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C.F. Hutton
Being a Pacifist these days only means... #IDontWantNoProblems... But don't fault me for defending myself!
You try punching one of our "Leaders" in the face today... You would probably get shot! Lol
If u look at those old films of the Civil Rights Movement... Man those were Strong Leaders! That doesn't exist today!
Everybody says they're a Pacifist until u get punched in the face like Dr. King did... That's why I need balance. #CircumstantialPacifist
I don't want anything but Peace and Balance in all things, in my life... That's my Destination!
Crime can turn u into a Monster, or a Pacifist! The latter happened for me! Ha ha... And I'm grateful!
If u grew up getting in trouble... Then u realize early on whether "the Life" is worth it... It wasn't for me... #ThatsReal
I don't make one move outside of the law... If I did... I wouldn't keep a phone or a computer around me!
Anybody on Social Media touting that they do Illegal Shit... Deserves to be caught by the Feds! How dumb can u be? #FedsWatching
I like a state of continual becoming, with a goal in front and not behind. -George Bernard Shaw Pls RT
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I hate corny affairs where ppl act like they can't have fun. There's a time to Network... And then there is a time to Mingle and Be Social.
These Live Events won't be like Club Nights... More like Social Affairs for ppl of like-minds! #BusinessAndEntertainment #BN2L
All this stuff that's coming, including Live Events, will all seem like its a Tidal Wave... But work has been put into making it #Organic.
Updates to the site are finally rounding third to home... We'll celebrate once we get there! #TheMidnightShift
I'm always saying to myself "you're supposed to be having fun doing this shit!"... #WhySoSerious #TheMidnightShift
I can talk like this in the Wee Hours... #TheMidnightShift... #BreaktimeOver
I just watched the New @NICKIMINAJ video "Anaconda"... I feel satisfied like I just watched a Soft-Porn or sumthin! Lol #SheGotCakes!
This Multimedia "Fear Campaign", which I have been commenting on for some time now, is working a little too well!...
I do think we are all headed for a Very Dangerous Place! And that place is but the Tip of the Iceberg! So many...
This Ferguson, MO. situation is definitely one of those events! More coming later once I rationalize my views on this BS.
I've been biting my tongue versus speaking on all these events that are stripping away objective thinking due to...
Creating an enlightened existence is something you can teach to your children... it has value... especially in...