congress as same on this. pelosi asked boehner. that is fact not bias
@ChrisCuomo Laughing as I lay here with my baby boy. My hubby didn't learn that either lol.#teamcoverage
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RT @steinfinkel: hitting hard on Article One this morning #NewDay only because hypocrisy is flagrant and vote needed. isnt this war?
RT @saysme1941: @BusinessWolfUK No Chris you're the one hurting your ratings. no, i choose to believe i am helping. pollyanna was right
RT @BusinessWolfUK: @ChrisCuomo I'm now suing you for my stolen hope :( i will counterclaim that you apathy is hurting my ratings
.@vinylrabbit too bad we just gave away $10,000 to everyone watching right now! :) kidding, but fox is a great place to work.
RT @westlifebunny: @ChrisCuomo Have a beautiful day, friend! :) how you, TBone?
A cloudy #NewDay begins with a look at the #NYC skyline. It's 6:50 in the east
Rep. Jason Chaffetz says whistleblowers alerted him to news that #WhiteHouse fence jumper made it inside:
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RT @HarryCNN: @ChrisCuomo @CNN The early mornings must get to you after a while....not really. family friendly and love what we do @NewDay
.@DMLSolstice @WhiteHouse i dont see POTUS role in bad decisions by white house ushers and secret service.
.@rmendoza61 thx for testing - agent at door reportedly female. my understanding- intruder blew past her then evaded another and was chased.
.@john_jennings50 why? counterfeiting role aside, should president safety be the priority of military?
DO WE NEED THE SECRET SERVICE TO SECURE THE PRESIDENT? should it be left to military? throwing baby out with bathwater or think outside box?