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OK next tweet the pics from last nite
Oh my the club was too much I have pics of K Mechelle from last last nite it was cool I was wasted just remember to post
Finna start watching and adding to my Dvd Collectiom , I'm 2 years behide on my favorites
You know I always thought I would sharing this moment with you :/
Just us finna have some old fashion fun ,
Some body supposed to be here famous we will see wasup doe
Having a cool sinday Hoilday weekend hope u are too
Do right to others no matter how they treat you success the best revenge eats at your haters , and laugh @ the devil This will take u far
Now time for after work drinks then home to the lab for some relaxzation and beat making
I'm happy as hell now 3 day weekend , blessed with favor and love from above
Stay positive stay reading ur word, stay praying , stay beliving ,MAINLY when things are not looking good he's working 4 u
Man I keep getting blessed. Today was jsut as blessed as yesterday won 60 in cash yesterday , today won 100 visa gift card
I am happy as hell the Lord God has answered my prayers and continues to be faithful , hope u have in working in your life
I told my daugther make sure u can live with the decisions u make cause u can't change them , know what u doing think it threw
Hope u guys are enjoying life , today we live , tommrow is not promised ,
Barbeque @ my sisters house party in my lab its gonna be productive relaxing and fun
Yes 3 day weekend finna be fun my heart in the right place my mind and my mood
I need followers follow me on IG chemistvalor
Its #FF follow me on Instantgram @ Chemistvalor
woke up to another beautiful morning yes the beautiful day already I can sense it in the air
The weather the vibe the company all of it so good
What a bomb ass day , the night was perfect
I was like what u mean I am unattached from my feelings
Most of the time we blame others for things we done. Can't see the forest for the trees its a sad truth you are distracted
No make belive just faith and positive attitude and mindset
I asked my father that I can't see yet belive in to win so I can pay a fee for court yesterday and yes I was blessed with the exact amou ...
Some of you see and yet till harden your heart to positiveness just stay seeing everything as gloom and doom
I'm so blessed as I said stay positive it will benifit you I won 60 dollars in cash @ wrk and. I did the least amount to enter the raffl ...
Anybody can fuck and have great sex , but love has no limits will out the way for you when u in need ,
EVERYONE CAN say an act like a FRIEND , TEST THEM TO SEE WHO THEY are , know who u can count on
Stay positive when things are all going bad and there's nothing but negative ppl around you DO NOT ACCEPT THAT CHANGE UR MIND
Why do a police department need an tank miltary gear in the streets of the usa , to take by force that's why.
This new age spirit will lead us all into captivity. If we as a nation dnt change what we allow them. (Goverment) to do to us
This weekend I'm going to turn the hell up rent is paid , car is fixed, studio up and running , repaired all the realtionships that's wo ...
I may miss some of these past realtionships but I'm more focus on my future one
One more day to the 3 day weekend yes let the fun begin Slowly getting all my ducks lined up
Its fair to talk down on someone if you supposedly love them and are in a realtionship with them
Its not fair to ur other half to speak to anyone about them if they are not there to give the story
When u doing better than other ppl in some areas they have no idea of what goes on between you and ur partner
Ladies if you have a girlfriend and she has no man why u asking her what she think? I wouldn't ask a nigga w/o a female
Top of the morning to you , stay positive , stay away from negative ppl, and keep ur mouth shut about your man ladies