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Chris Brogan
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I want to be so much better.
Struggling to make your business work for you? Let me help -
Very happy birthday to @shelisrael . Smarter and better and wonderfuller than most!
Who do you know who wants to do more? Who wants to be better? Who do you know who is #morebetter ? Share!
My mom hates when I make this face. Shoulders with @fitarella . #taj #kings #fitness #fitfam #noexcuses #nodaysoff #proudfreak #vilife #spartanrace
Are you worried about making your business work? Know someone who is?
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I'm not all about that bass. I'm all about this warrior @Fitarella
I love Esquire and Chris Pratt is cool. Magazines are awesome. #magazine
Oh no! Leaked @comcast Employee Documents Show What We Figured <--Sell or perish #custserv
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I ate a big, red candle.
Jimmy crack corn.
Wishing @JoanWoodbrey a very happy birthday today. A health and fitness superstar and no doubt at the beach today. :)
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Somebody didn't feel like going to the gym this morning but she's sick. But who is a warrior queen? @fitarella. #taj #kings #fitness #fitfam #noexcuses #nodaysoff #proudfreak #vilife #spartanrace
Going broke? Are you dangerously close to giving up on your business? Let me help.
The real Man who Owns his Life and wins the game! Nic raps with @chrisbrogan at #PodcastMovement
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Goodnight, moon. : )
Your excuses are invalid -
When you find your path, everything you need to care about makes perfect sense.
It's weird thinking that over a quarter million software accounts follow what I type into my software account.