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Charles Trippy
Amazing shot from today by @Liebregts_Jason
So much fun at the CTFxC screening. Sold out theater of awesome people!
I can't believe I got to meet @CharlesTrippy for a second time this man is truly my idol ily Charles ❤️❤️
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@CharlesTrippy told me I have killer hair, @LianaRico made me think I was having a bad hair day. Damn it Liana.
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Long video tomorrow, hope that's okay with you guys. Nervous about tomorrow, but I know you guys will love it👍🙈
Got a bunch off footage from the screening that I've been wanting to say to you guys but I felt this was the best way to do it.
any1 get any footage of the CTFxC screening? forgot to film & there were parts i wntd for the vlog (the comment stuff, and elephant in room)
should i cut vert little in today’s video? it may be a long one!
Thank you Leah for making this for making this for the day 2000 and passing them to the audience ❤️❤️❤️
Starting day 2000 off crazy!
Good morning, day 2000!!!!!!
These events are so much more fun were you do it with your best friends. See you tomorrow at the CTFxC meet up and screening! Let's talk about everything, im game!
Pretending I know what I'm doing on the red carpet.
It's official, with @jennxpenn lol
With done favorite people!
Wouldn't have it any other way! RT @_NicoleDodds: @CharlesTrippy can we all say toodles at your screening tomorrow with you?
I just took a polaroid picture with @CharlesTrippy ❤ thanks so much, it was so great meeting you again!
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What I noticed most about @shaycarl & @CharlesTrippy is that these are two men who love what they do.
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Me trying to dress fancy for this red carpet gala. 🙈🙈
Doing a "behind the scenes" of vlogs q&a with Shay, probably will talk about everything and anything. A bit nervous. 🙈
Don't tell allie about this kiss in Toronto lol
Best way to wake up, at least while being away!
Hey @CharlesTrippy look what I did if you want it msgs me so you can add it into your intros hehe
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GUESS WHO MET @CharlesTrippy TODAY!!! :')) 💙 (yep,@shaycarll is photo bombing in the back hah)
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Went to the Bufferfest after party and saw this dumb face on a poster 🙈
So @shaycarl and I switched spots lol
I didn't get to watch the Apple event. Did they release an app for icloud drive yet??
I forgot to take an artsy photo of my gift before I ripped it apart like a 12 year old on Christmas lol
I'm here Toronto! Who wants to hang?!
Delta buying my love with CapriSuns while I wait, it's no ecto cooler but it'll work.. For now.
Yay. Plane delayed one hour then two new four. Thankfully I found my favourite chairs
Woke up midflight because I thought I thought we had bad turbulence, turns out it was a seizure. Would of much preferred scary turbulence 😒
I wasn't being rude sorry if it did RT @MBowlesyy: @CharlesTrippy @emily_hine ..Am I the only who read that like he was being really rude? 😐
Snip snap lol RT @laurensbandeau: @CharlesTrippy charles don't be sassy
Yeah. Lol where have you been?☺RT @emily_hine: @CharlesTrippy are you coming to buffer fest?
No, sadly @Alliewess can't make Bufferfest. She had a wedding to attend but she WILL be at tri state playlist!! Miss her already #sappytweet
Canada here I come! ✈️💺🍁
Be afraid, be very afraid 👻🎃
Saying it was too dark to film carving outside so @alliewes did this because she refused to inside. Adorable ☺
Can't wait to see all you Canadian CTFxCers at @BufferFestival this weekend! I brought extra vitamin c this time!
It's time for the yearly sexy pumpkin Charles photo. You knew it was coming! 😎
it's finally done! the tattoo sleeve is finished, look how badass it came out!! so happy!!…
did a time lapse of the final tattoo session! look how many photos it took!
My arm is now covered, @dimasreyesart is the effing man!!! Letting it heal then going for touch ups/fillers