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Charles Trippy
Damnit of course my girlfriend @alliewes loves scary movies. If you know me they terrify me.
Not sure if it's badass our embarrassing when I walk to customer service in greeted with "hello again Mr trippy"☺
Meet the newest member of the CTFxC ☺
Hilariously enough zoey stepped on my camera and broke the screen. Fatty.
Caught on camera🙊🐷
This is why you don't let the internet choose your dares for a video
He'll yeah RT @shaelyndushion: Ordering my sweatshirt 😄�@CharlesTrippypy I am gonna wear it
The new hoodies are available NOW at can’t wait to see you rocking them this winter!
New hoodies on sale in 50 minutes 🍕👍
@CharlesTrippy look what I got in the mail today!!! ✌️❤️🍕
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Okay so I puked on this dare. Brb I need a shower lol. This was the worst idea ever for a vlog. I'm sure you'll love it though you jerks❤️🍕
It's for a dare lol
Can you eat canned escargots straight from the can?🙈
Got some awesome ideas. Keep them coming. Tomorrow's video should be hilarious
So @Alliewess wants you to give us some ideas for truth or dare. Give us some dares. Guess it's dare or dare lol more fun that way
Double rainbow!! Pretty!
New hoodies go oh sale at midnight tonight oct 1 on stoked to see you rocking them this winter!
Yup she’s going to kill me again 🙈 lol worth
“@KevinKungFu69 so great to meet you! 'highlight at @TomorrowWorld. Meeting @Alliewess and trading kandi with her.…”
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Midnight!!! RT @hittukaur: @CharlesTrippy when do hoodies come out? Will you have the old designs too?
Happy birthday to my brother @wethehunter ❤️❤️
Got my suit for trav and Jenny's wedding. I feel like superman with my with shirt under it lol
Probably going to kill me for this but super happy she's home and she looked so cute🙊
The girls and I were so excited to see @alliewes zoey almost knocked her on her butt. ❤️🍕❤️🍕❤️
Hey honey @Alliewess its national coffee day. You deserve one! See you in a few hours ❤️
This is why I can never get anything done. I'll accept it though due to adorableness.
Was trying to figure out a way to fly @alliewes home early I think this plane may be a bit small for her. At lest I tried 😒
Trying to fly @Alliewess home early. Anyone have a plane we can borrow? Promise to give it right back!
I try RT @_MMayy: @CharlesTrippy you make everything extreme 😂❤️
Now this how you play golf. The extreme bobble head way lol. I won too!!!!
_ctfxc_wtk's video @CharlesTrippy I can't get over this 😂😂😂
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@CharlesTrippy my girlfriend surprised me with this pick she caught at a show! How cool is that?! ❤🍕
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@CharlesTrippy omg look what finally came yesterday! All the way to Scotland,love them x
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@CharlesTrippy #throwback to warped tour! Love this photo I got of you and the CTFXCer's taking selfies!! 😘
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We saved this little pre Ninja turtle today. He was cranky.
Our tshirts came all the way to Scotland! We're twins, reppin' the coolest shirts ever👯@CharlesTrippyy ✌️❤️�
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After a day of golf. Time to wind down with happy gilmore.
The lightning is so loud. My thunder buddy jumped in my lap while I was editing.