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DOWNLOAD #IMSOTRIL track number #13 Off the Making of Giants…
That's No hold backs tks NO remixes No do overs all new
Now stay tuned for all new fresh old holdbacks on this one on remixes all fresh
They was songs that's I liked I promoted what I liked old and new for #TMOG
Hope life is treating u well , to all my follwers been in the lab baking some treats , a lotta ppl are mad cuz I put so many old songs out
you still mad and tripping almost and year wtf , did u find what u was looking for @Idhitthattt
DOWNLOAD #IMSOTRIL track number #13 Off the Making of Giants
#ImsoTrill Niggas aint fake friends make me sick keep loosing lost all my sense putting all at risk to make these dollars over them cents
🇨🇴🇵🇾 www​​​.​​​forfollow​​​​​.​​​​net 🇵�@Sialcricket1l@shoukatnoharu@MAJBOORMJM@CreatorChemisto@andesmartinge@BODIESOFLIGHTESOFLIGHT
Let go make this food , and burn one and get it cracking
Even if u never see this I'm talking to the spirit realm
As I see my success come I see my circle smaller u bish I wanted you here 4this you got what u wanted hope u enjoying it food 420 make beats
Home sweet home good to come home and just relax #dec11th #coolingit
Happy for my boyz glad to get out of calie good shit
One month ago todayb I dropped my first mixtape in over wow 8 yrs , now 30 days later good things are begining to happen , #wishuwashere2see
It has begun the congradulations to TK and PC winning the coast to coast showcase L.A. last nite the tour is coming first stop flordia
Now Following @UntouchableMag. Follow them for the new artist news info pics ect
This week is going slow last week went by way faster
I though she was bomb until she said call me when u can take me out , NEXT U DIDN'T LET hit THE WAY I WANTED ANYWAY RUNNING FROM THIS SWIPE
Dam u fine ass bitch if you reading this sure u are u owe me head , when I see you again the most random place depends
Time a new phone everytime I think about buying a new phone I think about her ass , fine ass yellowbone big butt st8 white teeth hazel eyes
I hate that Bitch was an idea about christy that stole my F6, produced a song called #Ihatethatbitch by #generalwa'der
Thats a new years gift I could use a new phone
Moody Monday back to the ball and chain aka my desk ,
Didn't get a chance to finnish alice in wonder land smh , those moments when u relive ir childhood
One down 4 days to go
Cool day #tgif and #tgfJ #tgfg #tgfm #tgfs #tgfl I made out ok today my boy @ work came threw 4 me, no worries.
Cool invite , next time , I know what to expect an shit , didn't she her coming doe
Dammm , I would eat you like lolly pop
Had a diffirent kinda lunch today , trying to branch out and expand myself
They at it again #flimimg #downtown #LA movie town. #TGIF
I'm glad shit worked out and a new year is coming time to make some adjustments for the new year No not not a resolution either a change
Look like we out early today
I have no words this b some main
Tearing apart cool friendships devil ,u come to steal , kill and destroy, now u after my friendship huh , U judged already to hell
Always listen to ur first mind , keep you outta Bullshit, When some else fuck looks bad on you pure bull shit I swear I hate the devil
That one ex that's comes back around & shows you that y'all not over each other as much as y'all thought y'all was .
Current situation #keepitwet , #stickybud #weed #420 #bigbuds Finna blaze and chill
This some new Bullshit ,
Dam I need a heater , its cold AF ,