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Chris Cuomo
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U.S. Marine reservist held in Mexican prison over 6 months on weapons charge is "despondent," his mother says.
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China's war on terror becomes all-out attack on Islam in Xinjiang
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.@soydeariza still, now there is a public dialogue and media like @NewDay trying to deal with bigger DV issues than #nfl
.@babybellaO kids' dog. Lab/chow/etc rescue mutt. I am just a walker/feeder/chew toy. He is awesome. Best thing we have done for kids
.@TheRealDeeNice good use of media. #nfl has issues but society has bigger ones. culture of violence (DV/sex assault/kid abuse) demand attn
.@TheRealDeeNice #nfl having fiancé take blame publicly was pretty ugly. But #nfl reflects bigger problem with DV/sex assault in society
.@Ang_Aguilera but u r right! #nfl didn't just get it wrong, they made it wrong. #RayRice's wife taking blame for getting knocked out?!?
Only kid in the house who doesn't need braces. Alabama D. Dog. Also, yes @NewDay will stay on DV BUT beyond just #NFL
Want an adorable way to kick off your weekend? Here's a picture of @ChrisCuomo's dog Alabama:
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Here's what I have learned so far - I'd feel better if Rachel Nichols was the NFL commissioner.
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.@LynnBeisner I hope your motivation was to expose wrongful blaming of victims. But you are off here. suggests a different motivation.
@ChrisCuomo wow.....@LynnBeisner is ridiculous. Clearly jealous of your success!
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.@LynnBeisner write what u want but ur grossly and knowingly mis-characterizing. And you know that now and should have known then #dobetter
.@LynnBeisner the union needs to sign on to penalty before full due process. League can say we act on arrest not adjudication. Let's see.
.@LynnBeisner of course. And these cases are often unsatisfying for accuser. And that doubt allows player to fight any #nfl restriction
Kiddie time! Have a great weekend. Thx for support of what we are doing on @NewDay. Kate lives across street from me so updates coming!
.@moveebuff1953 @bigfranky75 still infectious and toxic and wrong. U must support those fighting the good fight if u want to #dobetter
.@charleslfreemn no, 80% of people agree with don. He is representing that perspective. Our culture is the problem. Clearly.
@ChrisCuomo @LynnBeisner I listened to same interview and completely understood what you meant Chris :) The laws are so messed up!
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.@joeytwotimes13 @KrstnPlaidShirt We are all trying to get #nfl and society to #dobetter. Let's stay positive. Twitter is tough forum
.@silvarobert718 @CNN @nfl strong point. We made same in segment on @NewDay. Problem way bigger than #NFL. Do we really protect in society
.@thenurse75 @bigfranky75 I try to take on realities of making change in #nfl and I'm accused of condoning rape. U wonder why it's avoided
.@LynnBeisner that it is so untrue and unfair. I pointed out the obvious problem prosecuting these cases and pushback from player.
We wish @KateBolduan all the best as she takes maternity leave after today's show #NewDay @CNN @ChrisCuomo @MichaelaCNN
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.@joeytwotimes13 cant dismiss criminal violence toward women as a function of range of reaction. all men must obey. only one way to be
Who will fight #ISIS w troops is confusing. But at least White House (@jearnest44) is calling it what it is: a war
.@gulfportedd this means everything. it is why i came to cable and do the job at all. thank you for joining @NewDay
#nfl players are violent with women because they play a violent game? then why do so many more men by % commit the crime outside nfl?
.@SueHambelton winning not the measure of fighting the good fight. u take it on because it matters and is the right thing to do. #dobetter
.@MollyDarden @NewDay 80+% say hitting kids ok. law recognizes it as ok. many forms of abuse indeed. prez right to take it on.
.@PentagonPresSec says @BarackObama and military in lockstep: "we know what we have to do and we're moving out"
.@adansnan @Bharper574 @NewDay is all over it. smart talk about what matters. compare to other morning shows. will people watch? unclear
.@business317 thx! i am all abt white and blue. simple. @CristinaCuomo brooksbrother'd me. knick colors so ok i guess. upped the hanky too
.@DarenSorenson true. really we are not in military phase because no real action on ground. congress ducking vote is just wrong in war situ
.@UncleJimsWorld but saudi SHOULD. are they still funding extremists that feed #isis. they are at risk, so why wont they fight?
.@Bharper574 wish there were more like you. most drawn by the big names and the drama and clealry our culture doesnt embrace change on this
Good advice! But shhh “@DougHeye: Excellent @DanaBashCNN segment just now on Congress adjourning. Pro-tip: Never take the Capitol steps!”
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.@MarwanMuasher says, while #ISIS is the region's battle, using military force is the US' idea. NO troops from Jordan
.@Sports_Politic @NewDay has. u have to stop making media a monolith. u have to shop like with everything else. 2+% NFL get in trouble
.@Phil_Hamby so u r auto-selling at north of 84 but you wont hold?
A cloudy #NewDay dawns over #NYC but @IndraPetersons and @wxsherri assure me it will clear up! It's 6:30 in the east
What Science Says About Using Physical Force To Punish A Child via @HuffPostParents ..Interesting read @ChrisCuomo
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RT @JulieBenay: it took #ISIL to make Congress do something! irony: fear of debating #isis made them avoid shutdown tactic! #leadorleave
.@Bob_Hunt no. i am slow to see #nfl as a moral agent for grown men. culpability on concussion policy more direct assignment of blame
@ChrisCuomo And remember Goldilocks was indicted on breaking and entering, & is being sued by the bears for damage to their furnishings.
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