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Loadstar Swarm Before You Break Yourself (Black Ops II): via @YouTube
A little reminder, I might not stream tomorrow morning. Trying to spend as much time with the family as possible. Short stream? Maybe.
Order my ticket for Mission Impossible today. It'll start in 2 hours. I better buy a black suit for the movie. Lol
Sorry guys!!!! No stream today. Usually Saturday is my day off. I guess my body didn't want to wake up at all lol. Have a safe weekend guys
One last stream to finish off the week. Let's make it count and then a day off of relaxation for all of us. See you tomorrow morning.
Omg, I finally got the MIC!!!!!!!!!! It took hours to find the right settings to make sure everything works but god damn. So please with it.
#TwitchCon @TwitchConSF Excited for the education zone! CAN'T WAIT to learn even more tips to better help the community!
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I watched the @TwitchBrotatoe past broadcast and damn. I felt bad for the audiences. Listening to "Friday" from Rebecca Black is low. Lol
One last stream this week and then day off. Mission Impossible film incoming. HYPE!!!!!!
This month brought so much laughter and memories. Next month is a whole new chapter for us to fulfill. Cheers!!!
I hope my new mic comes today. It better. My patient is wearing thin.
This week has been insane. I'm going to store and get a beer. Drink my ass off. See you tonight guys.
DAMN IT!!!! YOU GUYS ROCK TODAY!!!! Thank you for the greatest time of my life. See you guys tomorrow at 2am [CST]. Enjoy your weekend.
Break time!!!! Be right back in 30 to 40 mins. See you soon.
Taking a intermission. The only way the viewbots will stop is to restart the stream. Be back in 10 mins.
Let's start your morning or night right with some streaming. Going LIVE in 30 mins. I need some coffee first. You can't survive without it.
Taking a day off from streaming on Sunday. That'll be the day for me to watch the new Mission Impossible film & relax.
Holy shit!!!! The mic is coming people. Amazon. Don't fuck it up guys please.
Amazing stream people. See you guys tomorrow. Love you guys!!!!
Everyone is moving lately this year. I don't have to worry about it. I already reserve my Townhouse for next year. Countdown begins baby.
stream 45!!! we gettin 100k tonight baby!!!
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This is what twitch will do to you! 😂😂😂😂😂😃
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I liked a @YouTube video GAME WINNING BUZZER BEATER! (Rocket League) Funny Moments With Drew and Pete! (1080P
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I don't like AW but this guy @z3roxmercy make it look like fun. Come here and chill with me. -
We’re LIVE Producing some Musics 🎧…J Deadmau5 Downtempo & Cinematic Today! <3S
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Milestones are awesome but not important. The path is, as long we follow it. Our happiness will get bigger and brighter.
This month is pretty awesome. I must say. A lot of good memories and I don't say that to often Lol. Next year is going to get better.
Five Nights at Freddy's creator responds to haters in the best way:
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I can finally sleep and make up for last night ordeal. I couldn't sleep but now I can. Thank you Jesus.
As always, the fun never ends. You guys are awesome. Thank you for 22K followers. I love you guys so much. See you tomorrow.
RT - I am relaxing and watching @dexxx. Come on over and relax with me. -
The hormones is getting stronger every year. Every teen on Twitch is so ready to get buck wild in chat and real life. Lol
After stop playing Black Ops for 2 weeks. I felt so damn fun to me again. It's about time. Lol
Thanks for being there guys. I had a awesome time with you guys. So close to the big 22K followers. See you guys in the next stream.
We did really well on GTA V today. Let's finish the campaign next stream. I only finish 30 mins of it. I really want to do it.
You guys killed it today. Amazing amount of love & support today. Thank you for tuning in. I'll see you all tomorrow. Love you guys.
I must say this weekend was interesting. Being sick isn't so bad. Well, I better get some sleep & rest for the morning stream. Good night.
The family decided to pick me up to see the "Minions" & It's a fun film but damn those little kids kick my chair so many damn times. Omg!

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