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Charles Trippy
Love Starbucks cup fails, right Trevais? ☺
Can't wait to sign yours RT @Pollysoule223: @CharlesTrippy just preordered my signed poster from
Time to go to work. This time it's in Chicago ✈️
You know you're flying the early flight when everyone is ordering "tomato juice" 😶
time of season allie & I had to get these! Thanx to @Uber_Florida for taking us on the adventure until we found it!👊
I'm like a skunk when @Alliewess is messing with me, I simply just fart and then I'm free 😜
Multitasking!! RT @nicolesanchezz6: @CharlesTrippy in class but i think buying your poster is a little more important
Best excuse ever to get a poster lol RT @channiev77: @CharlesTrippy oops fingers slipped
It's so simple but I love this photo. Ps good morning, going back to sleep lol
So good! RT @McSwagged: Please share this video I remixed. Hope you guys enjoy it too lol #ctfxc
Looking good! RT @chelseaketchell: Look what came all the way to Canada, Toronto. thanks for being an inspiration.
She's doing the filming for me today lol
You take goofy photos on my phone, they go online. Victory!
If you guys didn't know the signed posters are online now, only 1,000 signed. First come, first serve
Can't wait to sign yours RT @isaaceisenrox: hi I just preordered the poster with the signature on it can't wait for it to arrive :)
check out these awesome new space pants! oh and the new poster is out now!!!…
New poster is live NOW, there are only 1,000 signed ones. First come, first serve!
Only 1,000 ya RT @5SOS_CTFxC: @CharlesTrippy will you be signing them?
New poster going live in ten minutes! Limited 1,000 signed ones first come first serve on 🍕😁
This is the poster out TONIGHT in two hours!! good call you guys asking for this one!!
New poster coming out tonight at midnight! The photo took forever to get for it! Worth it!
new posters coming tomorrow!! yay!
We both passed out here yesterday, it was beautiful out (pic by @alliewes)
I hope my kid is this hilarious couldn’t stop laughing
Rocking my majestic @Alliewess bun fresh out of surgery round 2. Let's hope it works this time! @CharlesTrippy
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Grocery shopping like a badass👊
Don't forget to smile!
Made this for @CharlesTrippy. Got bored and use a photo from @Alliewess. Hope you guys like it!
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LOL RT @oqlaky: @CharlesTrippy let's name it 4th Allie 😂 now that everything is cool and goten out#NameCharelsGolfCartt
Behold the new golf cart!! Let the naming commence!!! Zo and mar look happy 😁
Just used apple pay for the first time. So easy. I knew they didn't do it first, but they did it best
So funny three goofiness of the dig ears lol RT @ctfxc_official: You should use this for an intro! 💙�
I'll retake the photo probably using the iPhone 1 or something classic too
a lot of you suggested I make this into a poster, should i?…
who else is on if so follow me, if not now you can :)
Just got a new golf cart! It'll be home tomorrow!
It tis ☺RT @VloggerFair: WOW! today is @CharlesTrippy's 2000th consecutive vlog! #CTFXC
Flew home 12 hours early, @alliewes was watching the dogs. Suck in the house and did this. Couldn't believe it worked!!!👊👊
Day 2000 is now live and we walked on top of a edge of a skyscraper and other amazing things. best way to celebrate!
I gotta get one now lol RT @David_BOAG: @CharlesTrippy my new favourite tshirt arrived today!! :D
Kind of crazy twitpic is shutting down