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Chris Brogan
Never give anyone else the pen.
Do blogging and podcasting and newsletters power your business? I can help.
Salad from Subway. Easy and fast and good for me.
Is content creation part of your business? Need it to work better? Get a battle plan:
If you cut a fork in half, do you get an eightk or a twok? #mathishard
My 8yr old boy and me for breakfast. Me: I hope we stay friends forever. Him: are there clouds at night? He wants to tell you he's pretending he's smoking. Oh dear.
Man I miss @hootsuite . Can't wait for them to put back other themes than white.
I'm crushing something here. That's what I've been told.…
This event with @michaelport looks awesome, but watch this JUST for the fun video:
Pet lovers: you might want to share this with your tribe -…
Goodnight, moon. :)
My 8yr old and I are having a boy's night. He says he's going to teach me how to play TF2. I'm a pretty decent sniper, but I haven't told him that. ;)
Note to self: if ever you feel like no one's paying attention to you, just talk randomly about tech or apps. :)
% of Promoted trending topics I've *ever* clicked : 0. You?
If you're a Mac user and you're not regularly using Memory Clean, it's because no one's told you about it yet.
My newsletter tomorrow is about branding, but in a VERYdifferent way. Grab yours -
Know what needs to go? Your out of office message.
Out with @fitarella and our three kids. :) #family #readersareleaders
Well, no one interviewed me!
Save your spot in my content marketing battle plan webinar -
One of my kids. Not sure which one.
Company adds me to their email newsletter without me opting in, then doesn't give me an unsubscribe option. Spam it is.
Supporting Alan Jackson and his Six Month Jump project.
My friend @cadredc got @fitarella and me this engraved Cutco knife. It was hard to try and capture but it has our names and the Owner logo. So cool! And sharp like a bad idea. Thanks, good sir. You're a prince among men.
If content needs to make some loot, copy this into your browser and peek at my upcoming event -
Joining one of Chris's course was the best investment in 2014 RT “@chrisbrogan: join me for a battle plan -
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If content is part of your business, join me for a battle plan -
Do you separate your laundry? Yes! Into clean, dirty, and still going to wear it again anyway. Laundry day: aka, still not a millionaire day.
If making money/business through your content matters, here's your new battle plan:
Does your content need to make you money?
What do YOU think of as your biggest professional challenge?
Tried to get a back photo but it was too awkward. So, back day. Lots of volume. Lots of hard work.
A few people die of ebola and we lose our minds. Obesity is the #1 killer. Pass the #psl . :/
Honored to have been given a Challenge coin by the CO of the US Tenth Fleet, US Navy. I was happy to be of service. #navy #taj
I laughed out loud at this one.
Lazy people drive me insane.
I love when @fitarella comes back to Instagram. :) #taj
Do you like motivational schtuff? Could you spare a "like" for this page? Spanx!
Refuse to play small when it comes to freedom. Declare we are #worthmore by watching and sharing TODAY. #ESTDAY2014
Guess I'll get off Twitter until @hootsuite gives me back color options. #paintitblack
Oh crud. I have the new @hootsuite , but hey @HootSuite_Help , can I make it black?
RT @ginidietrich: Four steps to create a compelling headline without breaking your brain
Join me live now and you can get a free Kindle -
Got a @1stphorm sample at the @flagnorfail event last weekend. Holy cats. This is tasty. Tired of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry? Get some watermelon to mix it up! #1stphorm
Wow. After I give a 2 day training event, I'm pretty much useless. Holy cats.