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Chris Cuomo
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.@ShultzMary @johnhartyyz @NewDay get your eyes checked. Pronto! U r blinded by pop's passion, maybe?
@ChrisCuomo @johnhartyyz @NewDay Been fan of your dad Gov. Mario Cuomo 4ever, better looks then u & Gov Andrew! :)
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.@MoniqueReneeMus @NYGovCuomo spot in analysis. But the hashtag?Keep the serious serious :). Have a great weekend. Thx for watching @NewDay
@ChrisCuomo is a hot version of @NYGovCuomo They say showbiz for the beautiful and politics for the rest. . . #EbolaInNYC
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Nice to see CTV's Craig Oliver on CNN right now with @ChrisCuomo talking about Kevin Vickers #OttawaShooting
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.@johnhartyyz he loos like my pop because he appears much much older. but the gov is my big bro. thanks for watching @NewDay
@ChrisCuomo sitting in my car drinking joe & listening to @NewDay on sat radio (dang dish)..ebola, hatchets, sibling ribbing..good job A.
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.@Ozzypallooza @Gus4NY @redcrossny @JoshWLockwood A TRUE PRIVILEGE. AWESOME INSTITUTION. THANKS FOR INCLUDING ME. great screen name ozzy
A beautiful #NewDay begins in #NYC... it's 7:22 in the east
RT @andshambo: @ChrisCuomo so glad your show pointed out the PR problem if nothing else. have to test reaction of gov to #Ebola
.@lorbe @mimodiazg @xandvt doctor could have gotten it anytime in last couple weeks there
.@7Calypso you get the"abundance of caution" but it kind of makes you wonder, right? #mixedmessage
RT @cwoods87: @ChrisCuomo @NewDay it just turned to 100k when I clicked follow! :) WHEN CONFIRMED, BIG WINNER! :) THX
.@mimodiazg i asked that. @xandvt says it costs more than it is worth #ebola #EbolaInNYC
.@DaveGaze interesting question. public policy overwhelms here i think given contagion concerns. cleansing light of disclosure. #EbolaInNYC
How worried should New Yorkers be? .@xandvt tells #NewDay "I would bowl at that alley today."
Happy #NewDay, happy Friday, from @CNN in #NYC... it's 3:49 in the east
CNN's @ChrisCuomo discovers a new branch of his proud Italian-American family tree. Read more here: #CNNRoots
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@redcrossny gala @ChrisCuomo is presenting the amazing Pamela Rauseo #redtiehero who saved her nephew on a Miami highway.
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Less than 100 to go. Who will get @NewDay to 100k?! Remember, two words: pri zes
@isnaPhotos: @ChrisCuomo @NewDay Can I follow you all over again? #NewDay a cut above the rest with CC.” Means more than you know. Thx.
.@NewDay just over 100 before 100k. You'll like what you get for being one of the last 300 to follow. Be the envy of friends and foes alike
.“@MyPalAndyC: what are ur thoughts about the tragedy in ottawa?!” Whether or not shooter had passport pulled, can't expect to monitor all
"Both political parties have lost their footing in the everyday experience of real people." #ChatwithBill
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@tuckahoetommy: @ChrisCuomo @NewDay for u. Done” if I looked as good as @DaveGaze...I would hug you
.@HoWindows @NewDay @MTV @mtveyecandy can't load link. What do you mean?
.@SeriousOne1975 experts says that part of #2ndA refers to mandate of having/training militia, not weapon regulation. But 2nd twisted today
.@DaveGaze @amansopinion @NewDay we never recap. Always advance the ball. Gotta say, Dave, you look damn good in daisy dukes. Damn good.
Just 200 to go to get @NewDay to 100k followers. Come on! Tell a friend! Prizes to come! And special prize for #100K #betheball
@amansopinion: @ChrisCuomo Please fight for another schedule so the West Coast can see you live too @NewDay” this is an area of suck, true
@ChrisCuomo @NewDay I no that & am grateful But my son was held 4 1/2 mos It almost killed him… Andrew is over 6 mos!
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.“@Maggiedeephoto: Wish your visit to Canada had been a positive one.”it was. #CanadaStrong. The response, not the attack, defines people
.@MicheleOttawa standing in 40 for 3 hrs+ is cold. Period. But worth it because this place and this situation demand attention. #coldreality
@jek6578: "Out of the worst, comes the best."@ChrisCuomo. Well said.” We hope
Hello. @NewDay is 300 away from 100k followers. I have a prize for 3 random people who are among the final 300. A special prize for #100k
.@BooneKC @JannScott @Rightway4USA @chriskingstl get me off this stupid thread. How can u reduce something so important to such macho bs?
.@mcorkery5: With piles of campaign $$, predatory lenders got already weak restrictions rolled back
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Kevin Vickers acknowledges a standing ovation from MPs in The House of Commons
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@cko96: @JulianCummings @NewDay @ChrisCuomo Wow! @ChrisCuomo even looks good in a puffy coat!” I am puffy, not the coat
.“@thebraves_4: @FerrisLawrence @CNN @NewDay Thank you...from Canada ❤️” great city and people. Threat is strong; you are stronger