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First E3 Vlog is up. check it out :) E3 Vlog - Day 0 via @YouTube
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Hello Teammates!!!!! - (Black Ops II): via @YouTube
No matter how far apart we are. You'll always be my father until the end of time. #FatherDay
I can't wait to be 40 years old. Do you know why? When you're old. You are sexy as hell. Look at this guy. @DaDSHoT
Drinking a whole bunch of Gatorades to making sure I don't get sick tonight. "WE'RE AIN'T GOING DOWN LIKE THAT!!!"
While back my father file divorce and I couldn't find him ever since then. I try calling him but it went to voice message.
I better get some rest. I mean some serious sleep. I want this sickness to be gone completely. Today was the day for greatness. Lol
Happy Fathers day to all the dads
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Being sick sucks!!!!! Why today? Lol
I'm so sorry to cancel the stream. We was doing so well throughout the night. Thank you for all the love. Love you guys.
LIVE in 30 mins!!!!!
Once the final video is uploaded & schedule. I'm heading straight to bed and hopefully this allergy wears out. See you guys tonight.
I liked a @YouTube video from @CecilLetsPlay VLOG - 6/20/2015 - Singing Happy Birthday To CMONEY & Saying
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VLOG - 6/20/2015 - Singing Happy Birthday To CMONEY & Saying Thanks To You Guys: via @YouTube
I've been thinking long & hard. I decide to get a PS4 for next gen console. Black Ops III is going to be game changer for that system.
I can't wait to drop some 40 bombs on that bad boy aka Black Ops III.
Looking at Black Ops III gameplay from other Youtube POV. Jesus Christ, it looks fucking sweet. Being different brings more fun to CoD.
Most streamers don't want you to attack other streamers in their name, you embarrass your streamer and make their community look bad
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Worm Fail & 18K Followers Baby!!!!!!! - (Black Ops II): via @YouTube
You guys are going to love the videos that's coming this week. It's worth it.
I did 1 hour of recording and man. It was a lot of fun. I never laughed or smiled that much from recording vids in a very long time.
I'm feeling a little better. It must be the rain. I better not get a cold or something.
Who will build the ultimate fighting machine? #BattleBots premieres Sunday at 9|8c on ABC!…
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Sorry guys, I don't feel well to stream this morning. I'll try to stream during the evening and hopefully things change. #Sick
A toast to a wonderful life. The townhouse & you guys, the C-Nation. This is just beginning. Now, let's finish it.
Getting Your Groove Own For 50 Bomb - (Black Ops II): via @YouTube
For the last few days. Everyone counts on me to fix there problems. I just guy who plays Black Ops. I'm not Dr. Phil. Lol
And if you think it's because of an over saturation of content on Twitch, you gotta be crazy. YouTube has WAY more users.
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While I embrace competition between companies, YTG is not going to solve smaller channels' issues. That's solely on the streamer & content.
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Very first home is going to be insane. Next year is going to be the SHIT!!!! So many nice homes.
Sorry to cancel the stream like that. This showing is very important to me. This involve the townhouse. Will start the stream later on guys.
Going LIVE in 45 mins
I just woke up thinking about all the changes that took places for the last few months and I must say, I'm humble to see so many of them.
Good morning!!!!!!!!!
I don't really talk about my Papa much. He passed when I was really young. That being said he was one…
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@CecilLetsPlay thanks for the spam bro! but i don't know how you know my twitch channel ! :)
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I bet you, it won't be a 12:00 stream this time. What ever time my body is fully rested. That's the time I'm streaming tomorrow.
Classes was short as sweet. Thank god. I change my mind people. I'm streaming tomorrow but I need more time to rest.
The Two Dynamic Streakers - (Black Ops II): via @YouTube
Thanks for coming out like always. Our 3rd 10 hour successful stream within this week. I won't be streaming Friday. Taking a day off.
Good morning to everyone!!! Well, it's not morning over here but hey. I'm just starting my day by saying "What's going on?"

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