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Charles Trippy
internet music punk 493,962 followers
Sonofa @Alliewess managed to prank me before @Jessewelle @PhillyChic5 could haha. With a basic one too. I'm shamed
Totally made Ghost Doggies today! Much harder than expected. u'll see tomorrow. It's pretty adorable though ❤️
My doggy is such a sassy biotch. This time it's not Marley.
Does @alliewes and my war makeup make us scary?! #jagsgamedaylive
don't let anyone tell you otherwise, you are loved and special!!…
It's almost embarrassing the convos I have with @melissatrippy @philoreilly86 Before a football game hahah
working on a pretty cool new shirty design that you guys came up with!!
Night! Going to the Jaguars game tomorrow w/ @Alliewess @PhilOReilly86 & @melissatrippy not a huge football fan but looking forward to it
She had the nerve to bring these on the house!! #fatcity
Reading through letters Ive gotten from a lot of you & I wanted to let you know people love & care for u. Please stop hurting yourself.✌️❤️🍕
Getting ready for the college tour season! Practing the songs!
Straight chilling. They're having fun it seems hahah
happy to see @Uber_Tampa lets talk, DM me! cant drive due to medical crap. Hope ull see this the help of my Internet friends. 🍕❤️
So happy to see @Uber_Tampa here now. We should hook up something since I can't drive due to medical crap. Ur gonna save my social life 🍕❤️
❤️ thank you RT @LindsDoesKitty: @CharlesTrippy @Alliewess probably one of my favorite quotes by Charles :)
Startling the elbow and inner elbow and @dimasreyesart and @alliewes can't help but smile ahaha jerks ❤️
Decided on a half constructed Death Star vs a fully constructed to hide in my sleeve. Better?
Look what I can do! can you do this?! love stupid human tricks haha