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Chelsea Houska
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Just got my summer VIP box from @FabFitFun ! Use my code "Chelsea10" for $10 off your box ☺️
My @FabFitFun summer VIP box came in the mail today and I am obsessed! The box has over $200 of glam goods in it for only $39.99 :) You can use my special code "Chelsea10" for $10 off your box!
Someone left the sweetest note on my car yesterday while I was at the whoever that was, thank you! It really made my day! ❤️
@TiffPinkelman: Reminds me of @ChelseaHouska 😘” hahah shut up I'm getting better!
Future make-up artist haha her mom let her play with her birthday make-up chelseahouska
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I just got called out hardcore by Aubs 😑 "why do you take pictures all the time?" #selfies
The cake pops and cake turned out SO cute thanks to Cakes by Monica and Deb's Sweet Treats in vermillion!
She's over all the pictures today haha 😬
5 years old looks pretty darn cute on her ☺️
Awhhh I love this SO much! Can't believe how fast the last 5 years has gone
@ChelseaHouska Gonna be on The Voice on NBC this season..hope you watch & tell your peeps too! Hope you're well, CH!
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@TiffPinkelman: Shout out to @ChelseaHouska for pushing a whole human out her vajayjay 5 years ago today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUBREE!!!” Hahah
Happy 5th birthday to my sunshine! 💕
Time for Phil to take ME on a walk 😳😩 #bigbaby #greatdane #pullingmealong
I can't believe it's almost been 5 years that I've had such an amazing little girl in my life.
@J_Abs11: Well now that we know @ChelseaHouska 's boyfriend is one happy man and PROUD owner of a #PrettyKitty 😹😹#LoveHerHer” haha lucky dog
@trendinaliaUS: @ChelseaHouska the 1st mention of #prettykitty appears on your TL. Now is Trending Topic in United States! #trndnl” hahahah
@starcasm: @ChelseaHouska was that @BPCleanse? #ommnomnom” of course! Always got my juices!
@christianohdee: Lol at @ChelseaHouska "They do your butt, so you have to do like doggy style... But whatever..." 😂😂” it's crazy! 😩
@ChelseaHouska said "I'm getting laser vagina hair removal, and they make you flip over doggy style. I don't recommend it"
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@tabbyp_01: "I'm gonna have a pretty kitty" @ChelseaHouska oh my god. 😂😸😹” hahhahahahahh
@Shelb_Johnson48: "He'd be standing here with his shirt off, abs, and big muscles." -@ChelseaHouska 😂” haha I was dreamin 😍
Love that @ChelseaHouska has such a good group of girlfriends that have stuck by her through everything - love these friendship scenes
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Haha @TiffPinkelman why do I always want to lick you face?! #TeenMom2
Me and my friends like to do a "FUN FACT OF THE DAY" haha
I think tonight's episode is proof that sometimes I forget that I'm being filmed for a TON of people to see 😳🙊
OMG @ChelseaHouska's sass (and cursing) is totally on point in this bonfire scene. Love it. #TeenMom2
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@emm_kathleen: And her trucker mouth @ChelseaHouska like 10 ef bombs in one scene.” 🙊
@TeamSocio: Chelsea: A SPIDER JUMPED ON ME absolutely NOT 😂�@ChelseaHouskaka she's my fav 😏” dude I hate spiders I can't help it😭
@emm_kathleen: I love how weird Chelsea is lol @ChelseaHouska” 😳😁 haha
5 minutes till #TeenMom2 ...who's watching?!
@josriddd: @ChelseaHouska even rocks crocs” oh ya, love my crocs!
Just remembered teen mom 2 is on tonight and my night got so much better😁💕@KailLowryw@ChelseaHouskas@TM2LeahDawna@PBandJenelley_1y_1
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Not a bad birthday present to get from your BOSS! 😍😍😍 LOVE her #tiffany&co
....Only to ruin that with more cake and junk food this coming weekend for Aubree's birthday 😳😩🎂