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Decision time in Mass Effect, Kaidan or Ashley-
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The stream will start in 55 mins [Midnight] -
RT - Watching @Utorak007 shitting his pants. Come join and shit together. This game is scary.
I'm streaming tonight at 12am [Midnight] so until then. Watching @timthetatman streams and relax. Can I get a Amen for that? AMEN!!!! Lol Everyone can subscribe to there favorite streamer in a whole new way. Who need paypal? Lol. Thanks @HardcoreAnele
Let It Rip Baby!!! - Black Ops 2: via @YouTube
Made it home from school and now it's time to get some rest tonight show. I might stream a little early. I'll keep you posted.
Thank you guys for coming out to the show guys. We finally reach 6k followers. You guys are the greatest.
PS3 - Hanging Out With Viewers! Come Hangout!! w/ CecilLetsPlay & Followers:…
PS3 - Hanging Out With Viewers! Come Hangout!! w/ CecilLetsPlay & Followers:…
Streaming at 1AM EST you beautiful beings <3
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RT - The show starts in 50 mins. Get ready for a blast -
How is everyone night so far. I haven't talked to you guys on twitter for a while. Been sleeping all day guys.
RT! GGs! See you tomorrow in the early morning hours. Hosting my buddy @towelthetank! Get into his channel peeps! <3
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Just got home from a good action movie named "The Equalizer". Drinking "Blue Moon" for the first time and watching this was great.
Sorry for not streaming today. I was really tire guys. I apologize to everyone who was looking forward to it.
Now hosting @LiKeBuTTeR9 channel while I'm offline. Come here and chill with us.
Its time to relax until tonight show. I can't wait to see the "The Equalizer" with a beer at Movie Tavern tomorrow.
Another awesome design for the channel. What do you guys think? Am I improving little by little?
I finish making a brand new intermission layout for tonight stream. That's one project done for today.
I need to get to work before I start streaming tonight. The show starts at 12am Midnight [Central] -
To re-clarify my tweet to avoid confusion, SOME people are reporting Paypal dropping Twitch subs on their accounts. That's all.
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I haven't been to the movies for a good while. The Equalizer looks really good. I think I might check it out tomorrow.
12 Hour Livestream Continues! Playing on our new Minecraft server!
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Streams gonna be starting very soon! One win away from Gold II again! Gonna try and make a dent and get to Plat soon!
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The Highest & Best Game In SnD So Far - Black Ops 2: via @YouTube
Finish going through the videos and scheduling them for this week. Including a good stream? I deserve a very good hot shower from this. Lol
Thank you for the most insane and wonderful stream in the world. Thank you so so much for the support. I feel like crying right now.
PS3 - Hanging Out With Viewers! Come Hangout!! w/ CecilLetsPlay & Followers:…
Get your Monster drinks, Red Bull, and some ZzzzzZ because once again. Start at 12am [Central]. Late night fun baby -
Going live with The Binding of Isaac. Come hang and watch me FailFish!
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Can't wait to see you all tonight. Its going to get crazy!!!
The stream is a go at 12pm [Central]. Be there or Die!!!
I can't wait to see my one true love. My freaking bed. Lol
I Miss This Game So So Much - MW3: via @YouTube
Good morning everyone by the way. I miss you guys already.
Its very difficult to play League on Black Ops II for a while because of the Servers. I think I'll hangout with the viewers in Pubs.
Thank you guys for a wonderful day. Good night!!!