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Charles Trippy
internet music punk 493,152 followers
Sorry, not sorry. 😝 you yawned don't lie.
This is gonna be fun! RT @Alliewess: Fulfilling my end of the deal
Can't beat 'em. Join 'em
Noo! RT @melissatrippy: You guys get to choose the Pie to throw at chas when I hit 100k subscribers! Let me know :)
It's never to early to face chug! 😜
Tonight is the night when the new shirt goes down to one color. If u want a specific one grab it now 😎CTFxCMerch.com5
LOL RT @Lumaberry: @CharlesTrippy @Alliewess Laughed at this and had to screen cap! Love that Zoe got one at the end!
We just won $40! Wha what?!
Celebrating @alliewes new raise tonight!!! yay for seltzer and cranberry. Balling!!! Hahah
Awkward smiles are awkward. 😝
Been making progress over the year!
Multitasking pic by @josiahvandien
the secret to life, the universe, and everything isn't 42 ... its this!
bummed, I tried the golf cart again yesterday and it's still effed. I guess I need to start the process of finding a new one. Wanna help?
When life gives you lemons you do this 🍋 #NationalLemonadeDay
Who knew eating grass would be so healthy?!
The new tattoo looks amazing!! This sleeve is making me so happy! Can't wait for it to be done! Thanks @dimasreyesart for consistently blowing my mind with your talent!
Trying to avoid the damn sun. lol
last chance for the color of the new shirt you want, the rest will be discontinued on friday at
Damn it RT @themixer2000: @melissatrippy @CharlesTrippy and you only need 8,558 subscribers for that other pie... LOL
I’m so so happy how amazing this came out! What do you think?!…