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Charles Trippy
@KevinKungFu69 so great to meet you! 'highlight at @TomorrowWorld. Meeting @Alliewess and trading kandi with her.…
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Midnight!!! RT @hittukaur: @CharlesTrippy when do hoodies come out? Will you have the old designs too?
Happy birthday to my brother @wethehunter ❤️❤️
Got my suit for trav and Jenny's wedding. I feel like superman with my with shirt under it lol
Probably going to kill me for this but super happy she's home and she looked so cute🙊
The girls and I were so excited to see @alliewes zoey almost knocked her on her butt. ❤️🍕❤️🍕❤️
Hey honey @Alliewess its national coffee day. You deserve one! See you in a few hours ❤️
This is why I can never get anything done. I'll accept it though due to adorableness.
Was trying to figure out a way to fly @alliewes home early I think this plane may be a bit small for her. At lest I tried 😒
Trying to fly @Alliewess home early. Anyone have a plane we can borrow? Promise to give it right back!
I try RT @_MMayy: @CharlesTrippy you make everything extreme 😂❤️
Now this how you play golf. The extreme bobble head way lol. I won too!!!!
@CharlesTrippy my girlfriend surprised me with this pick she caught at a show! How cool is that?! ❤🍕
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@CharlesTrippy omg look what finally came yesterday! All the way to Scotland,love them x
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@CharlesTrippy #throwback to warped tour! Love this photo I got of you and the CTFXCer's taking selfies!! 😘
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We saved this little pre Ninja turtle today. He was cranky.
Our tshirts came all the way to Scotland! We're twins, reppin' the coolest shirts ever👯@CharlesTrippyy ✌️❤️�
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After a day of golf. Time to wind down with happy gilmore.
The lightning is so loud. My thunder buddy jumped in my lap while I was editing.
was trying to get my hard drive connected to my TV but it kept failing and defaulting to a lifetime movie….welp….here is my man card.
Damn rain got us lol. Who do you think won?
GLAD YOU LIKE IT RT @kaitlynnicell: @CharlesTrippy This arrvied today! So soft! 😁 lovin it!�
@CharlesTrippy a while ago in a vlog you asked us to give marley a squirrel tattoo so here you go #squirrellife
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Now this is how you play golf!!!!
Going golfing today with @philoreilly86 these people are fearing my skills haha
So @PhilOReilly86 and I just saved a pre Ninja turtle! Now we have a body guard in a couple years 🐢🐢🐢
The fun continues for mama Trippy 😬
Celebrating my moms birthday getting her drunk at a "mexican restaurant" she asks "do yo have burritos?" Mission accomplished lol
The sweet Allie aka piper Haha I kinda like that name. Funny I know but come on make it stick Ctfxc.…
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You're doing wrong dawg
Get better fast! RT @RansomSloan: @CharlesTrippy you make this surgery easy for me to keep a smile on my face #ctfxc
Looking good RT @gxorglna: @CharlesTrippy @DFTBArecords MY CTFXC TOP ARRIVED BEFORE I MOVED!!! thank you <3
@CharlesTrippy THANKYOU he's doing so well today and all the ctfxc family helped me! Xxx
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