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Your Stats
At twiends our goal is to help you grow your audience on Twitter and Instagram. We do this by increasing your exposure, promoting your social content, and allowing people to follow you directly.
Everything on twiends revolves around people building lasting quality connections with each other. We try and promote a community of discovery, where you can find interesting social profiles to follow and others can find you.

Connections are called different things on different networks, such as 'following', 'friending', 'liking', etc. Following someone on Twitter creates a connection with that person, and you will then receive their updates. We will be adding many tools soon for managing connections.
Exposure is a measure of the amount of times you are seen by others, and it increases when you participate in the community. One of the easiest ways to do this is to build connections to people of interest to you. You can also participate by adding celebrity suggestions. VIP packages offer the greatest exposure on twiends.
New Connections
A new connection is made when you follow or friend someone. The number that appears at the top of your stats is the number of fully established connections you have made or received in the last 12 hours. These are connections that have not been dropped and are fully established.
Pending Connections
A pending connection is one that is very new. If you follow someone then it will be pending for a short time before becoming fully established. This gives you some time to change your mind and unfollow someone without affecting your stats. This is important for the discovery aspect of our community. All following is opt-in and should be done because you are interested in receiving the other person's updates.
Made / Received
Many social networks operate a connection mechanism that is one-way in nature (eg. a twitter follow). This means that you may follow someone that does not follow you back, or vice versa. Other social networks operate two-way mechanisms (eg. facebook friending). At twiends we differentiate between connections you make and receive in order to accommodate all these different types of networks. You can therefor see in a fully transparent manner how many connections are made and received each day. Click 'made' and 'received' to toggle the chart.
We recognise that no form of self-promotion is guaranteed. In the world of internet promotion one can expect a wide-range of conversion rates depending on the method of promotion used. At twiends we'll always do our best to provide a great discovery community for our members, whether you are using the service for free or as a VIP. These stats and the detailed activity reports provided on the history page are two tools we use to create transparency of our service performance.