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Your Stats
At twiends our goal is to help you grow your audience on Twitter and Instagram. We do this by increasing your exposure, promoting your social content, and allowing people to follow you directly.
The Conversion Funnel
Your stats allow you to measure your progress in getting more exposure, having your social content viewed, and ultimately being followed by others.

It's useful to view this activity as a conversion funnel. It all starts with raw exposure, followed by people viewing your content and following you, and ending with long-term audience growth after drops have occurred.
Exposure is the first part of your funnel. This is the measure of the amount of times you appear in front of others. Every time your photo appears on a page your exposure will increase a little. It will increase more when you appear prominently at the top of a page, and will increase less when you appear lower down in a page. It has a different scale on the chart, so hover your mouse over it to see its value.
Views occur when someone actually views your profile or wall. It's a more direct measure than exposure as it shows when someone has actually clicked through to your wall or has decided to view your profile, tweets, or photos. Adding your wall to the discovery program is a great way to increase your views. Getting others to view you helps them get a feel for your content before they follow you.
Every time someone follows one of your profiles we record it. This is a raw measure of the amount of people that have decided to check you out through twiends. It does not include follows that occur outside of twiends and it is not equal to your final audience growth as some people will unfollow you.
When someone follows and unfollows in a short space of time we track it for further action. If a person repeatedly does this or breaks any other social network rules then we may take action against their account. For VIP's we refund the seeds used in these instances, and these appear as refunded follows. People using twiends for free will not see refunds in their stats.
Estimated Growth
There are a number of factors that can cause follower attrition over the long-term. We provide an estimate of your long-term audience growth based on the typical retention rates we've seen over the last few years. If 10 people follow you today, then it's likely that less than half of those people will be following you in a few year's time. Some followers may become dormant, some may unfollow if their interests change, and others may just be interested in reciprocal following. We provide a high, normal and low estimate for you here.
We recognise that no form of promotion is guaranteed. In the world of internet promotion one can expect a wide-range of conversion rates depending on the quality of the system and the method of promotion. At twiends we'll always do our best to provide a good conversion rate for our members, whether they are using the service for free or as a VIP. These stats and the detailed activity reports provided on the history page are two tools we use to create transparency of our service performance.