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Sean Houghton
me: who is a good boy dog: you Me: haha ha aw thanks dog: it doesnt matter anyway everyone goes to hell there is no heaven
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Good to know I can always trust Sean Kingston to show us the truth
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Check out Daft Punk's new single "Get Lucky" if you get the chance. Sound of the summer.
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Kylie Minogue is such a badass
Greece is like that annoying friend that never has money at the end of the night for a taxi so you have to cover them every time *thats me*
Zimbabwe to "demonetize" its all-but worthless currency. Shame, because the bank notes are fun
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RIP Sir Christopher Lee ... You shall be missed!
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when ur whole life is falling apart and you want to die
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barber: what'll it be you: ironic avant garde poetry barber:
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► Remembering Jerry Collins: The day the former Ospreys star turned out for Barnstaple »
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Tragic news of Jerry Collins passing away in a car crash in France. Hard man on the field but often with a big smile off it. RIP
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Oculus Rift should arrive tomorrow , yes LADS
Jon Snow is the best Character in Game of Thrones and if you disagree get a grip
Great night for British boxing with Kell Brook and Anthony Joshua putting a shift in-Kahn win on Friday night too, all good with UK fighters
Well it finally happened. I just told my kids to "turn the music down!" in their room.
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Captain America is class
Can't believe Leicester Tigers made the playoff, incredible effort!
R.I.P. Apollo Creed
It also has the most homo-erotic/best sounding training scene in all the films
Rocky III is the best one, if you think otherwise you are insane yo
each and everytime you touch the spraypaint can Michelangelo himself controls your hand
Sean Bean is definitely the most hardcore and awesome actor to have ever lived. If you disagree you are a bent ruler (do u geddit)
if you don't miss Ned Stark (Sean Bean) in GoT you are a sadistic FUCK
how good is Barry White
hey, how ya doin, sorry you can't get through, why don't ya leave ya name and ya number, and we'll get back to you
One of if not the best player in England right now, amazing player and top bloke @Jonathanjoseph0 - what a great find for England Rugby!
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These guys have seen better days R.I.P.
Terrible day at the gym today punching like a lil' biatch
gimme a break I can't spell that all I can tell you is that I think Canelo gonna win by KO
Canelo v Kirkland oooohhhhhh this is gonna be a real fight, nevermind Mayweather v Pacquiao!
Excited for Alvarez v Kirkland Saturday night, two massive hitters - Gotta go for Alvarez by KO
god DAMN I love Jon Snow
I am going to start playing the odds and ask as many female celebrities out on a date as humanly possible using Twitter #welcometothegrind

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