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Chaker Khazaal
Love wifi on planes! One of my favorite 21st century inventions 🙈
Me too 😶💃 RT@khjamjoumum: @ChakerKhazaalal It is really so hard! Wonderful characters ... Can't wait for#ConfessionsOfAWarChildSaharara”
Soooooo busy with #ConfessionsOfAWarChildSahara. Hard to be saying goodbye to the characters of #ConfessionsOfAWarChild trilogy 😥
Let's Fika ☕️ Enjoy your Sunday folks!
Yes @m7amadfar7an, I'm listening to @elissakh's "Awwel Marra". I love the original song by Abdel Haleem & Elissa re-presented it amazingly 👌
Can't wait for the launch of @HuffingtonPost Arabic. Best of luck @ariannahuff & team!
#SocialMedia is an open platform to share info, but posting brutal pics of war/crime victims serve no purpose but hurting their loved ones.
"The further a destination is, the more we strive to reach it." ~A #quote by the narrator of my next #book: #ConfessionsOfAWarChildSahara
In the mood for 3 songs today: Law Taarafou by @elissakh, Baddak Temshi Feek by @NancyAjram & American Pie by Don McLean. Music speaks loud.
Missed you all Twitter folks! Busy times working on my book before some travel soon ✈️
Working with @DuggalNYC social media team covering @ClimateReality live @DuggalGH with @algore & other great people. #ClimateHope
Happening live @DuggalGH: Watch @algore & a line-up of celebrities and world leaders come together for #ClimateHope.
Happy Birthday Bill Wrigley (the talented artist who did the cover of my second #book: #ConfessionsOfAWarChildLia)
#HaletHob (Situation of Love) with someone from #ConfessionsOfAWarChildSahara. I wish the character isn't fictional ;)
Finishing next #book soon💃 Special thanks to those who gave constructive criticism on#ConfessionsOfAWarChildd &#ConfessionsOfAWarChildLiaa!
Amazing to be walking in #NYC & hear @elissakh tunes playing! Made my day :)
For nappers, a rainy day is a holy day. ☔️😴 Back to dream land... Have a great weekend folks!
Life is sometimes like a train. You need to sit and take the ride; you'll eventually get to the next station. #ConfessionsOfAWarChildSahara
Watch a little preview of my interview with @20to30project. Full feature coming soon!
#ConfessionsOfAWarChild factoid: The names of the narrators of the first book & #ConfessionsOfAWarChildLia were never revealed...
Remembering the victims, thinking about their families, & honoring the heroes we will #NeverForget. #September11
:) RT “@20to30project: Candid shot from today's interview w/ @ChakerKhazaal - Look for the #video soon!
Great interview with @20to30project. Check their website & stay tuned!
In my interview with @20to30project, I answered 4 of ur questions asked by @khjamjoum, @ZiadBGaza, @Beverly_Davis & @samah_hs 😉 Stay tuned!
#ApplePay... Finally we can start carrying slim wallets until one day we don't have to carry one at all. #Technology
& here's to the #AppleWatch. Feeling like a kid in an iCandy store 😋
لبيروت... من قلبي سلام ل #?????@TrellaLB: Good Mrning #Beirut . I woke up at 5 only to take a shot of this beauty.
One more sleep to finally meet #iPhone6 😍📱
Another picture with ebn blede @philabouzeid :) When I meet folks from #Lebanon, I realize how much I miss it!
@elissakh @philabouzeid We miss/love U too 😘 Btw, I didn't sing for Philip bcz God didn't give me the voice gift 🙊 Enno basita, "it's ok" 😜
Unlike a "favorite", a "retweet" does not mean one agrees with the tweet. FV if you agree, RT if you care to "share" 👆#SocialMediaa#Twitterr
Note: The video posted in my previous tweet of @elissakh song playing in the car was taken by the passenger. 📵 while driving :)#RoadSafetyy
Halet Hob (Situation of Love) with the road, the music, the company & the last days of summer.
Raw meat (Kibbe Nayye), Arak (Ouzo) & @elissakh tunes. Better way to end a crazy busy day? #Food #Music #Arabic #NYC
Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. #Quote #CharityDay
Thank you :) RT “@BooksHashOff: Hats off to @ChakerKhazaal for charging up the leaderboard #books:…"
Catching up on sleep 😴