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Christian Coma
Back in the states! 😎🇺#mericaica
Less then 2 days for the League of Legends world championship finals to start of! Can't wait! #Leagueoflegends #worldchampionships #korea #Worldcup #SHRC #SSW
What up!? Props to the best drum companies on Earth for allowing me to beat the shit out of their…
Thanks to @killstar for the sick clothes and jewelry! Check them out!
Glasgow tonight! Always have way too much fun in this city. The shows are always rocking and the after parties are wild. Here we fucking go!
Dublin Ireland tonight! Can't wait for the show! Here's a shot of me offering @ccbvb a new hat option😉
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Less than two weeks until #BVB4 Is out! Who is going to get our best record yet?
Stoked for a day off in Dublin!! Also very happy to be meeting up with the pretty lady again!
Shots for the boys! 😜 @FRONZ1LLAA: Thanks for the shot@ccbvbb! What a generous human being �”
So some of my favorite nights are blowing out my voice to my favorite bands on the bus. Sorry to everyone sleeping. 😴🚫😜
Epic is a word that is unworthy for this tour. My best friends and the coolest dudes I have ever met…
Currently getting my mind blown by @CONDITIONSband. Someone please tell me how they haven't been my favorite band until now? The best dudes😎
Someone gave me a Pug Mug today! It's my favorite! No, that's not coffee in there. It's daddy's GoGo…
Another one down! Thanks Exeter for a rockin' show. Stoked for Manchester!
Had a fucking blast last night! With @benteketchum @bbonnnyy
@ccbvb partied my ass off with this fucker tonight!!!!! Hope u made it back to your hotel safe!!!! Cheers my brotha!!!!!
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Halloween fright nights
Our first video off of our upcoming album! Record out October 27th!!🔥HEART OF
I am so fortunate to have the best people in my life. My family, my friends, my pets and my fans.…
Guess what happens tomorrow? I can't tell you, but you'll find out tomorrow haha 😉#loveyaa#bvbnewss
Had an amazing weekend! Seeing Merel again after 3 years. We had a fucking blast!
This is how I started my weekend. How is yours going? Much love from London!
I had some very strange dreams last night with very strange people in it. I was putting with anyone's shit in them! Hahaha still laughing...
I have been up since about 2:30am. Jet lag is kicking my ass!!
I like trains #train #bored #swag #yolo
Back on insta
Make sure to get this week's Kerrang! Magazine! We just about burned their office down, and they still…
Old ladies can be hilarious...and wise!! “@theCHIVE: The Cold Shit Syndrome:
A little late to the game, but I finally started watching Arrested Development. I guess I find comfort in dysfunction haha. UK in two days!!
Super excited to head out on The Black Mass tour, but I am going to miss this silly mutt!
Our #TrackOfTheDay today is from @OfficialBVB with 'Heart of Fire'. Let us know what you think when you hear it!
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Finally have my dream kit! So excited to play this every night. Thanks to dwdrums
The time is near! New tour books! Hahaha, I get so excited about laminates, tour books, etc.
Clubbin' with my boys @AshleyPurdy jmalka25 waywardjesselee
I have known the dude for years, but finally got @AshleyPurdy drunk enough to rap. I win hahaha 😎
Getting the party started with "Back In Black" by AC/DC. It's go time! 😜
Christ Almighty! Mandatory mental evaluations before any dates from now on. I am going to start a blog about my experiences with nut bags.
I apparently only look at pigs, cars, and babes on Instagram. I'm kinda in to all three...
"I am not your typical LA girl!" means you are a typical LA girl. You're not fooling anyone. Thank you. Goodnight!
Go listen to @AndyBVB and I co-host The Pulse with Beez on @TeamRockBelong!…