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Morning stream starts in 45 mins.
Besides, drinking a couple of cold ones while washing cloths is actually amusing. You can't see me livestream feeling drunk. Lol.
I thought I could stream today but I can't. Doing some laundry. We'll start the morning stream tomorrow at 2am [CST].
What do you think of this audio for the new followers sound? *Someone follow* "I look good, I look good".
Not Bad. Not Bad At All. - (Black Ops 2): via @YouTube
Once you have faith in yourself & God. The strength from God will push everything that hold you back from your full potential.
The family & I going to the circus tomorrow. Oh shit!!! No stream tomorrow night but Monday morning for sure. 2am [CST]
Howdy do to ya folks!!!!! Good morning!!!
Good night guys. Have a good weekend.
Heading home and it was nice. To bad that I couldn't be there longer. What's everyone doing on your weekend?
Being near the water allow me to relax my mind and erase all the negative & be more calm than ever.
I only if i have a good camera to show how beautiful this beach is. Just amazing view here.
Tomorow for sure guys that we'll go LIVE. I haven't been on the beach in 16 years.
No night stream tonight guys. Just like I said earlier today. "Enjoy your weekend". Going to the beach with family. I hope they have beer.
Another Swarm? Yeppppppppp!!!!!! - (Black Ops 2): via @YouTube
Thank you @colelep & as always you guys too for making today the most enjoyable one ever. Each time I stream. Laughter builds. Love you guys
Go sub to @CecilLetsPlay he's an Amazon streamer and cod player he's steaming right now on twitch
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The Illuminati Swarms Confirm - (Black Ops II): via @YouTube
Amazing support from you guys and this is just the beginning. Thanks for coming and I hope to see you all tonight. Have a good day.
Night stream turn out fine and awesome as hell. Break time is now in full effect. Be back in 45 mins for the morning stream.
I hope everyone's night is great because my night is awesome. Do you know why? Because you. You make it better every time.
Be little late for the night stream. Still eating. This food is good. Remember it start at 9pm [CST]. We might start at 9:30pm instead.
Oh My God!!!! You're Mad Bro? - (Black Ops II): via @YouTube
@CecilLetsPlay Because that's something us grown ass gamers care about... some screaming teens yelling "Let's Go!" every 2 seconds...
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Black ops 3 eSports reveal in less than 30 minutes!
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Night stream begin at 9pm [CST]. Last night was a bit rough but fun. See you guys tonight.
There no way I can do a day stream. I only had 4 hours of sleep so night stream for the win baby!!!! #NightProwlers
Origin is already done. It took only 20 mins. What the hell!!!!? Lol
Before bed time. I'm downloading this Origin for zombies so when tomorrow hits. We'll be ready to play it.
Ok, people. It's your choice. Fav for a day stream. 2:30pm [CST]
The heart within everyone should be the only thing that people need to judge. Instead of looks or beauty in streamers.
What a awesome stream people. 100+ followers gains and no matter if the schedule change. You still made it possible. I love you all so much
LIVE in 15 mins baby!!!!
Thanks for coming to the night stream. The morning stream will begin in 1 hour. See you then.
I don't know what happen. The internet timeout. Maybe ddos or the isp is acting up. Be back shortly.
Want to party with these gamers at #TwitchCon? Get moving! Party tickets are nearly SOLD OUT.
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I'm so restless right now. I need to go outside and walk for a bit. I haven't done it in years. It's good for the legs anyways. Lol
Well, the first day of me sleeping during these hours and also adapt to the new schedule. See you in a few hours.
HOLY DAMN IT!!!! @ImPootie reached his 200+ views for the first time. Proud of you bud. <3
Free Kill Please!!!! Free Kill Over Here!!! - (Black Ops II): via @YouTube
8 more hours until the new schedule kicks in baby!!!!! That's 9pm [CST] tonight!!!!
There's are greater issues than female casters, guys.. This is offensive! #triggered @JessyQuil @TwitchBrotatoe
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