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My vacation last month , my daugther my grandson , we had a barbecue on lake Michigan before I left. I was on the grill as y'all know I got skills. Missed them so much.
I'm glad the homie is back was in jail all this time
Adrian Peterson. Beat with this son so bad he was invited out of the game another #NFL players and last year his two yr old son was beat ...
Opps my bad new orleans
Okay so they building the rockets for mars in Atlanta they really wanna put us on another planet still gotta terraform it
Okay they better had been there here when I got here I was ready to talk major shit ,
Blackass dumb ppl , ghetto and rachett , I hope they ain't , I just keep getting calls
Shit I didn't know u moved in last nite shit
I'm gonna be cool about , if they say anything out the blue I'm going off on they ass , like I have a mental problem
I'm gonna move my shit , ur ass act like u can't wait to a nigga get home to move his car shit, must be they first place
These ppl be tripping , so impaient , I'm on my way dam black ppl can't wait for shit I swear, ur ass just moved in last nite dam
Feeling better already u know what I mean
Finaly a relaxing moment , after a week of sickness and working
Dam this always happen I get really sleepy when its time to wakeup can't sleep all nite but when time to work I'm all into my sleep
Fuck this ima finna getup and cook something to eat and try to go to bed early for once this week
Dam mount rushmoore covered in snow its way too early for snow not even october yet
Bored outta my mind , when is work exciting on payday only
Time for drugs now , I need that lean ill be st8 if I had some of that
Naw that's not it , must be this sickness reminds me of her
Oh yea I remeber YOU the bitch that broke my heart over and over is that it I miss that bitch ?
Can't write , can't sleep, wtf is wrong ?
This feeling I wouldn't wish on my haters it sucks restlessness
Went stupid hard in the lab last nite , guess didn't get enough sleep but I can't sleep , I can't work either , just blah
Anyway I don't wanna be around anyone anymore is that strange after work I work in the lab not tonite
Shit beyond my control steps in and make me slow down Maybe it was beach when I got dunked l0l in the ocean
I hate feeling sick this shit brings out my feelings I just stay busy grinding making money no time to reflect on shit
I guess its hard to find , when you find love it leaves you the fake shit will burnup , when the test comes
I gained back everything I lost , material things , and lost the one thing that meant the most to me. Smh balance pls
Hard to find a real person these dayz , everyone have an secret agenda females niggas , coworkers , but u gotta try to trust someone a l ...
Well sometime we just need someone close to talk too
Thinking about moving back to the IE , less stress no fast city life of LA but I have an 2 yr plan anyway to relocate in 2 yrs , be movi ...
Not feeling well have some discomfort in my spirit and major fatigue in my body , no studio tonite , work was hell. Today no bonus today :(
I don't smoke everyday but I'm glad I have a car or I would feel some type of way l0l the math of weed
Big sean leaves Kanye and go to Rock Nation , #bigsean #rocknation.
#TBT 8th grade graduation
Good morning tweeter heads and #punkassIsis die
#presidentspeech I would say this is a step toweard showing america true power we been nice now with the new technology y'all ass is dead
Y'all fucked up u forgot he's an intelligent black man Now your cities will be left as dust, we will take no more lost
#isis die you fucked up , did u not hear what the president said that mean we finna bomb the fuck out of syria now
Yes no troops will be on the ground , can u say drones I can, I can see us taking no casualties, punk ass #Isis
And tonite he did say over 150 airstrikes has already been deployed and we fight them from above , #02M fly high or get bombed on
Man u gotta watch the media before the president gave his speech they was saying how one year ago he said he wouldn't lead us into anot ...
Over 40 nations with us 9 that already with it , they done messed up now this man gonna use ur tech power to crush them
Over 150 air strikes already since Isis I didn't know that and we not in war yet we have over nations with us 9 already with it