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Charles Trippy
The damn mri tech played nothing but nickleback while I was stuck in the tube. What an ass! 🙉
Tag team to make sure the vlog is up on time even with an MRI! #NeverQuit
Morning! Mri checkup! 😁
Sweet dreams 👨👄
Let's just say it worked! Sorry @alliewes lol
My #wcw WWF or whatever it is lol
🎃👊👻@ctfxc_officialial: here's a picture @Alliewessess when she was still "squiggles" we've come so far! ❤
feel like this RT @Alliewess: whole park to us for the nigh! Next time we should check the schedule for Howl-o-scream
Heck yeah going to howl-o-scream tonight! Thanks to Tommy from @Uber_Florida for driving so we can relax! 👻👻�
So I might of squealed with happiness when I saw that @Alliewess 's bun was added to the intro! @CharlesTrippy
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Surprise totally worked!!!!!
On the way to @Alliewess surprise, she has no idea! thanks to @iambillyburke @ElenaCStanley for helping ☺☺☺
taking @Alliewess to a surprise tomorrow & won’t tell her where. it’s driving her cray cray hahah :-P
New little project we're doing at the house 🔨
OMG @Alliewess just got back from the hair salon, she dyed her hair brown 🙊
This is complete horeshit! 4 white sharkbites vs 3!!! Shenanigans!
this is kind of hard to say so i’ll just do this…
When I don't smile in a photo this happens #forced
billion dollar idea, edible cupcake wrapper… okay, going back to sleep #thingsthatwakemeup hahah
@CharlesTrippy 10 years ago I had heart surgery & the pain is almost gone,the both of us will get stronger & fight!
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I have a partially pink @Alliewess bun 💕@CharlesTrippyy is creeping in the background �
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ALLI!!! HAD SUCH A CRUSH ON HER RT @brinean: Just watching Hocus Pocus, thought you might like this @CharlesTrippy
Excited because @Alliewess filmed a long heart to heart thatll go live in tomorrows vid that shes wanted to do but just now got the courage
Super stoked to see @smackinyc in Ybor tonight, sad yellowcard couldn't play but it was still a blast hanging with friends
We have those ☺ RT @magmag98: @CharlesTrippy merch idea: bracelets!!
I love all the girls dressing up as @Alliewess this Halloween, awesome to see how loving you guys are.i know she is incredibly flattered
Trying to now actually RT @Bombay_dreamz: @CharlesTrippy Make a CTFxC Beanie hat
Flying home from Chicago and Jesse Jackson was sitting behind me, sweet ass tie too!
Playing some indoor football lol
I love the fall in the north☺️
Love Starbucks cup fails, right Trevais? ☺
Can't wait to sign yours RT @Pollysoule223: @CharlesTrippy just preordered my signed poster from
Time to go to work. This time it's in Chicago ✈️
You know you're flying the early flight when everyone is ordering "tomato juice" 😶
time of season allie & I had to get these! Thanx to @Uber_Florida for taking us on the adventure until we found it!👊
I'm like a skunk when @Alliewess is messing with me, I simply just fart and then I'm free 😜
Multitasking!! RT @nicolesanchezz6: @CharlesTrippy in class but i think buying your poster is a little more important