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C.F. Hutton
@CFHuttonSpeaks THX 4 FOLLOW PLZ HELP ME LAUNCH Sarentony divisible sheets c them on u tube thx
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Did u see that? Maaannnn... I'm turning this off and getting to work! #SundayNightFootball
Hopefully the RG4 will be more durable.
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Why investors remain unfazed by ISIS -
Sales Acceleration Technology Summit 2014 -
Today is here and somewhere, someone is taking full advantage of it. Who is that someone? It can be you.
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#SundayMorningTechNews: PayPal’s Support Is the Best Thing That Could Happen to Bitcoin -
#MeditationRevelation: There r those that spend their whole day complaining abt others... Those ppl don't realize THEY r their own problem.
#MayweatherMaidanaII... Great Fight! But its over and its back to work! #TheMidnightShift
Mayweather is SKILLED man! That dude knows that science! #MayweatherMaidanaII during #TheMidnightShift
Oh shit! Floyd's IN TROU-BLE!
Round 1: 10-9 Mayweather on my card... @ItsThatEasy... How did you have it?
Let's go Mayweather! Make quick work of this dude so I can get bk to doing what I was doing! #MayweatherMaidanaII during #TheMidnightShift
These long national anthem when I wanna see the fight ain't cool!!!!
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Monica! Monica! Good Job!
Yes! Monica! She's Hot!
Who told this asthmatic that it was kool to play the FLUTE at a boxing match? Smh... These subliminal msgs make watching TV suck!
Man... When is the Main Event? I got work to finish! Ha ha...
These cats sound like they are auditioning for those sports correspondent jobs! #MayweatherMaidanaII
The New Age of Boxers are Media Ready!! #BelieveIt
Slipknot Reveal New Masks in Eerie 'The Devil in I' Music Video -
U2 invades your iTunes, get the eviction notice ready -
I'm a legal immigrant, but not allowed to work -
Individual commitment to a group effort--that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work -Vince Lombardi
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5 Insanely Inspirational Quotes For Entrepreneurs -
3 Big Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make (Short Video) -
#RIP to those that lost their lives during that inexusable tragedy on 9/11... You are remembered! #RESPECT
There's nothing in Life that really comes easy... Be grateful for the lessons u learn.
Life sends U good things whether U are grateful or not. But w/gratitude, life sends them to U faster because gratitude is a state of being.
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Know what it's like #livingofftips? @rocunited needs to hear from you - join the folks standing up for #1FairWage at!
Power & Internet been down off and on for 2 days... Now its back! Time for #TheMidnightShift launches $100 million venture capital fund -
#NowThatsLuxury: The Bugatti is Dope... but spending that type of money on one vehicle... You better be making...
The only way to shut everybody up is to win. --Terry Bradshaw
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Do not always prove yourself to be the one in the right. The right will appear. You need only give it a chance. -Charles Fowler
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POWER! I wonder how long it will last given the fact that now the storms are trying to hit hard... #HelluvaWeek
Music: Meek Mill – Getting Money -