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Chris Brogan
I'm so messy. Holy cats.
Easy Day restaurant and lanes in South Portland with @robhatch
This is the Owner Media Group board meeting. Oh that @robhatch
I woke up sleepy and nauseous and didn't want to go to the gym. And then I hit a new personal record on my 7th set of squats (box squatted 225 for 4), and went on to do five sets of deadlifts with 275 for 5 and 315 for 3. Push through. It will always be worth it.
What isn't working in your life or business right now?
Looking back will cause a crash. Looking sideways slows you down. Look forward and aim straight.
Those moments when you feel like you can't? Push through and marvel that you DID.
Interviewed this fine gentleman for an upcoming episode of The Owner’s Mind show. Go to to be ready.
Okay, it's past my bedtime. Goodnight, moon. :)
For more authoritative info about Ebola, follow @CDCgov since that's kinda their job, w/ less hype than mainstream media sources.
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Holy crap. What a super solid guy @RorkeDenver was. Interview out soon.
Just launched my newest and bestest course with a webinar. Want to see the curriculum? -
OY please optimize your images!! "Your Guide To Using Images In Your Content Marketing Strategy"
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People treat time as if it’s infinite and money as if it’s not. -
Woman 3D Prints Full-Size Samus Aran Varia Suit from Metroid Prime 3 & it’s Amazing…
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For the record, animated GIFs are hashtags with pixels. Clearly people want to talk in GIFs.
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"Will you help me for free with this thing?" Me: sure! "Will you do even more?" Me: okay. "Will you do even MORE?" ...
A little more than an hour til THIS - . Save your seat! Get the recording! CONQUER! (or so)
CNN covers Vested--the movement continues to expand.
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Notnatty: term used to describe those who look like they lift by those who don't even lift. #dontbeapussy #youdontevenlift
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Join me live in Boston. Here's a quick video -…
Makin bacon pancakes.... (I'm not, but).
My day = made. @DRUNKHULK just tweeted me. He didn't tweet YOU, @toddhenry ! So there. Envy gone! ( #bransonschmanson) ; )
Quick. Back up. It really *IS* @brianclark 's birthday today. Or both days. At this point, it's all moot.
You know what would be tasty right now? (How long can you play this?) -
People you hate at the gym (language nsfw) -… :)
There's pretty much no better podcast than @jaltucher 's. I should just quit now. :)
SUPER happy birthday to @thesocialsuite ,who is wonderful, friendly, and knows stuff, too! :)
New research released proves that whatever I want it to say is now backed up! Research! #research #itstrue
#Toronto join my friend @todmaffin @his book launch 4 "TOUCH:Leading a Human Organization" Thu @ 6pm
Thunder buddies for life (with @fitarella)
Consumers increasingly turned off by irrelevant brand communications. 2/3 have unsubscribed
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It's so weird. There are a bunch of bots tweeting two somewhat random comments I've made over and over. :/
It's the birthday of one Doctor @cheeky_geeky , who is every bit as fashionable as he is brilliant. Cheers!
Today is @brianclark 's birthday. I have very few business friends who've influenced me as directly and as much. Plus, he's lovable. Really.
I really like how @engadget says "developing..." at the end of stories they intend to update. Clever.
Evidently, @DARRENHARDY and I agree that entrepreneurs are freaks - (see also )
Yes I did! A gift from @fitarella 's mom. In fact, we ALL have them. :)
If you want a little more business and entrepreneurship motivation in your life, try Ownerfuel -
Pretty fricken tricky to take a shot of your own back. For me.
How do I get so much done and still balance my life? I'll show you
This song will move you through some sets. @flagnorfail brings it. Seeing him and his wife (world famous @danalinnbailey) in a few weeks with @fitarella
What an awesome world, where I can bother guys like Commander @RorkeDenver for an interview. #grateful : )
Patriots. Yes, please.
Know what I like about classic rock?......... . . ....
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