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Chris Brogan
Re-read this by @beingmarcecko because I know you read it the first time I said you should.
Some day,the people who decide the fate of words in the Oxford English Dictionary will be discussing "shart."
I’d like to thank @chrisbrogan who has openly discussed this private matter in the past. He inspired me to share
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Give yourself only one vote. De-register all the "on the other hands."
There's still a seat for you on this online event, that is, if you want to earn more money -
The level of success I'm going to pull out of you in Boston will be immense. Join me!
You want to make BUSINESS happen with your blog? I'm your guy -
Today is the birthday of @jeffpulver : truly visionary, a giant heart, and a transformational miracle. VERY happy birthday, sir.
Headed off to bed early. Goodnight, moon. :)
Please don't quote yourself. It's douchey. - @chrisbrogan
Read it all, thin and deep.
People you want to have dinner with. Go! Stephen Colbert. Your turn! #havedinnerwith
True story. There's a climbing rope in my "living room."
I've played this video like...12 times so far since two days ago. (Cursing and foul language warning) -
I love how I get to hang out and speak with such brilliant people so often. (like you!)
Made in Detroit. #myshinola
What if the world encouraged obsession? - @GrantCardone
Want attention? We give our attention to people who have done something remarkable.
The S stands for Spartan in this case. The rest of the words, you know. #taj #kings #fitness #fitfam #noexcuses #nodaysoff #proudfreak #vilife #spartanrace #competeeveryday
@skorarunning in the gym. Phase.
I have no idea why I was *so* open with @SimonGranner . He's a good man. -
Today is a day that I'll celebrate all that's great in life, not the work of a minority of bad people.
The new @chrislema profile pic is at least six times more handsome and stays chocolatty in milk!
I shared a few tips with @socialfresh on blogging. Plus my most bombastic post title ever -…
Goodnight, moon. :)
Thanks, @jaredeasley! @iamReyBrown I am so grateful for your gift. Just picked up an Amazon phone which goes back tomorrow. MotoX FTW
I love love love the MotoX. @jaredeasley can you remind me of Rey's Twitter name?
Come to Boston. Change your life. /OPTCboston
Got the Amazon Fire phone for about six minutes. F that phone. It's not real Android. Back to #motox #android #love
Interview @chrisbrogan, author Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth.Find ur passion, biz & get paid!
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My PhD student.. @fitarella #wcw but pshaw. Every day. #taj
I promise at least six times the value back on this event with me:
One of my mentor's birthdays is today. @CharlesHGreen is a star. His work on trust set the industry standard. Mazel Tov, my friend!
Digital Marketers: Are you a freak? Learn why you should be from @chrisbrogan at #SocialBrand14 -
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Very last day of our back to school promotion. use code "ownschool" Yes!
If content marketing matters to your business, I've got something for you -
Hydrate. Your body wants so much water. Every day.